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Good for the Soul by Dionne Bromfield [2011] [album editions]

Good for the Soul (Dionne Bromfield)

Track listing

1Yeah Right (ft. Diggy Simmons)
2Good for the Soul
3Sweetest Thing
5Too Soon to Call It Love
6Ouch That Hurt
7If That's the Way You Wanna Play
8A Little Love
9Time Will Tell
10Get Over It
11Remember Our Love
12In Your Own World
13Don't Make It True
14Move a Little Faster
15Lost In Love
16Yeah Right (Live)
17Good for the Soul (Live)
18Sweetest Thing (Live)
19Foolin’ (Live)
20Get Over It (Live)

Dionne Bromfield albums

1Good for the Soul[ 2011 ]
1Good for the Soul (Dionne Bromfield)

Dionne Bromfield songs

1A Little Love [from the "Good for the Soul"]03:19
2Don't Make It True [from the "Good for the Soul"]03:40
3Foolin’ [from the "Good for the Soul"]03:13
4Foolin’ (Live) [from the "Good for the Soul"]03:27
5Get Over It [from the "Good for the Soul"]03:34
6Get Over It (Live) [from the "Good for the Soul"]03:11
7Good for the Soul [from the "Good for the Soul"]03:56
8Good for the Soul (Live) [from the "Good for the Soul"]03:52
9If That's the Way You Wanna Play [from the "Good for the Soul"]03:33
10In Your Own World [from the "Good for the Soul"]03:55
11Lost In Love [from the "Good for the Soul"]03:05
12Move a Little Faster [from the "Good for the Soul"]03:01
13Ouch That Hurt [from the "Good for the Soul"]02:52
14Remember Our Love [from the "Good for the Soul"]03:37
15Sweetest Thing [from the "Good for the Soul"]03:44
16Sweetest Thing (Live) [from the "Good for the Soul"]03:44
17Time Will Tell [from the "Good for the Soul"]03:32
18Too Soon to Call It Love [from the "Good for the Soul"]04:01
19Yeah Right (ft. Diggy Simmons) [from the "Good for the Soul"]04:05
20Yeah Right (Live) [from the "Good for the Soul"]03:46

Dionne Bromfield

Dionne Bromfield

Dionne Julia Bromfield is a British soul singer and songwriter. []


  • Soul,
  • Neo soul,
  • R&B,
  • Alternative hip hop,
  • Reggae fusion
  • Yeah Right (ft. Diggy Simmons) by Dionne Bromfield

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