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Cassie by Cassie [2006] [album editions]

Cassie (Cassie)

Track listing

1Me & U
2Long Way 2 Go
3About Time
4Kiss Me (ft. Ryan Leslie)
5Call U Out (ft. Yung Joc
6Just One Nite (ft. Ryan Leslie
7Hope You're Behaving (Interlude)
8Not With You
10What Do U Want
11Miss Your Touch

Cassie albums

1Cassie[ 2006 ]
2The Other Side[ 2010 ]
1Cassie (Cassie)
2The Other Side (Cassie)

Cassie songs

1About Time [from the "Cassie"]03:33
2Activate [from the "The Other Side"]04:07
3Call U Out (ft. Yung Joc [from the "Cassie"]03:32
4Can You Feel Me [from the "The Other Side"]03:41
5Ditto [from the "Cassie"]03:34
6Hope You're Behaving (Interlude) [from the "Cassie"]00:36
7I Need Love (Feat. K-Young) [from the "The Other Side"]03:39
8Just One Nite (ft. Ryan Leslie [from the "Cassie"]04:06
9Keep On Lovin Me (Feat. The-Dream) [from the "The Other Side"]03:39
10Kiss Me (ft. Ryan Leslie) [from the "Cassie"]04:07
11Leave You A Message [from the "The Other Side"]01:33
12Let The Music Speak (Interlude [from the "The Other Side"]00:50
13Lets Get Crazy (Feat. Akon) [from the "The Other Side"]03:56
14Long Way 2 Go [from the "Cassie"]03:40
15Me & U [from the "Cassie"]03:12
16Miss Your Touch [from the "Cassie"]02:33
17My House [from the "The Other Side"]04:12
18Not With You [from the "Cassie"]03:17
19Official Girl [from the "The Other Side"]03:33
20Shakespeare [from the "The Other Side"]03:57
21Skydiver [from the "The Other Side"]03:46
22Stamina [from the "The Other Side"]03:17
23Stray (Feat. Brandon Hines) [from the "The Other Side"]03:48
24Summer Charm (Bonus) [from the "The Other Side"]02:58
25Talkin Like This [from the "The Other Side"]04:35
26Thirsty [from the "The Other Side"]03:07
27What Do U Want [from the "Cassie"]03:13
28What She Dont Know [from the "The Other Side"]04:23

Cassie - top artists list [#470]


Casandra Ventura, known professionally as Cassie, is a half Filipino and Mexican,African American singer, model, and dancer.


  • R&B,
  • Hip-hop,
  • Hip-hop soul
  • Me & U - one of the best Cassie songs, top songs list [#1796]

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