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Science & Faith by The Script [2010] [album editions]

Science & Faith (The Script)

Track listing

1You Won't Feel A Thing
2For The First Time
4Science & Faith
5If You Ever Come Back
6Long Gone And Moved On
7Dead Man Walking
9Walk Away
10Exit Wounds

The Script albums

1Science & Faith[ 2010 ]
2The Script[ 2008 ]
1Science & Faith (The Script)
2The Script (The Script)

The Script songs

1Anybody There [from the "The Script"]02:59
2Before The Worst [from the "The Script"]03:23
3Breakeven [from the "The Script"]04:21
4Dead Man Walking [from the "Science & Faith"]03:54
5Exit Wounds [from the "Science & Faith"]04:25
6Fall For Anything [from the "The Script"]04:32
7For The First Time [from the "Science & Faith"]04:12
8If You Ever Come Back [from the "Science & Faith"]04:01
9If You See Kay [from the "The Script"]03:13
10I'm Yours [from the "The Script"]04:14
11Long Gone And Moved On [from the "Science & Faith"]04:17
12Nothing [from the "Science & Faith"]04:31
13Rusty Halo [from the "The Script"]03:35
14Science & Faith [from the "Science & Faith"]04:19
15Talk You Down [from the "The Script"]03:51
16The End Where I Begin [from the "The Script"]03:34
17The Man Who Can't Be Moved [from the "The Script"]04:01
18This=love [from the "Science & Faith"]04:20
19Walk Away [from the "Science & Faith"]03:36
20We Cry [from the "The Script"]03:44
21You Won't Feel A Thing [from the "Science & Faith"]04:33

The Script - top artists list [#414]

The Script

The Script are an Irish alternative rock band from Dublin. Based in London after signing to Sony Label Group imprint Phonogenic, the band released their eponymous debut album in August 2008.

Their music has been featured in video games and the popular television programs 90210, Ghost Whisperer, The Hills, Waterloo Road, EastEnders and The Vampire Diaries. []


  • Alternative rock,
  • Indie rock
  • For The First Time - one of the best The Script songs, top songs list [#1338]

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