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The Kickback by Cali Swag District [2011] [album editions]

The Kickback (Cali Swag District)

Track listing

1Roof Back
4Burn Out (Drive Fast)
5Me And U (ft. Recognition)
6Im Freaking You (ft. Yp)
7Hip Hop Fiend
8Rock N Republic
99th Inning
10I Don't Need Your Money
11Back It Up And Dump It
12Run That
13Can't Live Without Music (ft. Ashley. A)
14Teach Me How To Dougie

Cali Swag District albums

1Deeper Than The Dougie[ 2011 ]
2The Kickback[ 2011 ]
1Deeper Than The Dougie (Cali Swag District)
2The Kickback (Cali Swag District)

Cali Swag District songs

19th Inning [from the "The Kickback"]04:16
2Back It Up And Dump It [from the "The Kickback"]04:00
3Betty Boo (Vito) Bonus Track [from the "Deeper Than The Dougie"]04:26
4Burn Out (Drive Fast) [from the "The Kickback"]05:11
5Cant Be Friends Freestyle (Yung) [from the "Deeper Than The Dougie"]02:16
6Can't Live Without Music (ft. Ashley. A) [from the "The Kickback"]03:39
7Disgusting [from the "The Kickback"]03:44
8DJ Kay Slay Intro (R.I.P. M Bone) [from the "Deeper Than The Dougie"]00:18
9Everything Polo (Smitty Boy) Bonus Track [from the "Deeper Than The Dougie"]03:51
10Go [from the "The Kickback"]03:13
11Hip Hop Fiend [from the "The Kickback"]03:56
12How To Do That (M Bone) [from the "Deeper Than The Dougie"]04:06
13I Don't Need Your Money [from the "The Kickback"]03:40
14I Really Live It [from the "Deeper Than The Dougie"]02:46
15If They Head Right [from the "Deeper Than The Dougie"]03:39
16Im Freaking You (ft. Yp) [from the "The Kickback"]05:00
17Im Not A Star [from the "Deeper Than The Dougie"]04:19
18July Freestyle (Smoove) [from the "Deeper Than The Dougie"]04:18
19Kickback [from the "The Kickback"]04:14
20Look At Me Now Freestyle (Mr Smith) )Bonus Track_ [from the "Deeper Than The Dougie"]02:31
21Me And U (ft. Recognition) [from the "The Kickback"]04:32
22MJ Freestyle (Jayare) [from the "Deeper Than The Dougie"]04:04
23No Shirts Tattoos (Young Keno ft Cali Swag District 211) (Bonus Track) [from the "Deeper Than The Dougie"]04:28
24Reefer Man ft Chev [from the "Deeper Than The Dougie"]03:30
25Ridin Low Gettin High [from the "Deeper Than The Dougie"]03:15
26Rock N Republic [from the "The Kickback"]03:59
27Roof Back [from the "The Kickback"]03:49
28Run That [from the "The Kickback"]03:32
29Teach Me How To Dougie [from the "The Kickback"]03:57
30This Beat Is Sick [from the "Deeper Than The Dougie"]03:37
31Turn It Up (We Dont Love These Hoes) [from the "Deeper Than The Dougie"]03:53

Cali Swag District - top artists list [#445]

Cali Swag District

Cali Swag District (often stylized as "CSD") is an American hip hop group from Inglewood, California, founded by former Death Row Records artist Big Wy and Dairold Potts.

The group's members are rapper-DJ, C-Smoove and rappers, Yung and JayAre. []


  • Hip hop,
  • Rap
  • Teach Me How To Dougie - one of the best Cali Swag District songs, top songs list [#1488]

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