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A Thousand Suns by Linkin Park [2010] [album editions]

A Thousand Suns (Linkin Park)

Track listing

1The Requiem
2The Radiance (ft. an interview portion of J. Robert Oppenheimer)
3Burning in the Skies
4Empty Spaces
5When They Come for Me
6Robot Boy
7Jornada del Muerto
8Waiting for the End
10Wretches and Kings (ft. an interview portion of Mario Savio)
11Wisdom, Justice, and Love (Linkin Park, Martin Luther King, Jr.)
14The Catalyst
15The Messenger

Linkin Park albums

1A Thousand Suns[ 2010 ]
2Collision Course[ 2004 ]
3Hybrid Theory[ 2000 ]
4Live in Texas[ 2003 ]
5Living Things[ 2012 ]
6Matrix Reloaded (Soundtrack)[ 2003 ]
7Meteora[ 2003 ]
8Minutes To Midnight[ 2007 ]
9Queen of the Damned (Soundtrack)[ 2002 ]
10Rammstein Presents (Vol. 2)[ 2002 ]
11Reanimation[ 2002 ]
12Recharged[ 2013 ]
13Road To Revolution: Live At Milton Keynes[ 2008 ]
14Songs From The Underground[ 2009 ]
15The Hunting Party[ 2014 ]
16The Hunting Party: Live from Mexico[ 2014 ]
17Under Attack (B-Sides)[ 2002 ]
1A Thousand Suns (Linkin Park)
2Collision Course (Linkin Park)
3Hybrid Theory (Linkin Park)
4Live in Texas (Linkin Park)
5Living Things (Linkin Park)
6Matrix Reloaded (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
7Meteora (Linkin Park)
8Minutes To Midnight (Linkin Park)
9Queen of the Damned (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
10Rammstein Presents (Vol. 2) (Various artists)
11Reanimation (Linkin Park)
12Recharged (Linkin Park)
13Road To Revolution: Live At Milton Keynes (Linkin Park)
14Songs From The Underground (Linkin Park)
15The Hunting Party (Linkin Park)
16The Hunting Party: Live from Mexico (Linkin Park)
17Under Attack (B-Sides) (Linkin Park)

Linkin Park songs

121P5hng Me A*wy (Mike Shinoda ft. Stephen Richards) [from the "Reanimation"]04:38
122Paper Cut (Japan Edit) [from the "Under Attack (B-Sides)"]02:57
123Papercut [from the "Hybrid Theory"]03:04
124Papercut [from the "Live in Texas"]03:06
125Part of Me [from the "Under Attack (B-Sides)"]06:42
126Part Of Me [from the "Songs From The Underground"]12:40
127Plc.4 Mie Head (Amp Live ft. Zion) [from the "Reanimation"]04:20
128Points Of Authority [from the "Hybrid Theory"]03:20
129Points Of Authority [from the "Live in Texas"]03:25
130Points Of Authority [from the "The Hunting Party: Live from Mexico"]03:19
131Points Of Authority (second mix) [from the "Under Attack (B-Sides)"]03:24
132Points Of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer [from the "Collision Course"]04:55
133Powerless [from the "Living Things"]03:43
134Powerless (Enferno Remix) [from the "Recharged"]06:07
135Ppr:kut (Cheapshot & Jubacca ft. Rasco & Planet Asia) [from the "Reanimation"]03:26
136Psuhing Me Away [from the "Hybrid Theory"]03:11
137Pts.of.Athrty (Jay Gordon) [from the "Reanimation"]03:45
138Pushing Me Away [from the "Road To Revolution: Live At Milton Keynes"]03:18
139Qwerty (Studio Version) [from the "Songs From The Underground"]03:20
140Rebellion (ft. Daron Malakian) [from the "The Hunting Party"]03:44
141Rnw@y (Backyard Bangers ft. Phoenix Orion) [from the "Reanimation"]03:13
142Roads Untraveled [from the "Living Things"]03:49
143Roads Untraveled (Rad Omen Remix) (ft. Bun B) [from the "Recharged"]05:28
144Robot Boy [from the "A Thousand Suns"]04:29
145Runaway [from the "Hybrid Theory"]03:03
146Runaway [from the "Live in Texas"]03:07
147Runaway (11.09 version) [from the "Under Attack (B-Sides)"]03:06
148Session [from the "Meteora"]02:24
149Session - Linkin Park [from the "Matrix Reloaded (Soundtrack)"]02:23
150Shadow of the Day [from the "Road To Revolution: Live At Milton Keynes"]04:17
151Shadow of the Day [from the "Minutes To Midnight"]04:50
152She Shines [from the "Under Attack (B-Sides)"]04:11
153Skin To Bone [from the "Living Things"]02:48
154Skin to Bone (Nick Catchdubs Remix) (ft. Cody B. Ware and Ryu) [from the "Recharged"]03:54
155Sold My Soul To Yo Mama [from the "Songs From The Underground"]01:56
156Somewhere I Belong [from the "Meteora"]03:34
157Somewhere I Belong [from the "Live in Texas"]03:37
158Somewhere I Belong [from the "The Hunting Party: Live from Mexico"]04:27
159Step Up [from the "Under Attack (B-Sides)"] 
160System - Chester Bennington of Linkin Park [from the "Queen of the Damned (Soundtrack)"] 
161The Catalyst [from the "A Thousand Suns"]05:39
162The Down Syndrome [from the "Under Attack (B-Sides)"]04:12
163The Little Things Give You Away [from the "Road To Revolution: Live At Milton Keynes"]07:19
164The Little Things Give You Away [from the "Minutes To Midnight"]06:23
165The Messenger [from the "A Thousand Suns"]03:01
166The Radiance (ft. an interview portion of J. Robert Oppenheimer) [from the "A Thousand Suns"]00:57
167The Requiem [from the "A Thousand Suns"]02:01
168The Summoning [from the "The Hunting Party"]01:00
169Tinfoil [from the "Living Things"]01:11
170Under Attack (Crawling) [from the "Under Attack (B-Sides)"]04:51
171Until It Breaks [from the "Living Things"]03:43
172Until It Breaks (Datsik Remix) [from the "Recharged"]06:00
173Until It Breaks (Money Mark Headphone Remix) [from the "Recharged"]04:29
174Until It's Done (Zakii Remix) [from the "The Hunting Party"]04:17
175Until It's Gone [from the "The Hunting Party"]03:53
176Valentine's Day [from the "Minutes To Midnight"]03:16
177Victimized [from the "Living Things"]01:46
178Victimized (M. Shinoda Remix) [from the "Recharged"]02:59
179Waiting for the End [from the "A Thousand Suns"]03:51
180Wake [from the "Minutes To Midnight"]01:41

Linkin Park - top artists list [#109]

Linkin Park

Linkin Park is a popular band from Los Angeles, California.

They are often considered the most famous and most commercially successful exponents of the nu metal genre, mainly due to their debut album Hybrid Theory (2000), which has sold 19 million copies worldwide to date. Currently, they are also the best-selling musical act of the 21st century.


  • Nu metal,
  • Rapcore
  • Waiting for the End - one of the best Linkin Park songs, top songs list [#1595]

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