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Come Around Sundown by Kings of Leon [2010] [album editions]

Come Around Sundown (Kings of Leon)

Track listing

1The End
5The Face
6The Immortals
7Back Down South
8Beach Side
9No Money
10Pony Up
12Mi Amigo
13Pickup Truck

Kings of Leon albums

1Aha Shake Heartbreak[ 2005 ]
2Because of the Times[ 2007 ]
3Come Around Sundown[ 2010 ]
4Day Old Belgian Blues[ 2006 ]
5Holy Roller Novocaine[ 2003 ]
6Mechanical Bull[ 2013 ]
7Only By the Night[ 2008 ]
8What I Saw[ 2003 ]
9Youth & Young Manhood[ 2003 ]
1Aha Shake Heartbreak (Kings of Leon)
2Because of the Times (Kings of Leon)
3Come Around Sundown (Kings of Leon)
4Day Old Belgian Blues (Kings of Leon)
5Holy Roller Novocaine (Kings of Leon)
6Mechanical Bull (Kings of Leon)
7Only By the Night (Kings of Leon)
8What I Saw (Kings of Leon)
9Youth & Young Manhood (Kings of Leon)

Kings of Leon songs

117 [from the "Only By the Night"]03:09
2Arizona [from the "Because of the Times"]04:50
3Back Down South [from the "Come Around Sundown"]04:01
4Be Somebody [from the "Only By the Night"]03:49
5Beach Side [from the "Come Around Sundown"]02:51
6Beautiful War [from the "Mechanical Bull"]05:09
7Birthday [from the "Come Around Sundown"]03:15
8Black Thumbnail [from the "Because of the Times"]03:59
9Bucket [from the "Aha Shake Heartbreak"]02:55
10California Waiting [from the "Youth & Young Manhood"]03:28
11California Waiting [from the "Holy Roller Novocaine"]03:39
12Camaro [from the "Because of the Times"]03:06
13Charmer [from the "Because of the Times"]02:57
14Closer [from the "Only By the Night"]03:59
15Cold Desert [from the "Only By the Night"]05:34
16Comeback Story [from the "Mechanical Bull"]03:59
17Coming Back Again [from the "Mechanical Bull"]03:28
18Crawl [from the "Only By the Night"]04:08
19Day Old Blues [from the "Aha Shake Heartbreak"]03:33
20Don't Matter [from the "Mechanical Bull"]02:50
21Dusty [from the "Youth & Young Manhood"]04:21
22Family Tree [from the "Mechanical Bull"]03:50
23Fans [from the "Because of the Times"]03:36
24Four Kicks [from the "Aha Shake Heartbreak"]02:09
25Four Kicks [from the "Day Old Belgian Blues"]02:41
26Genius [from the "Youth & Young Manhood"]02:48
27Happy Alone [from the "Youth & Young Manhood"]03:59
28Holy Roller Novicane [from the "Youth & Young Manhood"]12:08
29Holy Roller Novocaine [from the "Holy Roller Novocaine"]04:16
30I Want You [from the "Only By the Night"]05:06
31Joe's Head [from the "Youth & Young Manhood"]03:21
32King of the Rodeo [from the "Aha Shake Heartbreak"]02:25
33Knocked Up [from the "Because of the Times"]07:10
34Last Mile Home [from the "Mechanical Bull"]04:11
35Manhattan [from the "Only By the Night"]03:26
36Mary [from the "Come Around Sundown"]03:25
37McFearless [from the "Because of the Times"]03:09
38Mi Amigo [from the "Come Around Sundown"]04:06
39Milk [from the "Aha Shake Heartbreak"]04:00
40Molly's Chambers [from the "Youth & Young Manhood"]02:15
41Molly's Chambers [from the "Day Old Belgian Blues"]02:45
42Molly's Chambers [from the "Holy Roller Novocaine"]02:26
43My Party [from the "Because of the Times"]04:10
44No Money [from the "Come Around Sundown"]03:06
45Notion [from the "Only By the Night"]03:03
46On Call [from the "Because of the Times"]03:21
47On The Chin [from the "Mechanical Bull"]03:46
48Pickup Truck [from the "Come Around Sundown"]04:44
49Pistol of Fire [from the "Aha Shake Heartbreak"]02:20
50Pony Up [from the "Come Around Sundown"]03:04
51Pyro [from the "Come Around Sundown"]04:10
52Radioactive [from the "Come Around Sundown"]03:26
53Ragoo [from the "Because of the Times"]03:01
54Razz [from the "Aha Shake Heartbreak"]02:15
55Red Morning Light [from the "Youth & Young Manhood"]03:00
56Red Morning Light [from the "What I Saw"]03:00
57Rememo [from the "Aha Shake Heartbreak"]03:22
58Revelry [from the "Only By the Night"]03:23
59Rock City [from the "Mechanical Bull"]02:56
60Sex On Fire [from the "Only By the Night"]03:26

Kings of Leon - top artists list [#168]

Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon is an American rock band that formed in Nashville, Tennessee, United States in 1999.

The band's early music was an upbeat blend of southern rock and blues influences but the band has gradually expanded their sound to include a variety of genres and a more alternative rock or indie rock sound.


  • Alternative rock,
  • Southern rock
  • Back Down South - one of the best Kings of Leon songs, top songs list [#1715]

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