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My Worlds Acoustic by Justin Bieber [2010] [album editions]

My Worlds Acoustic (Justin Bieber)

Track listing

1One Time
3One Less Lonely Girl
4Down to Earth
5U Smile
6Stuck In The Moment
7Favorite Girl (Live)
8That Should Be Me
9Never Say Never (ft. Jaden Smith)

Justin Bieber albums

1Believe[ 2012 ]
2Journals[ 2013 ]
3My World[ 2009 ]
4My World 2.0[ 2010 ]
5My Worlds Acoustic[ 2010 ]
6Never Say Never – The Remixes[ 2011 ]
7Purpose[ 2015 ]
8Under the Mistletoe[ 2011 ]
1Believe (Justin Bieber)
2Journals (Justin Bieber)
3My World (Justin Bieber)
4My World 2.0 (Justin Bieber)
5My Worlds Acoustic (Justin Bieber)
6Never Say Never – The Remixes (Justin Bieber)
7Purpose (Justin Bieber)
8Under the Mistletoe (Justin Bieber)

Justin Bieber songs

61One Time [from the "My Worlds Acoustic"]03:06
62Only Thing I Ever Get for Christmas [from the "Under the Mistletoe"]03:12
63Out of Town Girl [from the "Believe"]03:33
64Overboard (ft. Jessica Jarrell) [from the "My World 2.0"]04:11
65Overboard (Live) (ft. Miley Cyrus) [from the "Never Say Never – The Remixes"]05:07
66Pray [from the "My Worlds Acoustic"]03:34
67Pray [from the "Under the Mistletoe"]03:32
68Purpose [from the "Purpose"]03:30
69PYD (ft. R. Kelly) [from the "Journals"]05:17
70Recovery [from the "Journals"]03:00
71Right Here (ft. Drake) [from the "Believe"]03:24
72Roller Coaster [from the "Journals"]03:20
73Runaway Love [from the "My World 2.0"]03:32
74Runaway Love (Kanye West Remix) [from the "Never Say Never – The Remixes"]04:47
75Santa Claus Is Coming to Town [from the "Under the Mistletoe"]03:36
76She Don't Like the Lights [from the "Believe"]03:59
77Silent Night [from the "Under the Mistletoe"]02:49
78Somebody To Love [from the "My World 2.0"]03:40
79Somebody to Love (Remix) (ft. Usher) [from the "Never Say Never – The Remixes"]03:40
80Someday at Christmas [from the "Under the Mistletoe"]02:53
81Sorry [from the "Purpose"]03:25
82Stuck In The Moment [from the "My World 2.0"]03:43
83Stuck In The Moment [from the "My Worlds Acoustic"]03:18
84Swap It Out [from the "Journals"]04:01
85Take You [from the "Believe"]03:40
86That Should Be Me [from the "My World 2.0"]03:52
87That Should Be Me [from the "My Worlds Acoustic"]04:09
88That Should Be Me (Remix) (ft. Rascal Flatts) [from the "Never Say Never – The Remixes"]03:50
89The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) (ft. Usher) [from the "Under the Mistletoe"]03:35
90The Feeling (ft. Halsey) [from the "Purpose"]04:05
91The Most [from the "Purpose"]03:20
92Thought of You [from the "Believe"]03:50
93Trust [from the "Purpose"]03:23
94U Smile [from the "My World 2.0"]03:16
95U Smile [from the "My Worlds Acoustic"]03:16
96Up [from the "My World 2.0"]03:54
97Up (Remix) (feat. Chris Brown) [from the "Never Say Never – The Remixes"]03:55
98We Are (ft. Nas) [from the "Purpose"]03:23
99What Do You Mean? [from the "Purpose"]03:27
100What's Hatnin' (ft. Future) [from the "Journals"]03:28
101Where Are U Now (ft. Skrillex & Diplo) [from the "Purpose"]04:10

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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer. []


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  • U Smile by Justin Bieber

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