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Joy by Fefe Dobson [2010] [album editions]

Joy (Fefe Dobson)

Track listing

3Thanks For Nothing
5Can't Breathe (ft. Orianthi)
6You Bitch
7Didn't See You Coming
8Watch Me Move
9I Want You
10I'm A Lady
11In Your Touch
12Set Me Free
14Stuttering (Remix) (ft Pusha T)

Fefe Dobson albums

1Fefe Dobson[ 2003 ]
2Joy[ 2010 ]
3Sunday Love[ 2012 ]
1Fefe Dobson (Fefe Dobson)
2Joy (Fefe Dobson)
3Sunday Love (Fefe Dobson)

Fefe Dobson songs

18 X 10 [from the "Fefe Dobson"]04:19
2As A Blonde [from the "Sunday Love"]02:47
3Be Strong [from the "Sunday Love"]03:30
4Bye Bye Boyfriend [from the "Fefe Dobson"]04:05
5Can't Breathe (ft. Orianthi) [from the "Joy"]03:44
6Didn't See You Coming [from the "Joy"]04:26
7Don't Go (Girls & Boys) [from the "Fefe Dobson"]03:16
8Don't Let It Go To Your Head [from the "Sunday Love"]04:02
9Everything [from the "Fefe Dobson"]04:12
10Get Over Me [from the "Sunday Love"]03:09
11Get You Off [from the "Sunday Love"]03:48
12Ghost [from the "Joy"]03:46
13Give It Up [from the "Fefe Dobson"]03:36
14Hole [from the "Sunday Love"]04:25
15I Want You [from the "Joy"]02:11
16If I Was A Guy [from the "Sunday Love"]03:20
17I'm A Lady [from the "Joy"]02:56
18In Your Touch [from the "Joy"]04:39
19Intro [from the "Joy"]00:10
20Joy [from the "Joy"]03:32
21Julia [from the "Fefe Dobson"]04:06
22Kiss Me Fool [from the "Fefe Dobson"]04:00
23Man Meets Boy [from the "Sunday Love"]03:27
24Miss Vicious [from the "Sunday Love"]03:06
25Revolution Song [from the "Fefe Dobson"]03:52
26Rock It Till You Drop It [from the "Fefe Dobson"]04:05
27Scar [from the "Sunday Love"]04:04
28Set Me Free [from the "Joy"]03:05
29Stupid Little Love Song [from the "Fefe Dobson"]03:19
30Stuttering [from the "Joy"]03:09
31Stuttering (Remix) (ft Pusha T) [from the "Joy"]03:11
32Take Me Away [from the "Fefe Dobson"]03:34
33Thanks For Nothing [from the "Joy"]03:17
34The Initiator [from the "Sunday Love"]03:38
35This Is My Life [from the "Sunday Love"]03:48
36Unforgiven [from the "Fefe Dobson"]04:09
37Watch Me Move [from the "Joy"]01:55
38We Went For A Ride [from the "Fefe Dobson"]03:43
39Yeah, Yeah, Yeah [from the "Sunday Love"]03:38
40You Bitch [from the "Joy"]03:20

Fefe Dobson - top artists list [#713]

Fefe Dobson

Felicia Lily 'Fefe' Dobson is a Canadian singer-songwriter and model. Her self-titled debut album earned her two Juno Award nominations. []


  • Pop punk,
  • Alternative rock
  • Ghost - one of the best Fefe Dobson songs, top songs list [#1995]

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