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The Suburbs by Arcade Fire [2010] [album editions]

The Suburbs (Arcade Fire)

Track listing

1The Suburbs
2Ready To Start
3Modern Man
5Empty Room
6City With No Children
7Half Light I
8Half Light II (No Celebration)
9Suburban War
10Month Of May
11Wasted Hours
12Deep Blue
13We Used To Wait
14Sprawl (Flatland)
15Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
16The Suburbs (continued)

Arcade Fire albums

1Funeral[ 2004 ]
2Neon Bible[ 2007 ]
3Reflektor[ 2013 ]
4The Suburbs[ 2010 ]
1Funeral (Arcade Fire)
2Neon Bible (Arcade Fire)
3Reflektor (Arcade Fire)
4The Suburbs (Arcade Fire)

Arcade Fire songs

1(Antichrist Television Blues) [from the "Neon Bible"]05:10
2Afterlife [from the "Reflektor"]05:59
3Awful Sound (Oh Eurydice) [from the "Reflektor"]06:15
4Black Mirror [from the "Neon Bible"]04:13
5Black Wave-Bad Vibrations [from the "Neon Bible"]03:57
6City With No Children [from the "The Suburbs"]03:11
7Crown of Love [from the "Funeral"]04:42
8Deep Blue [from the "The Suburbs"]04:28
9Empty Room [from the "The Suburbs"]02:51
10Flashbulb Eyes [from the "Reflektor"]02:56
11Half Light I [from the "The Suburbs"]04:13
12Half Light II (No Celebration) [from the "The Suburbs"]04:27
13Haпti [from the "Funeral"]04:07
14Here Comes The Night Time [from the "Reflektor"]06:12
15Here Comes The Night Time II [from the "Reflektor"]02:53
16In the Backseat [from the "Funeral"]06:20
17Intervention [from the "Neon Bible"]04:19
18It's Never Over (Oh Orpheus) [from the "Reflektor"]06:40
19Joan Of Arc [from the "Reflektor"]04:57
20Keep the Car Running [from the "Neon Bible"]03:29
21Modern Man [from the "The Suburbs"]04:39
22Month Of May [from the "The Suburbs"]03:50
23My Body Is a Cage [from the "Neon Bible"]04:47
24Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) [from the "Funeral"]04:48
25Neighborhood #2 (Laпka) [from the "Funeral"]03:32
26Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) [from the "Funeral"]05:12
27Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles) [from the "Funeral"]04:49
28Neon Bible [from the "Neon Bible"]02:16
29No Cars Go [from the "Neon Bible"]05:43
30Normal Person [from the "Reflektor"]04:25
31Ocean of Noise [from the "Neon Bible"]04:53
32Porno [from the "Reflektor"]06:02
33Ready To Start [from the "The Suburbs"]04:15
34Rebellion (Lies) [from the "Funeral"]05:10
35Reflektor [from the "Reflektor"]07:33
36Rococo [from the "The Suburbs"]03:56
37Sprawl (Flatland) [from the "The Suburbs"]02:54
38Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) [from the "The Suburbs"]05:25
39Suburban War [from the "The Suburbs"]04:45
40Supersymmetry [from the "Reflektor"]05:50
41The Suburbs [from the "The Suburbs"]05:15
42The Suburbs (continued) [from the "The Suburbs"]01:27
43The Well and the Lighthouse [from the "Neon Bible"]03:56
44Une Annйe Sans Lumiиre [from the "Funeral"]03:40
45Wake Up [from the "Funeral"]05:35
46Wasted Hours [from the "The Suburbs"]03:20
47We Exist [from the "Reflektor"]05:45
48We Used To Wait [from the "The Suburbs"]05:01
49Windowsill [from the "Neon Bible"]04:16
50You Already Know [from the "Reflektor"]03:58

Arcade Fire - top artists list [#161]

Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire is an indie rock band based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Arcade Fire came to prominence when they released their debut album Funeral in 2004 to critical acclaim.

The band plays guitar, drums, bass guitar, piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass, xylophone, glockenspiel, keyboard, French horn, accordion, harp, mandolin, and hurdy-gurdy. []


  • Indie rock,
  • Baroque pop,
  • Art rock
  • The Suburbs - one of the best Arcade Fire songs, top songs list [#1802]

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