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Crazy for You by Best Coast [2010] [album editions]

Crazy for You (Best Coast)

Track listing

2Crazy for You
3The End
5Summer Mood
6Our Deal
7I Want To
8When The Sun Don't Shine
9Bratty B
12Each And Every Day
13When I'm With You

Best Coast albums

1Crazy for You[ 2010 ]
2The Only Place[ 2012 ]
3Where the Boys Are[ 2009 ]
1Crazy for You (Best Coast)
2The Only Place (Best Coast)
3Where the Boys Are (Best Coast)

Best Coast songs

1Angsty [from the "Where the Boys Are"]02:49
2Better Girl [from the "The Only Place"]02:53
3Boy [from the "Where the Boys Are"]02:53
4Boyfriend [from the "Crazy for You"]02:29
5Bratty B [from the "Crazy for You"]01:43
6Crazy for You [from the "Crazy for You"]01:50
7Do You Still Love Me Like You Used To [from the "The Only Place"]03:15
8Dreaming My Life Away [from the "The Only Place"]03:21
9Each And Every Day [from the "Crazy for You"]02:52
10Gloomy [from the "Where the Boys Are"]04:02
11Goodbye [from the "Crazy for You"]02:40
12Happy [from the "Crazy for You"]01:44
13Honey [from the "Crazy for You"]03:01
14How They Want Me To Be [from the "The Only Place"]03:52
15I Want To [from the "Crazy for You"]02:45
16Last Year [from the "The Only Place"]03:33
17Let's Go Home [from the "The Only Place"]02:34
18Moody [from the "Where the Boys Are"]01:58
19My Life [from the "The Only Place"]02:11
20No One Like You [from the "The Only Place"]03:01
21Our Deal [from the "Crazy for You"]02:08
22Space Baby [from the "Where the Boys Are"]02:19
23Summer Mood [from the "Crazy for You"]02:25
24The End [from the "Crazy for You"]02:42
25The Only Place [from the "The Only Place"]02:42
26Up All Night [from the "The Only Place"]04:37
27When I'm With You [from the "Crazy for You"]02:58
28When The Sun Don't Shine [from the "Crazy for You"]02:16
29Why I Cry [from the "The Only Place"]02:19

Best Coast - top artists list [#234]

Best Coast

Best Coast is an American indie rock band based in Los Angeles, California.

The band is recognizable for their fuzzy, low-fidelity sound in the vein of surf rock.


  • Indie pop,
  • Garage pop,
  • Surf pop
  • Our Deal - one of the best Best Coast songs, top songs list [#1581]

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