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Rolling Papers by Wiz Khalifa [2011] [album editions]

Rolling Papers (Wiz Khalifa)

Track listing

1When I'm Gone
2On My Level (ft. Too Short)
3Black & Yellow
4Roll Up
5Hopes & Dreams
6Wake Up
7The Race
8Star of the Show (ft. Chevy Woods)
9No Sleep
10Get Your S**t
11Top Floor
12Fly Solo
13Rooftops (ft. Curren$y)

Wiz Khalifa albums

1Blacc Hollywood[ 2014 ]
2Cabin Fever[ 2011 ]
3Deal Or No Deal[ 2009 ]
4Furious 7: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack[ 2015 ]
5Khalifa[ 2016 ]
6O.N.I.F.C.[ 2012 ]
7Prince of the City: Welcome To Pistolvania[ 2006 ]
8Rolling Papers[ 2011 ]
9Show and Prove[ 2006 ]
10Smokin' Strong[ 2011 ]
1Blacc Hollywood (Wiz Khalifa)
2Cabin Fever (Wiz Khalifa)
3Deal Or No Deal (Wiz Khalifa)
4Furious 7: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Various artists)
5Khalifa (Wiz Khalifa)
6O.N.I.F.C. (Wiz Khalifa)
7Prince of the City: Welcome To Pistolvania (Wiz Khalifa)
8Rolling Papers (Wiz Khalifa)
9Show and Prove (Wiz Khalifa)
10Smokin' Strong (Wiz Khalifa)

Wiz Khalifa songs

61Keep The Conversation (Feat. Boaz) [from the "Show and Prove"]04:08
62KK (ft. Project Pat & Juicy J) [from the "Blacc Hollywood"]04:09
63Lay 'Em Down [from the "Prince of the City: Welcome To Pistolvania"]03:44
64Let Em Know [from the "Show and Prove"]03:43
65Let It Go (ft. Akon) [from the "O.N.I.F.C."]04:19
66Life of a Hustla (ft. Kev Da Hustla) [from the "Prince of the City: Welcome To Pistolvania"]03:37
67Lit (ft. Ty Dolla $ign) [from the "Khalifa"]06:21
68Locked & Loaded (ft. Kev Da Hustla) [from the "Show and Prove"]03:58
69Lose Control [from the "Deal Or No Deal"]03:34
70Make a Play [from the "Khalifa"]03:46
71Me (ft. Kev Da Hustla) [from the "Prince of the City: Welcome To Pistolvania"]04:13
72Medicated (ft. Chevy Woods & Juicy J) [from the "O.N.I.F.C."]05:30
73Middle of You (ft. Chevy Woods) [from the "Cabin Fever"]04:09
74Moola & The Guap (ft. L.C. & Lavish) [from the "Deal Or No Deal"]04:32
75Most of Us [from the "Khalifa"]04:12
76Niggaz Know [from the "Prince of the City: Welcome To Pistolvania"]03:18
77No Gain [from the "Blacc Hollywood"]04:19
78No Limit [from the "O.N.I.F.C."]09:27
79No Permission (ft. Chevy Woods) [from the "Khalifa"]03:56
80No Sleep [from the "Rolling Papers"]03:12
81Oh No [from the "Prince of the City: Welcome To Pistolvania"]03:15
82On My Level (ft. Too Short) [from the "Smokin' Strong"]04:35
83On My Level (ft. Too Short) [from the "Rolling Papers"]04:32
84Paperbond [from the "O.N.I.F.C."]03:28
85Phone Numbers [from the "Smokin' Strong"]01:44
86Phone Numbers (ft. Trae Tha Truth And Big Sean) [from the "Cabin Fever"]04:30
87Pittsburgh Sound [from the "Show and Prove"]03:32
88Promises [from the "Blacc Hollywood"]03:30
89Raw [from the "Blacc Hollywood"]03:37
90Real Estate [from the "Smokin' Strong"]03:56
91Real Niggaz (ft. Ekko) [from the "Prince of the City: Welcome To Pistolvania"]03:56
92Red Carpet (Like A Movie) (ft. Kev tha Hustla) [from the "Deal Or No Deal"]03:34
93Remember You (ft. The Weeknd) [from the "O.N.I.F.C."]04:50
94Right Here (ft. Josh Everette) [from the "Deal Or No Deal"]04:14
95Rise Above (ft. Pharrell, Tuki Carter & Amber Rose) [from the "O.N.I.F.C."]04:31
96Roll Up [from the "Smokin' Strong"]03:51
97Roll Up [from the "Rolling Papers"]03:47
98Rooftops (ft. Curren$y) [from the "Rolling Papers"]04:21
99See You Again (ft. Charlie Puth) - Wiz Khalifa [from the "Furious 7: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack"]03:49
100Self Titled [from the "Prince of the City: Welcome To Pistolvania"]02:47
101Skit 1 (Rolling Papers) (1St Reason) [from the "Smokin' Strong"]01:10
102Skit 2 (2Nd Reason) [from the "Smokin' Strong"]00:32
103Skit 3 (3Rd Reason) (Outro) [from the "Smokin' Strong"]02:47
104So High (ft. Ghost Loft) [from the "Blacc Hollywood"]04:09
105Soldier (ft. Gene Stovall) [from the "Prince of the City: Welcome To Pistolvania"]04:11
106Sometimes (ft. Vali Porter) [from the "Show and Prove"]04:20
107Stand Up (ft. Kev Da Hustla) [from the "Show and Prove"]03:46
108Star of the Show (ft. Chevy Woods) [from the "Rolling Papers"]04:46
109Stay In Ur Lane [from the "Show and Prove"]03:42
110Stayin Out All Night [from the "Blacc Hollywood"]04:17
111Still Down (ft. Chevy Woods & Ty Dolla $ign) [from the "Blacc Hollywood"]04:16
112Studio Lovin' [from the "Deal Or No Deal"]04:19
113Superstar (ft. Johnny Juliano) [from the "Deal Or No Deal"]03:22
114Take Away [from the "Deal Or No Deal"]03:21
115Taylor Gang [from the "Smokin' Strong"]03:34
116Taylor Gang (ft. Chevy Woods) [from the "Cabin Fever"]05:34
117Testify [from the "Prince of the City: Welcome To Pistolvania"]01:25
118That Good (ft. Snoop Dogg) [from the "Smokin' Strong"]03:49
119The Bluff (ft. Cam'ron) [from the "O.N.I.F.C."]03:48
120The Plan (ft. Juicy J) [from the "O.N.I.F.C."]04:54

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Wiz Khalifa

Cameron Jibril Thomaz, better known by the stage name Wiz Khalifa, is an American rapper based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. []


  • Hip hop
  • On My Level (ft. Too Short) by Wiz Khalifa

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