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Live At Coachella by Kanye West [2011]

Live At Coachella (Kanye West)

Track listing

1H.A.M. Intro
2Dark Fantasy (ft. Justin Vernon)
3Power (tease)
5Jesus Walks
6Cant Tell Me Nothing
8Hell of a Life
9Monster (ft. Bon Iver)
10Flashing Lights
12Good Life
14Love Lockdown
15Say You Will
17Swagger Like Us
18Run This Town
19We Will Rock You
22Through The Wire
23All Falls Down
24Touch The Sky
25Gold Digger
26All of the Lights
30Interlude (2)
31Lost in the World (ft. Justin Vernon)
32Hey, Mama

Kanye West albums

1808s & Heartbreak[ 2008 ]
2College Dropout[ 2004 ]
3Graduation[ 2007 ]
4Late Registration[ 2005 ]
5Live At Coachella[ 2011 ]
6My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy[ 2010 ]
7The College Dropout[ 2004 ]
8The Life of Pablo[ 2016 ]
9Watch the Throne (with Jay-Z)[ 2011 ]
10Yeezus[ 2013 ]
1808s & Heartbreak (Kanye West)
2College Dropout (Kanye West)
3Graduation (Kanye West)
4Late Registration (Kanye West)
5Live At Coachella (Kanye West)
6My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Kanye West)
7The College Dropout (Kanye West)
8The Life of Pablo (Kanye West)
9Watch the Throne (with Jay-Z) (Kanye West)
10Yeezus (Kanye West)

Kanye West songs

130 Hours [from the "The Life of Pablo"]05:16
2Addiction [from the "Late Registration"]04:27
3All Falls Down [from the "The College Dropout"]03:43
4All Falls Down [from the "Live At Coachella"]01:28
5All Falls Down (ft. Syleena Johnson) [from the "College Dropout"]03:43
6All of the Lights [from the "Live At Coachella"]04:42
7All of the Lights [from the "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"]04:59
8All of the Lights (Interlude) [from the "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"]01:02
9Amazing (ft. Young Jeezy) [from the "808s & Heartbreak"]03:58
10Bad News [from the "808s & Heartbreak"]03:58
11Barry Bonds (ft. Lil' Wayne) [from the "Graduation"]03:24
12Big Brother [from the "Graduation"]04:47
13Bittersweet Poetry (ft. John Mayer) [from the "Graduation"]04:02
14Black Skinhead [from the "Yeezus"]03:08
15Blame Game (ft. John Legend) [from the "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"]07:49
16Blood on the Leaves [from the "Yeezus"]06:00
17Bound 2 [from the "Yeezus"]03:49
18Breathe In Breathe Out [from the "The College Dropout"]04:06
19Breathe In Breathe Out (ft. Ludacris) [from the "College Dropout"]04:06
20Bring Me Down (ft. Brandy) [from the "Late Registration"]03:19
21Cant Tell Me Nothing [from the "Live At Coachella"]02:37
22Can't Tell Me Nothing [from the "Graduation"]04:31
23Celebration [from the "Late Registration"]03:18
24Champion [from the "Graduation"]02:47
25Coldest Winter [from the "808s & Heartbreak"]02:45
26Crack Music (ft. The Game) [from the "Late Registration"]04:31
27Dark Fantasy [from the "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"]04:41
28Dark Fantasy (ft. Justin Vernon) [from the "Live At Coachella"]03:29
29Devil in a New Dress (ft. Rick Ross) [from the "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"]05:52
30Diamonds [from the "Live At Coachella"]01:38
31Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Bonus Track) [from the "Late Registration"]03:58
32Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Remix) (ft. Jay-Z) [from the "Late Registration"]03:53
33Drive Slow (ft. Paul Wall & GLC) [from the "Late Registration"]04:32
34Drunk And Hot Girls (ft. Mos Def) [from the "Graduation"]05:13
35E.T. [from the "Live At Coachella"]00:55
36Everything I Am [from the "Graduation"]03:47
37Facts (Charlie Heat Version) [from the "The Life of Pablo"]03:14
38Fade [from the "The Life of Pablo"]03:08
39Family Business [from the "The College Dropout"]04:38
40Family Business [from the "College Dropout"]04:38
41Famous [from the "The Life of Pablo"]03:08
42Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1 [from the "The Life of Pablo"]02:12
43Feedback [from the "The Life of Pablo"]02:31
44Flashing Lights [from the "Live At Coachella"]03:56
45Flashing Lights (ft. Dwele) [from the "Graduation"]03:57
46FML [from the "The Life of Pablo"]03:49
47Freestyle 4 [from the "The Life of Pablo"]01:59
48Get Em High [from the "The College Dropout"]04:49
49Get Em High (ft. Talib Kweli & Common) [from the "College Dropout"]04:49
50Gold Digger [from the "Live At Coachella"]03:30
51Gold Digger (ft. Jamie Foxx) [from the "Late Registration"]03:28
52Gone (ft. Consequence & Cam'ron) [from the "Late Registration"]06:02
53Good Life [from the "Live At Coachella"]04:30
54Good Life (ft. T-Pain) [from the "Graduation"]03:27
55Good Morning (Intro) [from the "Graduation"]03:15
56Goodnight [from the "Graduation"]03:06
57Gorgeous (ft. Kid Cudi & Raekwon) [from the "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"]05:57
58Gotta Have It [from the "Watch the Throne (with Jay-Z)"]02:20
59Graduation Day [from the "The College Dropout"]01:21
60Graduation Day [from the "College Dropout"]01:22

Kanye West - top artists list [#13]

Kanye West

Kanye Omari West (born June 8, 1977) is an American rapper, singer, and record producer. []


  • Hip hop,
  • Rap,
  • R&B,
  • Pop
  • Gold Digger - one of the best Kanye West songs, top songs list [#1056]

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