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3 by Bo Bice [2010] [album editions]

3 (Bo Bice)

Track listing

1Keep On Rollin'
2Different Shades Of Blue
3Coming Back Home
4Good Hearted Woman
5Lonely, Broke & Wasted
6Who Knows What
7Long Road Back
8Wild Roses
9Get On & Ride
10You Take Yourself With You

Bo Bice albums

13[ 2010 ]
2See The Light[ 2007 ]
3The Real Thing[ 2005 ]
13 (Bo Bice)
2See The Light (Bo Bice)
3The Real Thing (Bo Bice)

Bo Bice songs

1Ain't Gonna Die [from the "See The Light"]03:07
2Coming Back Home [from the "3"]03:59
3Different Shades Of Blue [from the "3"]04:29
4Get On & Ride [from the "3"]03:08
5Good Hearted Woman [from the "3"]03:22
6Got Money [from the "See The Light"]03:55
7Hold On To Me [from the "The Real Thing"]03:48
8I'm Gone [from the "See The Light"]04:29
9It's My Life [from the "The Real Thing"]03:25
10Keep On Rollin' [from the "3"]03:01
11Lie... It's Alright [from the "The Real Thing"]03:30
12Lonely, Broke & Wasted [from the "3"]03:33
13Long Road Back [from the "3"]03:47
14My World [from the "The Real Thing"]03:18
15Nothing Without You [from the "The Real Thing"]03:47
16Only Words [from the "See The Light"]04:06
17Remember Me [from the "The Real Thing"]03:49
18See The Light [from the "See The Light"]04:19
19Sinner In A Sin [from the "See The Light"]04:41
20Take The Country Outta Me [from the "See The Light"]03:20
21The Real Thing [from the "The Real Thing"]03:22
22This Train [from the "See The Light"]04:12
23U Make Me Better [from the "The Real Thing"]03:49
24Valley Of Angels [from the "The Real Thing"]03:35
25Whiskey, Women, & Time [from the "See The Light"]06:06
26Who Knows What [from the "3"]03:04
27Wild Roses [from the "3"]04:04
28Willing To Try [from the "The Real Thing"]04:19
29Witness [from the "See The Light"]03:41
30You Take Yourself With You [from the "3"]03:46
31You're Everything [from the "The Real Thing"]03:33

Bo Bice - top artists list [#371]

Bo Bice

Harold Elwin "Bo" Bice, Jr. (born November 1, 1975) is an American singer and musician who placed second to Carrie Underwood in the fourth season of American Idol. []


  • Southern rock,
  • Hard rock,
  • Country rock
  • You Take Yourself With You - one of the best Bo Bice songs, top songs list [#1889]

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