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Battle Hymns by Manowar [1982] [album editions]

Battle Hymns (Manowar)

Track listing

1Death Tone
2Metal Daze
3Fast taker
4Shell Shock
6Dark Avenger
7William's Tale
8Battle Hymns

Manowar albums

1Battle Hymns[ 1982 ]
2Fighting the World[ 1987 ]
3Gods of War[ 2007 ]
4Hail to England[ 1984 ]
5Into Glory Ride[ 1983 ]
6Kings of Metal[ 1988 ]
7Louder Than Hell[ 1996 ]
8Sign of the Hammer[ 1984 ]
9The Triumph of Steel[ 1992 ]
10Warriors of the World[ 2002 ]
1Battle Hymns (Manowar)
2Fighting the World (Manowar)
3Gods of War (Manowar)
4Hail to England (Manowar)
5Into Glory Ride (Manowar)
6Kings of Metal (Manowar)
7Louder Than Hell (Manowar)
8Sign of the Hammer (Manowar)
9The Triumph of Steel (Manowar)
10Warriors of the World (Manowar)

Manowar songs

61Outlaw [from the "Louder Than Hell"]03:22
62Overture To Odin [from the "Gods of War"]03:41
63Overture To The Hymn Of The Immortal Warriors [from the "Gods of War"]06:19
64Pleasure Slave (Bonus) [from the "Kings of Metal"]05:38
65Return of the Warlord [from the "Louder Than Hell"]05:19
66Revelation (Death's Angel) [from the "Into Glory Ride"]06:29
67Ride the Dragon [from the "The Triumph of Steel"]05:59
68Secret of Steel [from the "Into Glory Ride"]05:48
69Shell Shock [from the "Battle Hymns"]04:05
70Sign of the Hammer [from the "Sign of the Hammer"]04:16
71Sleipnir [from the "Gods of War"]05:13
72Sons of Odin [from the "Gods of War"]06:23
73Spirit Horse of the Cherokee [from the "The Triumph of Steel"]03:52
74Sting of the Bumble Bee [from the "Kings of Metal"]02:44
75Swords in the Wind [from the "Warriors of the World"]05:14
76The Ascension [from the "Gods of War"]02:30
77The Blood of Odin [from the "Gods of War"]03:57
78The Crown and the Ring [from the "Kings of Metal"]04:45
79The Demon's Whip [from the "The Triumph of Steel"]07:43
80The Gods Made Heavy Metal [from the "Louder Than Hell"]06:03
81The March [from the "Warriors of the World"]03:58
82The Oath [from the "Sign of the Hammer"]03:31
83The Power [from the "Louder Than Hell"]04:09
84The Power of thy Sword [from the "The Triumph of Steel"]07:47
85The Warrior's Prayer [from the "Kings of Metal"]04:19
86Thor (The Powerhead) [from the "Sign of the Hammer"]05:22
87Thunder Pick [from the "Sign of the Hammer"]04:51
88Today Is a Good Day to Die [from the "Louder Than Hell"]09:42
89Valhalla [from the "Warriors of the World"]00:33
90Violence And Bloodshed [from the "Fighting the World"]03:55
91Warlord [from the "Into Glory Ride"]04:10
92Warriors of the World (United) [from the "Warriors of the World"]05:49
93Wheels of Fire [from the "Kings of Metal"]04:09
94William's Tale [from the "Battle Hymns"]01:52



Manowar is an American heavy metal band from Auburn, New York, formed in 1980.



  • Heavy metal,
  • Power metal,
  • Speed metal,
  • Symphonic metal
  • Shell Shock by Manowar

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