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A Year Without Rain by Selena Gomez [2010] [album editions]

A Year Without Rain (Selena Gomez)

Track listing

1Round & Round
2A Year Without Rain
4Rock God
5Off The Chain
6Summer's Not Hot
9Ghost of You
10Sick Of You
11Live Like There's No Tomorrow

Selena Gomez albums

1A Year Without Rain[ 2010 ]
2Kiss & Tell[ 2009 ]
3Revival[ 2015 ]
4Stars Dance[ 2013 ]
5When The Sun Goes Down (Selena Gomez & The Scene)[ 2011 ]
1A Year Without Rain (Selena Gomez)
2Kiss & Tell (Selena Gomez)
3Revival (Selena Gomez)
4Stars Dance (Selena Gomez)
5When The Sun Goes Down (Selena Gomez & The Scene) (Selena Gomez)

Selena Gomez songs

1A Year Without Rain [from the "A Year Without Rain"]03:54
2As a Blnde [from the "Kiss & Tell"]02:47
3B.E.A.T. [from the "Stars Dance"]03:04
4Bang Bang Bang [from the "When The Sun Goes Down (Selena Gomez & The Scene)"]03:15
5Birthday [from the "Stars Dance"]03:21
6Body Heat [from the "Revival"]04:22
7Camouflage [from the "Revival"]05:04
8Cologne [from the "Revival"]04:47
9Come & Get It [from the "Stars Dance"]03:51
10Crush [from the "Kiss & Tell"]03:19
11Dices (Who Says – Spanish version) [from the "When The Sun Goes Down (Selena Gomez & The Scene)"]03:16
12Falling Dawn [from the "Kiss & Tell"]03:04
13Forget Forever [from the "Stars Dance"]03:18
14Ghost of You [from the "A Year Without Rain"]03:23
15Good For You (ft. A$AP Rocky) [from the "Revival"]04:36
16Hands to Myself [from the "Revival"]04:15
17Hit the Lights [from the "When The Sun Goes Down (Selena Gomez & The Scene)"]03:15
18I Don't Miss You at All [from the "Kiss & Tell"]03:40
19I Got U [from the "Kiss & Tell"]03:34
20I Promise You [from the "Kiss & Tell"]03:20
21I Won't Apologize [from the "Kiss & Tell"]03:06
22Intuition [from the "A Year Without Rain"]02:59
23Kill Em with Kindness [from the "Revival"]04:32
24Kiss & Tell [from the "Kiss & Tell"]03:17
25Like a Champion [from the "Stars Dance"]02:55
26Live Like There's No Tomorrow [from the "A Year Without Rain"]04:08
27Love Will Remember [from the "Stars Dance"]03:30
28Love You Like a Love Song [from the "When The Sun Goes Down (Selena Gomez & The Scene)"]03:08
29Me & My Girls [from the "Revival"]04:25
30Me & the Rhythm [from the "Revival"]04:28
31Middle of Nowhere [from the "When The Sun Goes Down (Selena Gomez & The Scene)"]03:26
32More [from the "Kiss & Tell"]03:30
33Music Feels Better [from the "Stars Dance"]03:10
34My Dilemma [from the "When The Sun Goes Down (Selena Gomez & The Scene)"]03:09
35Naturally [from the "Kiss & Tell"]03:22
36Naturally [from the "A Year Without Rain"]03:22
37Nobody [from the "Revival"]04:32
38Nobody Does It Like You [from the "Stars Dance"]03:56
39Off The Chain [from the "A Year Without Rain"]04:03
40Outlaw [from the "When The Sun Goes Down (Selena Gomez & The Scene)"]03:21
41Outta My Hands (Loco) [from the "Revival"]04:27
42Perfect [from the "Revival"]04:57
43Revival [from the "Revival"]05:01
44Rise [from the "Revival"]03:57
45Rock God [from the "A Year Without Rain"]03:08
46Round & Round [from the "A Year Without Rain"]03:06
47Same Old Love [from the "Revival"]04:44
48Save The Day [from the "Stars Dance"]03:52
49Sick Of You [from the "A Year Without Rain"]03:24
50Slow Down [from the "Stars Dance"]03:30
51Sober [from the "Revival"]04:09
52Spotlight [from the "A Year Without Rain"]03:31
53Stars Dance [from the "Stars Dance"]03:36
54Stop and Eras [from the "Kiss & Tell"]02:52
55Summer's Not Hot [from the "A Year Without Rain"]03:05
56Survivors [from the "Revival"]04:36
57Tell Me Something I Don't Know [from the "Kiss & Tell"]02:55
58That's More Like It [from the "When The Sun Goes Down (Selena Gomez & The Scene)"]03:08
59The Way I Loved You [from the "Kiss & Tell"]03:33
60Undercover [from the "Stars Dance"]03:52

Selena Gomez - top artists list [#40]

Selena Gomez

Selena Marie Gomez (born July 22, 1992) is an American actress and singer. []


  • Pop,
  • Dance,
  • Rock,
  • Alternative
  • Round & Round - one of the best Selena Gomez songs, top songs list [#1490]

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