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Truth or Dare by Automatic Loveletter [2010] [album editions]

Truth or Dare (Automatic Loveletter)

Track listing

1Heart Song
2Don't Let Me Down
3Fade Away
5Story Of My Life
6Day They Saved Us
7To Die For
8Let It Ride
9Eyes On You
10My Goodbye
12Back To Life

Automatic Loveletter albums

1Recover[ 2007 ]
2Truth or Dare[ 2010 ]
1Recover (Automatic Loveletter)
2Truth or Dare (Automatic Loveletter)

Automatic Loveletter songs

1August 28Th 3:30 A.M. [from the "Recover"]03:42
2Back To Life [from the "Truth or Dare"]04:11
3Butterflies [from the "Truth or Dare"]04:01
4Day They Saved Us [from the "Truth or Dare"]03:37
5Don't Let Me Down [from the "Truth or Dare"]03:57
6Eyes On You [from the "Truth or Dare"]04:25
7Fade Away [from the "Truth or Dare"]04:17
8Heart Song [from the "Truth or Dare"]04:13
9Hush [from the "Truth or Dare"]03:58
10Hush [from the "Recover"]04:00
11Let It Ride [from the "Truth or Dare"]04:16
12Make-Up Smeared Eyes (Acoustic) [from the "Recover"]04:40
13My Goodbye [from the "Truth or Dare"]03:38
14Parker [from the "Recover"]03:47
15Story Of My Life [from the "Truth or Dare"]04:11
16The Answer [from the "Recover"]03:27
17To Die For [from the "Truth or Dare"]04:44

Automatic Loveletter - top artists list [#461]

Automatic Loveletter

Automatic Loveletter is a rock band, with acoustic and emo influences, based in the United States of America.

The band formed in Tampa, Florida, in 2007, led by vocalist and guitarist Juliet Simms, her older brother and lead guitarist Tommy Simms, drummer Ryan Metcalf, and bassist Clint Fowler. []


  • Emo,
  • Pop punk ,
  • Rock ,
  • Alternative rock
  • Story Of My Life - one of the best Automatic Loveletter songs, top songs list [#1689]

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