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Sweat Hotel Live by Keith Sweat [2007] [album editions]

Sweat Hotel Live (Keith Sweat)

Track listing

1I Want Her
2Something Just Ain't Right
3Don't Stop Your Love
4I'll Give All My Love to You (ft. Monica)
5Lose Control (ft. Silk)
6Freak Me (ft. Silk)
7Make It Last Forever (ft. Jacci McGhee)
8Right and a Wrond Way
9How Deep Is Your Love
10Let's Chill (ft. Charlie Wilson)
11Get Up on It (ft. Kut Klose)
13(There You Go) Telling Me No Again (ft. Akon)
14Just Got Pain (ft. Johnny Kemp, Teddy Riley, Charlie Wilson, Silk, Kut Klose And Jackie McGhee)
15Nobody (ft. Athena Cage)

Keith Sweat albums

1A Christmas of Love[ 2007 ]
2Didn't See Me Coming[ 2000 ]
3Get Up on It[ 1994 ]
4I'll Give All My Love to You[ 1990 ]
5Just a Touch[ 1997 ]
6Just Me[ 2008 ]
7Keep It Comin'[ 1991 ]
8Keith Sweat[ 1996 ]
9Make It Last Forever[ 1987 ]
10Rebirth[ 2002 ]
11Ridin' Solo[ 2010 ]
12Still in the Game[ 1998 ]
13Sweat Hotel Live[ 2007 ]
1A Christmas of Love (Keith Sweat)
2Didn't See Me Coming (Keith Sweat)
3Get Up on It (Keith Sweat)
4I'll Give All My Love to You (Keith Sweat)
5Just a Touch (Keith Sweat)
6Just Me (Keith Sweat)
7Keep It Comin' (Keith Sweat)
8Keith Sweat (Keith Sweat)
9Make It Last Forever (Keith Sweat)
10Rebirth (Keith Sweat)
11Ridin' Solo (Keith Sweat)
12Still in the Game (Keith Sweat)
13Sweat Hotel Live (Keith Sweat)

Keith Sweat songs

121Show U What Love Is [from the "Still in the Game"]03:49
122Somebody [from the "Just Me"]04:01
123Something Just Ain't Right [from the "Make It Last Forever"]05:15
124Something Just Ain't Right [from the "Sweat Hotel Live"]03:06
125Something Just Ain't Right [from the "Just a Touch"]05:14
126Spend A Little Time (ft. Charlie Wilson) [from the "Keep It Comin'"]04:22
127Suga Suga Suga (ft. Paisley Bettis) [from the "Just Me"]04:00
128Teach Me [from the "Just Me"]03:42
129Telephone Love [from the "Get Up on It"]00:55
130Tell Me It's Me You Want [from the "Make It Last Forever"]04:49
131Tellin' Me No Again (There You Go) [from the "Keep It Comin'"]05:09
132Ten Commandments of Love [from the "Keep It Comin'"]03:49
133Test Drive (ft. Joe) [from the "Ridin' Solo"]04:05
134The Christmas Song [from the "A Christmas of Love"]03:47
135The Floor [from the "Just Me"]03:27
136The Right Stuff [from the "Rebirth"]04:07
137Things (ft. Busta Rhymes & Rah Digga) [from the "Didn't See Me Coming"]03:48
138Tonite [from the "Didn't See Me Coming"]00:49
139Too Hot [from the "Still in the Game"]04:10
140Tropical [from the "Ridin' Solo"]04:02
141Trust Me [from the "Rebirth"]04:32
142Twisted [from the "Keith Sweat"]04:30
143Twisted [from the "Sweat Hotel Live"]04:41
144Twisted [from the "Just a Touch"]04:32
145Twisted (Live) [from the "Rebirth"]05:16
146Under the Tree [from the "A Christmas of Love"]05:06
147What Goes Around [from the "Still in the Game"]04:48
148What Is It? [from the "Rebirth"]04:15
149Whatcha Like [from the "Didn't See Me Coming"]04:03
150Whatever You Want [from the "Keith Sweat"]04:18
151What's a Man to Do [from the "Just Me"]03:38
152When I Give My Love [from the "Get Up on It"]06:05
153Why Me Baby (with L.L. Cool J.) [from the "Just a Touch"]05:29
154Why Me Baby? (ft. L.L. Cool J) [from the "Keep It Comin'"]05:27
155Why U Treat Me So Cold (ft. Lil' Wayne) [from the "Didn't See Me Coming"]03:52
156Wonderful Thang [from the "Rebirth"]04:29
157You Know I Like [from the "Still in the Game"]03:43
158Your Love [from the "I'll Give All My Love to You"]05:14
159Your Love, Pt. 2 [from the "I'll Give All My Love to You"]05:55
160Yumi [from the "Keith Sweat"]04:21

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Keith Sweat

Keith Sweat, (born July 22, 1961) is an American R&B/soul, singer-songwriter, record producer, radio personality and a major contributor to the New jack swing era.


  • Urban,
  • R&B,
  • New Jack Swing
  • Twisted by Keith Sweat

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