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Forensic Follies by Buckethead [2009]

Forensic Follies (Buckethead)

Track listing

1Forensic Follies
2A-Cycle Light-Ray Cannons
3Splinter In A Slunk's Eye
4Under Sea Scalp
7Trunk Of The Tree
8Slunk Shrine
9Open Coffin Jamboree
10(I'll Be) Taking Care Of Grampa
11Three Headed Troll
12Splinter Dissection
13Mannequin Molds

Buckethead albums

1A Real Diamond In The Rough[ 2009 ]
2Albino Slug[ 2008 ]
3Bermuda Triangle[ 2002 ]
4Bolt on Neck[ 2008 ]
5Forensic Follies[ 2009 ]
6Inbred Mountain[ 2005 ]
7Monsters & Robots[ 1999 ]
8Slaughterhouse on the Prairie[ 2009 ]
9The Dragons of Eden[ 2008 ]
1A Real Diamond In The Rough (Buckethead)
2Albino Slug (Buckethead)
3Bermuda Triangle (Buckethead)
4Bolt on Neck (Buckethead)
5Forensic Follies (Buckethead)
6Inbred Mountain (Buckethead)
7Monsters & Robots (Buckethead)
8Slaughterhouse on the Prairie (Buckethead)
9The Dragons of Eden (Buckethead)

Buckethead songs

1(I'll Be) Taking Care Of Grampa [from the "Forensic Follies"]02:36
25 Second Minute [from the "Bolt on Neck"]08:25
3911 [from the "Bermuda Triangle"]03:18
4A Real Diamond In The Rough [from the "A Real Diamond In The Rough"]04:08
5A-Cycle Light-Ray Cannons [from the "Forensic Follies"]06:24
6Advance to the Summit [from the "Inbred Mountain"]06:03
7Allowed To Play [from the "A Real Diamond In The Rough"]01:54
8Beestro Fowler [from the "Bermuda Triangle"]03:01
9Big D's Touch [from the "A Real Diamond In The Rough"]04:11
10Bionic Fog [from the "Bermuda Triangle"]02:01
11Blood Bayou [from the "Slaughterhouse on the Prairie"]02:57
12Bolt On Neck [from the "Bolt on Neck"]06:02
13Bought Big Ben [from the "Bolt on Neck"]05:07
14Broken Mirror [from the "A Real Diamond In The Rough"]04:15
15Collecting Specimens [from the "Slaughterhouse on the Prairie"]02:45
16Crouching Stump Hidden Limb [from the "Slaughterhouse on the Prairie"]03:08
17Davy Jones Locker [from the "Bermuda Triangle"]00:56
18Dawn Appears [from the "A Real Diamond In The Rough"]03:46
19Dawn At The Deuce [from the "Albino Slug"]04:17
20Don't Use Roosts if You Raise Broilers [from the "Slaughterhouse on the Prairie"]03:27
21Draco [from the "The Dragons of Eden"]07:03
22Electric Bell Blanket [from the "Albino Slug"]00:54
23Escape From Inbred Mountain [from the "Inbred Mountain"]08:20
24Fear Of Salt [from the "Albino Slug"]02:55
25Flee Flicker [from the "Albino Slug"]02:33
26Flight 19 [from the "Bermuda Triangle"]01:48
27Flock Of Slunks [from the "Inbred Mountain"]04:30
28Forbidden Zone [from the "Bermuda Triangle"]02:15
29Forensic Follies [from the "Forensic Follies"]03:54
30Forgotten Trail [from the "Albino Slug"]01:07
31Formless Present [from the "A Real Diamond In The Rough"]03:44
32Four Rivers [from the "A Real Diamond In The Rough"]02:37
33Future Evolution [from the "The Dragons of Eden"]05:31
34Goat Host [from the "Slaughterhouse on the Prairie"]02:35
35Iceman-Tribute to George Gervin [from the "Slaughterhouse on the Prairie"]02:04
36In Search Of Inbred Mountain [from the "Inbred Mountain"]03:26
37Intro [from the "Bermuda Triangle"]00:34
38Isle Of Dead [from the "Bermuda Triangle"]03:14
39Jabbar On Alcatrazz Avenue [from the "Bermuda Triangle"]03:18
40Johnny Be Slunk [from the "Inbred Mountain"]08:42
41Jowls [from the "Monsters & Robots"]04:26
42Jump Man [from the "Monsters & Robots"]04:21
43Knowledge Is Destiny [from the "The Dragons of Eden"]05:48
44Lebron [from the "Slaughterhouse on the Prairie"]04:33
45Lebron's Hammer [from the "Slaughterhouse on the Prairie"]03:43
46Lotus Island [from the "Inbred Mountain"]06:33
47Lovers and Madmen [from the "The Dragons of Eden"]05:30
48Mannequin Molds [from the "Forensic Follies"]02:40
49Mausoleum Door [from the "Bermuda Triangle"]03:29
50Night of the Slunk [from the "Monsters & Robots"]05:43
51Nun Chuka Kata [from the "Monsters & Robots"]04:30
52Open Coffin Jamboree [from the "Forensic Follies"]03:16
53Phantom Lights [from the "Bermuda Triangle"]02:38
54Pink Eye [from the "Albino Slug"]03:23
55Plastination Station [from the "Inbred Mountain"]05:47
56Plunger [from the "Forensic Follies"]03:06
57Premonition [from the "Slaughterhouse on the Prairie"]02:42
58Prototype #1 [from the "Bolt on Neck"]10:26
59Pullin The Heavy [from the "Bermuda Triangle"]02:55
60Pumpkin Pike [from the "Slaughterhouse on the Prairie"]02:50



Brian Carroll, better known as Buckethead, is an American musician, songwriter and virtuoso. []


  • Progressive metal,
  • Funk,
  • Electronica,
  • Jazz fusion,
  • Bluegrass,
  • Folk rock,
  • Ambient,
  • Country Rock
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