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Jason Derulo by Jason Derulo [2010] [album editions]

Jason Derulo (Jason Derulo)

Track listing

1Whatcha Say
2Ridin' Solo
3In My Head
4The Sky's the Limit
5What If
6Love Hangover

Jason Derulo albums

1Everything Is 4[ 2015 ]
2Future History[ 2011 ]
3In My Head[ 2010 ]
4Jason Derulo[ 2010 ]
5Talk Dirty[ 2014 ]
6Tattoos[ 2013 ]
1Everything Is 4 (Jason Derulo)
2Future History (Jason Derulo)
3In My Head (Jason Derulo)
4Jason Derulo (Jason Derulo)
5Talk Dirty (Jason Derulo)
6Tattoos (Jason Derulo)

Jason Derulo songs

1Be Careful [from the "Future History"]03:34
2Bleed Out [from the "Future History"]04:08
3Blind [from the "Jason Derulo"]03:37
4Breathing [from the "Future History"]03:54
5Broke (ft. Stevie Wonder & Keith Urban) [from the "Everything Is 4"]03:06
6Bubblegum (ft. Tyga) [from the "Talk Dirty"]03:26
7Cheyenne [from the "Everything Is 4"]03:34
8Don't Wanna Go Home [from the "Future History"]03:26
9Dumb [from the "Future History"]03:50
10Encore [from the "Jason Derulo"]03:44
11Fallen [from the "Jason Derulo"]03:16
12Fight for You [from the "Future History"]04:02
13Fire (ft. Pitbull) [from the "Tattoos"]03:36
14Get Ugly [from the "Everything Is 4"]03:20
15Give it to Me (Bonus Track) [from the "Future History"]03:24
16Givin' Up [from the "Future History"]03:50
17In My Head [from the "Jason Derulo"]03:18
18In My Head (Wideboys club mix) [from the "In My Head"]05:24
19In My Head (Wideboys dub mix) [from the "In My Head"]05:34
20In My Head (Wideboys radio edit) [from the "In My Head"]03:18
21It Girl [from the "Future History"]03:12
22Kama Sutra (ft. Kid Ink) [from the "Talk Dirty"]03:36
23Love Before I Die [from the "Tattoos"]03:46
24Love Hangover [from the "Jason Derulo"]03:21
25Love Like That (ft. K. Michelle) [from the "Everything Is 4"]03:59
26Love Me Down [from the "Everything Is 4"]02:45
27Make It Up As We Go [from the "Future History"]03:10
28Marry Me [from the "Tattoos"]03:45
29Marry Me [from the "Talk Dirty"]03:45
30Overdose (Bonus Track) [from the "Future History"]03:19
31Painkiller (ft. Meghan Trainor) [from the "Everything Is 4"]03:23
32Perfect Timing [from the "Tattoos"]04:02
33Pick Up the Pieces [from the "Future History"]03:34
34Pull-Up [from the "Everything Is 4"]03:07
35Rest of Our Life [from the "Tattoos"]03:04
36Ridin' Solo [from the "Jason Derulo"]03:36
37Side Fx (ft. The Game) [from the "Tattoos"]03:29
38Strobelight [from the "Jason Derulo"]03:02
39Stupid Love [from the "Tattoos"]03:34
40Stupid Love [from the "Talk Dirty"]03:34
41Talk Dirty (ft. 2 Chainz) [from the "Tattoos"]02:57
42Talk Dirty (ft. 2 Chainz) [from the "Talk Dirty"]02:57
43Tattoo [from the "Tattoos"]03:26
44That's My Shhh [from the "Future History"]04:21
45The Other Side [from the "Tattoos"]03:47
46The Other Side [from the "Talk Dirty"]03:47
47The Other Side (Acoustic) [from the "Tattoos"]03:46
48The Sky's the Limit [from the "Jason Derulo"]03:44
49Trade Hearts (ft. Julia Michaels) [from the "Everything Is 4"]03:30
50Trumpets [from the "Tattoos"]03:37
51Trumpets [from the "Talk Dirty"]03:37
52Try Me (ft. Jennifer Lopez & Matoma) [from the "Everything Is 4"]03:20
53Vertigo (ft. Jordin Sparks) [from the "Tattoos"]03:53
54Vertigo (ft. Jordin Sparks) [from the "Talk Dirty"]03:53
55Want To Want Me [from the "Everything Is 4"]03:26
56What If [from the "Jason Derulo"]03:23
57Whatcha Say [from the "Jason Derulo"]03:42
58Wiggle (ft. Snoop Dogg) [from the "Talk Dirty"]03:13
59With the Lights On [from the "Tattoos"]03:11
60With the Lights On [from the "Talk Dirty"]03:11

Jason Derulo - top artists list [#67]

Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo is an American singer, songwriter, actor and dancer.

Since the start of his career as a solo recording artist in 2009, Jason has sold over 30 million singles. []


  • Pop,
  • R&B,
  • Dance
  • Ridin' Solo - one of the best Jason Derulo songs, top songs list [#1515]

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