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Guitar Forms by Kenny Burrell [1997] [album editions]

Guitar Forms (Kenny Burrell)

Track listing

2Lotus Land
3Terrace Theme
4Prelude No. 2
5Moon And Sand
8Last Night When We Were Young
10Downstairs [alternate take 1]
11Downstairs [alternate take 2]
12Downstairs [alternate take 3]
13Downstairs [alternate take 4]
14Terrace Theme [alternate take 1]
15Terrace Theme [alternate take 2]
16Terrace Theme [alternate take 3]
17Breadwinner [alternate take 1]
18Breadwinner [alternate take 2]
19Breadwinner [alternate take 3]
20Breadwinner [alternate take 4]

Kenny Burrell albums

1Guitar Forms[ 1997 ]
2Jazz For The Road[ 2006 ]
3Kenny Burrell & John Coltrane[ 1958 ]
4Midnight Blue[ 1963 ]
5Recapitulation (Pt.1)[ 1976 ]
1Guitar Forms (Kenny Burrell)
2Jazz For The Road (Various artists)
3Kenny Burrell & John Coltrane (Kenny Burrell)
4Midnight Blue (Kenny Burrell)
5Recapitulation (Pt.1) (Kenny Burrell)

Kenny Burrell songs

1Afternoon In Paris [from the "Recapitulation (Pt.1)"]05:45
2Big Paul [from the "Kenny Burrell & John Coltrane"]14:04
3Breadwinner [from the "Guitar Forms"]03:00
4Breadwinner [alternate take 1] [from the "Guitar Forms"]03:51
5Breadwinner [alternate take 2] [from the "Guitar Forms"]03:49
6Breadwinner [alternate take 3] [from the "Guitar Forms"]03:17
7Breadwinner [alternate take 4] [from the "Guitar Forms"]03:04
8Broadway [from the "Recapitulation (Pt.1)"]04:19
9Chitlins con carne [from the "Midnight Blue"]05:29
10Downstairs [from the "Guitar Forms"]02:53
11Downstairs [alternate take 1] [from the "Guitar Forms"]04:11
12Downstairs [alternate take 2] [from the "Guitar Forms"]03:06
13Downstairs [alternate take 3] [from the "Guitar Forms"]02:38
14Downstairs [alternate take 4] [from the "Guitar Forms"]02:36
15Freight Trane [from the "Kenny Burrell & John Coltrane"]07:22
16Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You [from the "Midnight Blue"]04:25
17Greensleeves [from the "Guitar Forms"]04:12
18Hot Bossa [from the "Recapitulation (Pt.1)"]04:40
19I Never Knew [from the "Kenny Burrell & John Coltrane"]07:05
20I'm A Fool To Want You [from the "Recapitulation (Pt.1)"]04:42
21Isabella [from the "Recapitulation (Pt.1)"]05:00
22Just A Settin' And A Rockin' [from the "Recapitulation (Pt.1)"]04:21
23K Twist [from the "Midnight Blue"]03:34
24Kenny's Sound [from the "Midnight Blue"]04:43
25Last Night When We Were Young [from the "Guitar Forms"]04:34
26Loie [from the "Guitar Forms"]03:20
27Lotus Land [from the "Guitar Forms"]09:38
28Lyresto [from the "Kenny Burrell & John Coltrane"]05:44
29Midnight Blue [from the "Midnight Blue"]04:00
30Moon And Sand [from the "Guitar Forms"]04:16
31Mother In Law [from the "Recapitulation (Pt.1)"]04:44
32Mule [from the "Midnight Blue"]06:57
33People [from the "Recapitulation (Pt.1)"]02:44
34Prelude No. 2 [from the "Guitar Forms"]02:17
35Saturday Night Blues [from the "Midnight Blue"]06:16
36See See Rider - Kenny Burrell [from the "Jazz For The Road"]03:30
37Soul Lament [from the "Midnight Blue"]02:43
38Terrace Theme [from the "Guitar Forms"]04:02
39Terrace Theme [alternate take 1] [from the "Guitar Forms"]02:59
40Terrace Theme [alternate take 2] [from the "Guitar Forms"]03:59
41Terrace Theme [alternate take 3] [from the "Guitar Forms"]04:09
42The Tender Gender [from the "Recapitulation (Pt.1)"]04:57
43Tricrotism [from the "Recapitulation (Pt.1)"]04:40
44Wavy Gravy [from the "Midnight Blue"]05:47
45Why Was I Born? [from the "Kenny Burrell & John Coltrane"]03:14

Kenny Burrell

Kenny Burrell

Kenneth Earl 'Kenny' Burrell (born July 31, 1931) is an American jazz guitarist.


  • Bebop,
  • Blues,
  • Jazz
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