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Louisiana Blues & Zydeco by Clifton Chenier [2005] [album editions]

Louisiana Blues & Zydeco (Clifton Chenier)

Track listing

1Zydeco Et Pas Sal
2Lafayette Walt
3Louisiana Two Ste
4Clifton's Walt
5Louisiana Blue
6Hot Ro
7Banana Ma
9It's Har
10I Can't Stand
11I Can Look Down At Your Woman
12Accordion Boogie
13Banana Man (Take 2)
14Ay, Ai Ai
15Clifton's Blues (Where Can My Baby Be
16Let's Rock Awhile
17Elmore's Blues
18Clifton's Two Step

Clifton Chenier albums

1Louisiana Blues & Zydeco[ 2005 ]
1Louisiana Blues & Zydeco (Clifton Chenier)

Clifton Chenier songs

1Accordion Boogie [from the "Louisiana Blues & Zydeco"]03:09
2Ay, Ai Ai [from the "Louisiana Blues & Zydeco"]03:07
3Ay-Tete-Fe [from the "Louisiana Blues & Zydeco"]02:42
4Banana Ma [from the "Louisiana Blues & Zydeco"]04:49
5Banana Man (Take 2) [from the "Louisiana Blues & Zydeco"]03:08
6Clifton's Blues (Where Can My Baby Be [from the "Louisiana Blues & Zydeco"]03:28
7Clifton's Two Step [from the "Louisiana Blues & Zydeco"]03:11
8Clifton's Walt [from the "Louisiana Blues & Zydeco"]04:16
9Elmore's Blues [from the "Louisiana Blues & Zydeco"]03:19
10Hot Ro [from the "Louisiana Blues & Zydeco"]03:27
11I Can Look Down At Your Woman [from the "Louisiana Blues & Zydeco"]03:31
12I Can't Stand [from the "Louisiana Blues & Zydeco"]02:43
13It's Har [from the "Louisiana Blues & Zydeco"]03:23
14Lafayette Walt [from the "Louisiana Blues & Zydeco"]04:35
15Let's Rock Awhile [from the "Louisiana Blues & Zydeco"]03:29
16Louisiana Blue [from the "Louisiana Blues & Zydeco"]05:01
17Louisiana Two Ste [from the "Louisiana Blues & Zydeco"]03:48
18Zydeco Et Pas Sal [from the "Louisiana Blues & Zydeco"]03:16

Clifton Chenier

Clifton Chenier

Clifton Chenier was an eminent performer and recording artist of Zydeco, which arose from Cajun and Creole music, with R&B, jazz, and blues influences.


  • Zydeco,
  • Cajun,
  • Creole music,
  • R&B,
  • Jazz,
  • Swamp blues
  • Louisiana Blue by Clifton Chenier

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