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Message Man by Eddy Grant [1977] [album editions]

Message Man (Eddy Grant)

Track listing

2It`s Our Time
3Cockney Black
4Jamaican Child
5Get Down Soweto
6Hello Africa
7Race Hate
8Neighbour Neighbour

Eddy Grant albums

1Barefoot Soldier[ 1990 ]
2Born Tuff[ 1986 ]
3Can't Get Enough[ 1981 ]
4File Under Rock[ 1988 ]
5Going for Broke[ 1984 ]
6Killer on the Rampage[ 1982 ]
7Love in Exile[ 1980 ]
8Message Man[ 1977 ]
9Paintings of the Soul[ 1992 ]
10Road To Reparation (Very Best of)[ 2008 ]
11Soca Baptism[ 1993 ]
12Walking on Sunshine[ 1979 ]
1Barefoot Soldier (Eddy Grant)
2Born Tuff (Eddy Grant)
3Can't Get Enough (Eddy Grant)
4File Under Rock (Eddy Grant)
5Going for Broke (Eddy Grant)
6Killer on the Rampage (Eddy Grant)
7Love in Exile (Eddy Grant)
8Message Man (Eddy Grant)
9Paintings of the Soul (Eddy Grant)
10Road To Reparation (Very Best of) (Eddy Grant)
11Soca Baptism (Eddy Grant)
12Walking on Sunshine (Eddy Grant)

Eddy Grant songs

1Another Revolutionary [from the "Killer on the Rampage"]05:18
2Another Riot [from the "File Under Rock"]04:48
3Baby Come Back [from the "Road To Reparation (Very Best of)"]03:11
4Bahia Girl [from the "Soca Baptism"]04:12
5Barefoot Soldier [from the "Barefoot Soldier"]04:34
6Barefoot Soldier [from the "Paintings of the Soul"]04:25
7Blood Money [from the "Born Tuff"]04:31
8Blue Wave [from the "Going for Broke"]04:05
9Born Tuff [from the "Born Tuff"]05:08
10Boys In The Street [from the "Road To Reparation (Very Best of)"]04:15
11Boys in the Street [from the "Going for Broke"]04:19
12California Style [from the "Road To Reparation (Very Best of)"]04:03
13California Style [from the "Can't Get Enough"]04:03
14Can`t Get Enough of You [from the "Can't Get Enough"]04:21
15Chuck (Is The King) [from the "File Under Rock"]04:26
16Cockney Black [from the "Message Man"]03:52
17Come Along To My place [from the "Born Tuff"]04:04
18Come On Let Me Love You [from the "Going for Broke"]03:40
19Curfew [from the "Message Man"]05:22
20Dance In Guyana [from the "Walking on Sunshine"]03:20
21Dance Party [from the "Road To Reparation (Very Best of)"]04:17
22Dance Party [from the "Born Tuff"]04:17
23Do You Feel My Love [from the "Road To Reparation (Very Best of)"]02:58
24Do You Feel My Love [from the "Can't Get Enough"]03:01
25Don't Bother Me [from the "Soca Baptism"]03:40
26Don't Talk To Strangers [from the "File Under Rock"]04:04
27Drop Baby Drop [from the "Killer on the Rampage"]03:33
28East Dry River [from the "Road To Reparation (Very Best of)"]03:59
29Electric Avenue [from the "Road To Reparation (Very Best of)"]03:45
30Electric Avenue [from the "Killer on the Rampage"]03:48
31Eulogy For a Living Man [from the "Barefoot Soldier"]03:54
32Eulogy For a Living Man [from the "Paintings of the Soul"]04:02
33Everybody Dance [from the "Love in Exile"]06:31
34Exiled [from the "Love in Exile"]09:34
35Feel The Rhythm [from the "Love in Exile"]06:10
36Funky Rock 'N' Roll [from the "Killer on the Rampage"]04:27
37Funny Little Groove [from the "Born Tuff"]04:18
38Georgetown Girl [from the "Soca Baptism"]04:46
39Get Down Soweto [from the "Message Man"]04:36
40Get Up and Dance [from the "Soca Baptism"]03:37
41Gimme Hope Jo'anna [from the "Road To Reparation (Very Best of)"]03:43
42Gimme Hope Jo'Anna [from the "File Under Rock"]04:03
43Gimme Hope Jo'Anna [from the "Barefoot Soldier"]03:49
44Gisela From Panama [from the "Soca Baptism"]03:33
45Give Yourself To Me [from the "Can't Get Enough"]03:37
46Good Citizen [from the "Soca Baptism"]03:56
47Gotta Be Positive [from the "Road To Reparation (Very Best of)"]03:38
48Harmless Piece of Fun [from the "File Under Rock"]04:20
49Hello Africa [from the "Road To Reparation (Very Best of)"]05:47
50Hello Africa [from the "Message Man"]11:53
51Hostile Country [from the "File Under Rock"]04:23
52I Don't Wanna Dance [from the "Road To Reparation (Very Best of)"]03:39
53I Don't Wanna Dance [from the "Killer on the Rampage"]03:41
54I Love To Truck [from the "Can't Get Enough"]06:08
55I Love You Yes, I Love You [from the "Can't Get Enough"]03:52
56I Walk Along Tonight [from the "Paintings of the Soul"]03:54
57I'm Not Alone Tonight [from the "Barefoot Soldier"]04:27
58In LA [from the "Born Tuff"]04:22
59Ire Harry [from the "Going for Broke"]04:04
60It`s Our Time [from the "Message Man"]04:29

Eddy Grant

Eddy Grant

Edmond Montague "Eddy" Grant is a Guyanese British musician.


  • Reggae,
  • Gospel,
  • Pop
  • Hello Africa by Eddy Grant

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