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The Chicago Transit Authority by Chicago [1969] [album editions]

The Chicago Transit Authority (Chicago)

Track listing

2Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?
4Questions 67 And 68
6Poem 58
7Free Form Guitar
8South California Purples
9I'm A Man
10Prologue August 29 1968

Chicago albums

1Chicago II[ 1970 ]
2Chicago III[ 1971 ]
3Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall[ 1971 ]
4Chicago V[ 1972 ]
5Chicago VI[ 1973 ]
6Chicago VII[ 1974 ]
7Chicago VIII[ 1975 ]
8Chicago X[ 1976 ]
9Chicago XI[ 1977 ]
10Chicago XII - Hot Streets[ 1978 ]
11Chicago XIII[ 1979 ]
12Chicago XIV[ 1980 ]
13Chicago XIX[ 1988 ]
14Chicago XVI[ 1982 ]
15Chicago XVII[ 1983 ]
16Chicago XVIII[ 1986 ]
17Chicago XXI - Twenty 1[ 1991 ]
18Chicago XXII - Night & Day, Big Band[ 1995 ]
19Chicago XXV - The Christmas Album[ 2003 ]
20Chicago XXVI - Live In Concert[ 1999 ]
21Chicago XXX[ 2006 ]
22Chicago XXXII - Stone Of Sisyphus[ 2008 ]
23Stop Handgun Violence[ 2000 ]
24The Chicago Transit Authority[ 1969 ]
1Chicago II (Chicago)
2Chicago III (Chicago)
3Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall (Chicago)
4Chicago V (Chicago)
5Chicago VI (Chicago)
6Chicago VII (Chicago)
7Chicago VIII (Chicago)
8Chicago X (Chicago)
9Chicago XI (Chicago)
10Chicago XII - Hot Streets (Chicago)
11Chicago XIII (Chicago)
12Chicago XIV (Chicago)
13Chicago XIX (Chicago)
14Chicago XVI (Chicago)
15Chicago XVII (Chicago)
16Chicago XVIII (Chicago)
17Chicago XXI - Twenty 1 (Chicago)
18Chicago XXII - Night & Day, Big Band (Chicago)
19Chicago XXV - The Christmas Album (Chicago)
20Chicago XXVI - Live In Concert (Chicago)
21Chicago XXX (Chicago)
22Chicago XXXII - Stone Of Sisyphus (Chicago)
23Stop Handgun Violence (Various artists)
24The Chicago Transit Authority (Chicago)

Chicago songs

121In Terms Of Two [from the "Chicago VI"]03:30
122In The Country [from the "Chicago II"]06:36
123In The Country [from the "Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall"]10:35
124In the Mood [from the "Chicago XXII - Night & Day, Big Band"]03:44
125Introduction [from the "The Chicago Transit Authority"]06:34
126Introduction (1) [from the "Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall"]07:09
127Introduction (2) [from the "Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall"]06:36
128It Better End Soon - 1St Movement [from the "Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall"]02:54
129It Better End Soon - 2Nd Movement (Flute Solo) [from the "Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall"]05:00
130It Better End Soon - 5Th Movem [from the "Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall"]02:07
131It Better End Soon 1st Mo [from the "Chicago II"]02:32
132It Better End Soon 2nd Mo [from the "Chicago II"]03:40
133It Better End Soon 3rd Mo [from the "Chicago II"]03:18
134It Better End Soon 4th Mo [from the "Chicago II"]00:56
135Italian From New York [from the "Chicago VII"]04:15
136It's Alright [from the "Chicago XVIII"]04:29
137Jenny [from the "Chicago VI"]03:33
138Jolly Old St. Nicholas [from the "Chicago XXV - The Christmas Album"]03:35
139Just You `N` Me [from the "Chicago XXVI - Live In Concert"]06:17
140Just You 'n' Me [from the "Chicago VI"]03:03
141King Of Might Have Been [from the "Chicago XXX"]03:52
142Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! [from the "Chicago XXV - The Christmas Album"]03:28
143Let's Take A Lifetime [from the "Chicago XXXII - Stone Of Sisyphus"]04:57
144Liberation [from the "The Chicago Transit Authority"]14:39
145Life Is What It Is [from the "Chicago XIII"]04:34
146Life Saver [from the "Chicago VII"]05:19
147Listen [from the "The Chicago Transit Authority"]03:21
148Listen [from the "Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall"]04:16
149Little Drummer Boy [from the "Chicago XXV - The Christmas Album"]04:05
150Little Miss Lovin' [from the "Chicago XII - Hot Streets"]04:37
151Little One [from the "Chicago XI"]05:40
152Loneliness is Just a Word [from the "Chicago III"]02:34
153Long Lost Friend [from the "Chicago XXX"]04:33
154Long Time No See [from the "Chicago VIII"]02:49
155Lonliness is Just a Word [from the "Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall"]02:44
156Look Away [from the "Chicago XIX"]04:03
157Loser With A Broken Heart [from the "Chicago XIII"]04:40
158Love Me Tomorrow [from the "Chicago XVI"]05:06
159Love Was New [from the "Chicago XII - Hot Streets"]03:27
160Love Will Come Back [from the "Chicago XXX"]03:48
161Lovin' Chains [from the "Chicago XXX"]03:56
162Lowdown [from the "Chicago III"]03:33
163Lowdown [from the "Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall"]03:58
164Mah Jong [from the "Chicago XXXII - Stone Of Sisyphus"]04:25
165Make Me Smile [from the "Chicago II"]03:15
166Make Me Smile [from the "Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall"]03:31
167Mama Mama [from the "Chicago X"]03:33
168Mama Take [from the "Chicago XIII"]04:12
169Man To Woman [from the "Chicago XXI - Twenty 1"]03:57
170Man vs. Man The End [from the "Chicago III"]01:33
171Manipulation [from the "Chicago XIV"]03:28
172Memories Of Love [from the "Chicago II"]03:59
173Mississippi Delta City Blues [from the "Chicago XI"]04:42
174Mongonucleosis [from the "Chicago VII"]03:29
175Mongonucleosis [from the "Chicago XXVI - Live In Concert"]03:38
176Moonlight Serenade [from the "Chicago XXII - Night & Day, Big Band"]04:26
177Morning Blues Again [from the "Chicago III"]01:06
178Mother [from the "Chicago III"]04:27
179Mother [from the "Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall"]08:20
180Motorboat To Mars [from the "Chicago III"]01:30



Chicago is an American rock band formed in 1967 in Chicago, Illinois.


  • Rock,
  • Jazz fusion,
  • Soul,
  • Progressive rock,
  • Soft rock
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