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From the Original Master Tapes by Bill Haley [1990] [album editions]

From the Original Master Tapes (Bill Haley)

Track listing

1(We're Gonna) Rock Around the Clock
2Thirteen Women
3Shake, Rattle and Roll
4A. B. C. Boogie
5Happy Baby
6Dim, Dim the Lights (I Want Some Atmosphere)
7Birth of the Boogie
8Mambo Rock
9Two Hound Dogs
12Rock-a-Beatin' Boogie
13The Saints Rock 'n Roll
14Burn That Candle
15See You Later Alligator
16The Paper Boy (On Main Street, U. S. A.)
17Rudy's Rock
18Hot Dog Buddy Buddy
19Rip It Up
20Don't Knock the Rock

Bill Haley albums

1Bill Rocks[ 2006 ]
2From the Original Master Tapes[ 1990 ]
3The Best of Bill Haley[ 1999 ]
4The Decca Years & More[ 1992 ]
5The Warner Brothers Years & More[ 1999 ]
1Bill Rocks (Bill Haley)
2From the Original Master Tapes (Bill Haley)
3The Best of Bill Haley (Bill Haley)
4The Decca Years & More (Bill Haley)
5The Warner Brothers Years & More (Bill Haley)

Bill Haley songs

241Rock Lomond [from the "The Decca Years & More"]02:49
242Rock On Baby [from the "The Warner Brothers Years & More"]02:43
243Rock the Joint [from the "Bill Rocks"]02:14
244Rock The Joint [from the "The Decca Years & More"]02:19
245Rock The Joint [from the "The Warner Brothers Years & More"]03:23
246Rock-a-Beatin' Boogie [from the "From the Original Master Tapes"]02:20
247Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie [from the "Bill Rocks"]02:19
248Rocket '88' [from the "Bill Rocks"]02:30
249Rockin Around The Christmas Tree [from the "The Warner Brothers Years & More"]02:18
250Rockin' Matilda [from the "The Decca Years & More"]02:40
251Rockin' Rita [from the "The Decca Years & More"]02:14
252Rockin' Rollin' Rover [from the "The Decca Years & More"]02:30
253Rockin' Rollin' Schnitzlebank [from the "The Decca Years & More"]03:00
254Rockin' Through the Rye [from the "Bill Rocks"]02:08
255Rockin' Through the Rye [from the "The Decca Years & More"]02:08
256Rudy S Rock Instr [from the "The Warner Brothers Years & More"]04:33
257Rudys Rock [from the "The Decca Years & More"]02:50
258Rudy's Rock [from the "From the Original Master Tapes"]02:49
259Rudy's Rock (Instrumental) [from the "Bill Rocks"]02:42
260Saints Rock And Roll [from the "The Decca Years & More"]03:28
261See You Later Aligator [from the "The Warner Brothers Years & More"]02:08
262See You Later Alligator [from the "The Best of Bill Haley"]02:45
263See You Later Alligator [from the "From the Original Master Tapes"]02:46
264See You Later Alligator [from the "Bill Rocks"]02:46
265See You Later Alligator [from the "The Decca Years & More"]02:47
266See You Later Alligator 1 [from the "The Warner Brothers Years & More"]02:51
267See You Later Alligator 2 [from the "The Warner Brothers Years & More"]02:31
268Shake Rattle & Roll [from the "The Best of Bill Haley"]02:33
269Shake Rattle And Roll [from the "The Decca Years & More"]02:32
270Shake, Rattle and Roll [from the "From the Original Master Tapes"]02:32
271Shake, Rattle and Roll [from the "Bill Rocks"]02:31
272Shake, Rattle and Roll 1 [from the "The Warner Brothers Years & More"]02:33
273Shake, Rattle and Roll 2 [from the "The Warner Brothers Years & More"]05:22
274Shake, Rattle and Roll 3 [from the "The Warner Brothers Years & More"]03:23
275Shaky [from the "The Decca Years & More"]02:05
276Singing The Blues [from the "The Warner Brothers Years & More"]02:03
277Singing The Blues Take [from the "The Warner Brothers Years & More"]02:00
278Six Year-Old Can Rock And Roll [from the "The Decca Years & More"]02:00
279Skinnie Minnie [from the "The Warner Brothers Years & More"]02:49
280Skinny Minnie [from the "The Best of Bill Haley"]02:43
281Skinny Minnie [from the "Bill Rocks"]02:58
282Skinny Minnie [from the "The Decca Years & More"]03:01
283Skokiaan [from the "The Best of Bill Haley"]02:18
284Skokiaan [from the "The Decca Years & More"]02:33
285So Right Tonight [from the "The Warner Brothers Years & More"]01:36
286So Right Tonight Take 2 [from the "The Warner Brothers Years & More"]01:58
287So Right Tonight Take 5 [from the "The Warner Brothers Years & More"]01:35
288Somebody Else Is Taking My Place [from the "The Decca Years & More"]02:16
289Spanish Twist [from the "The Warner Brothers Years & More"]02:21
290Stagger Lee [from the "The Warner Brothers Years & More"]02:35
291Stop Look And Listen [from the "The Warner Brothers Years & More"]02:11
292Strictly Instrumental [from the "The Decca Years & More"]03:07
293Sway With Me [from the "The Decca Years & More"]02:44
294Sweet Sue, Just You [from the "The Decca Years & More"]02:15
295Tally Ho Rock Instr [from the "The Warner Brothers Years & More"]03:06
296Tamiami Instr [from the "The Warner Brothers Years & More"]01:58
297Tandy [from the "The Warner Brothers Years & More"]02:19
298Tandy Take 2 [from the "The Warner Brothers Years & More"]01:41
299Teenager's Mother [from the "The Decca Years & More"]02:19
300Tenor Man [from the "The Warner Brothers Years & More"]02:31

Bill Haley

Bill Haley

William John Clifton Haley, known as Bill Haley, was one of the first American rock and roll musicians.


  • Rock and roll,
  • Country,
  • Rockabilly
  • See You Later Alligator by Bill Haley

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