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Worlds of the Mind by M.O.V.E [2000]

Worlds of the Mind (M.O.V.E)

Track listing

1Blazin’ Beat
2Words of the Mind (Brandnew Journey)
3Majestic Flight
4Time Machine
5Silent White?
6Singin’ 4 U
7Flash You Back (Electro House mix)
10Knock’em Out
11Cafe Roza (for Johnny & Mary)

M.O.V.E albums

1Boulder[ 2005 ]
2Decadance[ 2003 ]
3Deep Calm[ 2004 ]
4Electrock[ 1998 ]
5Grid[ 2006 ]
6Humanizer[ 2009 ]
7Operation Overload 7[ 2001 ]
8Synergy[ 2002 ]
9Worlds of the Mind[ 2000 ]
1Boulder (M.O.V.E)
2Decadance (M.O.V.E)
3Deep Calm (M.O.V.E)
4Electrock (M.O.V.E)
5Grid (M.O.V.E)
6Humanizer (M.O.V.E)
7Operation Overload 7 (M.O.V.E)
8Synergy (M.O.V.E)
9Worlds of the Mind (M.O.V.E)

M.O.V.E songs

11969 (Album Edit) [from the "Synergy"]04:22
27 Days of Love [from the "Synergy"]05:07
3A Rule Between You & Me [from the "Operation Overload 7"]04:30
4Angel Eyes [from the "Grid"]04:20
5Around the world [from the "Electrock"]05:09
6Beautiful Desire [from the "Humanizer"]04:48
7Blast My Desire [from the "Deep Calm"]05:24
8Blazability [from the "Humanizer"]03:45
9Blazin’ Beat [from the "Worlds of the Mind"]05:12
10Blowin' Wind [from the "Electrock"]04:54
11Blue Jewel (Album Edit) [from the "Synergy"]05:48
12BREAK IN2 THE NITE [from the "Worlds of the Mind"]04:40
13Bureikou Night -Bring your mic [from the "Boulder"]04:58
14Bust The Future Wall (move in to the rockin' beat) [from the "Electrock"]05:44
15Cafe Roza (for Johnny & Mary) [from the "Worlds of the Mind"]07:09
16Cherry blossom [from the "Boulder"]05:12
17Come Together (Radio Edit) [from the "Synergy"]05:12
18Creamy Soup [from the "Synergy"]04:45
19Decadance [from the "Decadance"]02:29
20Deep Calm [from the "Deep Calm"]05:29
21Destiny [from the "Operation Overload 7"]04:42
22Destiny (original version) [from the "Operation Overload 7"]05:17
23Dim Light,Starlight [from the "Humanizer"]04:03
24Disabuse (Instrumental) [from the "Deep Calm"]03:05
25Disco Time [from the "Grid"]04:47
26Disinfected Generation [from the "Grid"]04:15
27Dive Into Stream [from the "Humanizer"]04:48
28Dogfight [from the "Boulder"]04:21
29Don't Cry For Me [from the "Humanizer"]04:41
30Extasy (in my dream) [from the "Operation Overload 7"]05:52
31Faded [from the "Grid"]05:11
32Flash You Back (Electro House mix) [from the "Worlds of the Mind"]05:31
33Flight [from the "Humanizer"]04:58
34Fly Me So High [from the "Synergy"]05:14
35Freaky Planet [from the "Grid"]06:08
36Freaky Planet (rosy mix, remix) [from the "Grid"]05:49
37Free Zion [from the "Decadance"]04:59
38Freezing Rain [from the "Deep Calm"]05:52
39Gamble Rumble [from the "Operation Overload 7"]04:28
40Ghetto Blaster [from the "Boulder"]04:22
41Gimme3 [from the "Operation Overload 7"]04:45
42Girl (You Wanna Move) [from the "Grid"]04:01
43Gothica (Symphony No.1) [from the "Grid"]01:25
44Groovy Planet (London Stomp Mix) [from the "Grid"]03:57
45How To See You Again [from the "Boulder"]04:56
46Hypnotizer [from the "Humanizer"]04:20
47It's Only Love [from the "Decadance"]04:33
48Keep On Movin' [from the "Humanizer"]04:22
49Kiss Me Now [from the "Humanizer"]05:11
50Knock’em Out [from the "Worlds of the Mind"]05:41
51Lady Butterfly [from the "Humanizer"]04:47
52Lazy Cat vs Silly Dog [from the "Operation Overload 7"]05:38
53Let's Rock!! (Album Edit) [from the "Synergy"]07:13
54Lookin' On The Sunny Side [from the "Boulder"]05:44
55Love Addiction [from the "Humanizer"]03:59
56Majestic Flight [from the "Worlds of the Mind"]06:00
57Misha (Skit) [from the "Grid"]02:22
58Mission 2 Gemini [from the "Boulder"]04:47
59Monster Ampplifier [from the "Deep Calm"]04:32
60Mugen [from the "Operation Overload 7"]05:06



M.O.V.E is a 3-member Japanese musical group, formed in 1997.

The group consists of Yuri (Masuda Yuri) on vocals, Motsu (Segawa Mototaka) on the rapping, and T-Kimura (Kimura Takashi) as the producer.


  • Electronica,
  • Eurodance,
  • Techno,
  • Trance,
  • Rock
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