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Forever: Rich Thugs, Book One by Above The Law [1999] [album editions]

Forever: Rich Thugs, Book One (Above The Law)

Track listing

1Rich Thugs (Intro)
2Black Mob
4Three Strikes
5Recycle The Black Dollar
8Thug In Your Life
10Rich Thugs Movement (Interlude)
11A.T.L. True
12It Ain't Where You From
13The Money

Above The Law albums

1Black Mafia Life[ 1993 ]
2Forever: Rich Thugs, Book One[ 1999 ]
3Legends[ 1998 ]
4Livin' Like Hustlers[ 1990 ]
5Sex, Money & Music[ 2009 ]
6Time Will Reveal[ 1996 ]
7Uncle Sam's Curse[ 1994 ]
1Black Mafia Life (Above The Law)
2Forever: Rich Thugs, Book One (Above The Law)
3Legends (Above The Law)
4Livin' Like Hustlers (Above The Law)
5Sex, Money & Music (Above The Law)
6Time Will Reveal (Above The Law)
7Uncle Sam's Curse (Above The Law)

Above The Law songs

61Pimp Clinic [from the "Black Mafia Life"]06:20
62Pimpology 101 [from the "Black Mafia Life"]04:04
63Playas, Gangstas & Ballers Feat. Heather Hunter & Alan Mcneil (Troop) [from the "Sex, Money & Music"]03:36
64Playaz & Gangstas [from the "Time Will Reveal"]04:37
65Precious Feat. Mannish Flats [from the "Sex, Money & Music"]04:42
66Process Of Elimination (Untou [from the "Black Mafia Life"]05:56
67Promise Me [from the "Legends"]04:43
68Push [from the "Sex, Money & Music"]04:41
69Rain Be For Rain Bo [from the "Uncle Sam's Curse"]04:34
70Recycle The Black Dollar [from the "Forever: Rich Thugs, Book One"]03:23
71Respect [from the "Forever: Rich Thugs, Book One"]04:20
72Return of the Real Shit [from the "Uncle Sam's Curse"]05:44
73Rich Thugs (Intro) [from the "Forever: Rich Thugs, Book One"]01:47
74Rich Thugs Movement (Interlude) [from the "Forever: Rich Thugs, Book One"]02:34
75Sax [from the "Forever: Rich Thugs, Book One"]04:07
76Set Free [from the "Uncle Sam's Curse"]04:51
77Set Trippin' [from the "Legends"]04:02
78Sex, Money & Music [from the "Sex, Money & Music"]04:04
79Shout 2 The True [from the "Time Will Reveal"]04:30
80Smoke [from the "Forever: Rich Thugs, Book One"]04:14
81Soliciting [from the "Legends"]03:57
82Soul Searching [from the "Legends"]04:44
83Still Smoking [from the "Sex, Money & Music"]03:36
84Strippers [from the "Sex, Money & Music"]03:49
85Sumner Days [from the "Legends"]04:31
86Table Dance (Skit) [from the "Time Will Reveal"]01:37
87The 'G' In Me [from the "Uncle Sam's Curse"]04:52
88The Last Song [from the "Livin' Like Hustlers"]06:21
89The Money [from the "Forever: Rich Thugs, Book One"]00:32
90The Streets [from the "Legends"]04:19
91Three Strikes [from the "Forever: Rich Thugs, Book One"]00:33
92Thug In Your Life [from the "Forever: Rich Thugs, Book One"]05:14
93Uncle Sam's Curse [from the "Uncle Sam's Curse"]04:47
94Untouchable [from the "Livin' Like Hustlers"]03:45
95V.S.O.P. [from the "Black Mafia Life"]04:49
96West To The World [from the "Sex, Money & Music"]03:15
97Who Ryde [from the "Uncle Sam's Curse"]05:30
98Why Must I Feel Like Dat [from the "Black Mafia Life"]04:08
99Worldwide [from the "Legends"]03:49
100X.O. Wit Me [from the "Legends"]04:39

Above The Law

Above The Law

Above the Law is a rap group from Pomona, California, founded in 1989.


  • Hip hop
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