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Mine Is Yours by Cold War Kids [2011] [album editions]

Mine Is Yours (Cold War Kids)

Track listing

1Mine Is Yours
2Louder Than Ever
3Royal Blue
4Finally Begin
5Out Of The Wilderness
6Skip The Charades
7Sensitive Kid
9Broken Open
10Cold Toes On The Cold Floor
11Flying Upside Down

Cold War Kids albums

1Hold My Home[ 2014 ]
2Loyalty to Loyalty[ 2008 ]
3Mine Is Yours[ 2011 ]
4Robbers & Cowards[ 2006 ]
1Hold My Home (Cold War Kids)
2Loyalty to Loyalty (Cold War Kids)
3Mine Is Yours (Cold War Kids)
4Robbers & Cowards (Cold War Kids)

Cold War Kids songs

1Against Privacy [from the "Loyalty to Loyalty"]03:42
2All This Could Be Yours [from the "Hold My Home"]03:08
3Avalanche In B [from the "Loyalty to Loyalty"]03:43
4Broken Open [from the "Mine Is Yours"]04:39
5Bulldozer [from the "Mine Is Yours"]05:02
6Cold Toes On The Cold Floor [from the "Mine Is Yours"]04:06
7Cryptomnesia [from the "Loyalty to Loyalty"]03:49
8Dreams Old Men Dream [from the "Loyalty to Loyalty"]04:15
9Drive Desperate [from the "Hold My Home"]04:10
10Every Man I Fall For [from the "Loyalty to Loyalty"]03:59
11Every Valley Is Not A Lake [from the "Loyalty to Loyalty"]03:33
12Finally Begin [from the "Mine Is Yours"]03:41
13First [from the "Hold My Home"]03:20
14Flower Drum Song [from the "Hold My Home"]03:37
15Flying Upside Down [from the "Mine Is Yours"]04:18
16Go Quietly [from the "Hold My Home"]03:51
17God, Make Up Your Mind [from the "Robbers & Cowards"]04:46
18Golden Gate Jumpers [from the "Loyalty to Loyalty"]03:08
19Hair Down [from the "Robbers & Cowards"]03:40
20Hang Me Up to Dry [from the "Robbers & Cowards"]03:38
21Harold Bloom [from the "Hold My Home"]04:13
22Hear My Baby Call [from the "Hold My Home"]04:49
23Hold My Home [from the "Hold My Home"]02:50
24Hospital Beds [from the "Robbers & Cowards"]04:39
25Hot Coals [from the "Hold My Home"]03:29
26Hotel Anywhere [from the "Hold My Home"]03:11
27I've Seen Enough [from the "Loyalty to Loyalty"]02:50
28Louder Than Ever [from the "Mine Is Yours"]02:44
29Mexican Dogs [from the "Loyalty to Loyalty"]03:32
30Mine Is Yours [from the "Mine Is Yours"]04:16
31Nights & Weekends [from the "Hold My Home"]02:55
32On The Night My Love Broke Through [from the "Loyalty to Loyalty"]04:25
33Out Of The Wilderness [from the "Mine Is Yours"]04:07
34Passing the Hat [from the "Robbers & Cowards"]03:25
35Pregnant [from the "Robbers & Cowards"]03:58
36Red Wine, Success! [from the "Robbers & Cowards"]02:36
37Relief [from the "Loyalty to Loyalty"]02:57
38Robbers [from the "Robbers & Cowards"]03:39
39Royal Blue [from the "Mine Is Yours"]03:33
40Rubidoux [from the "Robbers & Cowards"]11:02
41Saint John [from the "Robbers & Cowards"]03:26
42Sensitive Kid [from the "Mine Is Yours"]03:33
43Skip The Charades [from the "Mine Is Yours"]04:25
44Something Is Not Right WIth Me [from the "Loyalty to Loyalty"]02:21
45Tell Me in the Morning [from the "Robbers & Cowards"]03:37
46We Used to Vacation [from the "Robbers & Cowards"]04:01
47Welcome To The Occupation [from the "Loyalty to Loyalty"]03:16

Cold War Kids

Cold War Kids

Cold War Kids is an American indie rock band from Long Beach, California, formed in 2004. []


  • Indie rock,
  • Blues rock,
  • Blue-eyed soul
  • Mine Is Yours by Cold War Kids

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