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All or Nothing by Jay Sean [2009] [album editions]

All or Nothing (Jay Sean)

Track listing

1Do You
3Ride It
5Do You Remember
6Love Like This (Eternity)
7If I Ain't Got You
10All Or Nothing
11Stuck In The Middle
13Lights Off
14Down (remix)

Jay Sean albums

1All or Nothing[ 2009 ]
2Me Against Myself[ 2004 ]
3My Own Way[ 2008 ]
1All or Nothing (Jay Sean)
2Me Against Myself (Jay Sean)
3My Own Way (Jay Sean)

Jay Sean songs

1All Or Nothing [from the "My Own Way"]04:08
2All Or Nothing [from the "All or Nothing"]04:21
3Come with Me [from the "Me Against Myself"]04:10
4Cry [from the "My Own Way"]04:34
5Cry [from the "All or Nothing"]04:34
6Dance with You [from the "Me Against Myself"]02:56
7Do You [from the "All or Nothing"]04:04
8Do You Remember [from the "All or Nothing"]03:30
9Dont Rush [from the "Me Against Myself"]03:48
10Down [from the "All or Nothing"]03:31
11Down (remix) [from the "All or Nothing"]03:13
12Easy As 1, 2, 3 [from the "My Own Way"]03:21
13Eyes on You [from the "Me Against Myself"]03:10
14Fire [from the "All or Nothing"]03:20
15Good Enough [from the "My Own Way"]04:02
16Holding on [from the "Me Against Myself"]04:36
17I Believe in You [from the "Me Against Myself"]03:23
18I Wont Tell (remix) [from the "My Own Way"]03:37
19If I Ain't Got You [from the "All or Nothing"]03:16
20I'm Gone [from the "My Own Way"]03:15
21Interlude Irony Skit [from the "Me Against Myself"]01:01
22Intro (Balcony Skit) [from the "Me Against Myself"]00:58
23Just A Friend [from the "My Own Way"]03:40
24Lights Off [from the "All or Nothing"]04:12
25Love Like This (Eternity) [from the "All or Nothing"]03:37
26Mans World Ramta Jogi [from the "Me Against Myself"]04:05
27Maybe [from the "My Own Way"]03:21
28Maybe (remix) [from the "My Own Way"]03:14
29Me Against My Self [from the "Me Against Myself"]03:05
30Meri Jaan [from the "Me Against Myself"]03:11
31Murder [from the "My Own Way"]03:58
32Never Been In Love [from the "My Own Way"]03:27
33On and on [from the "Me Against Myself"]03:39
34One Minute [from the "Me Against Myself"]04:04
35One Night [from the "Me Against Myself"]04:08
36Ride It [from the "My Own Way"]03:09
37Ride It [from the "All or Nothing"]03:00
38Ride It (remix) [from the "My Own Way"]03:23
39Runaway [from the "My Own Way"]03:48
40Stay [from the "My Own Way"]03:40
41Stay [from the "All or Nothing"]03:38
42Stay(Remix) [from the "My Own Way"]03:37
43Stolen [from the "Me Against Myself"]04:04
44Stuck In The Middle [from the "My Own Way"]03:38
45Stuck In The Middle [from the "All or Nothing"]03:35
46Tonight [from the "My Own Way"]03:42
47Tonight (Radio Edit) [from the "My Own Way"]03:24
48Used To Love Her [from the "My Own Way"]03:47
49Waiting [from the "My Own Way"]04:05
50War [from the "All or Nothing"]03:44
51Who Is Kamaljit [from the "Me Against Myself"]04:48
52You Dont Know Me [from the "Me Against Myself"]04:02

Jay Sean - top artists list [#478]

Jay Sean

Kamaljit Singh Jhooti (born 26 March 1983),better known by his stage name Jay Sean, is a British singer-songwriter, rapper, beatboxer and record producer.


  • Hip hop,
  • R&B,
  • Pop,
  • Bhangra,
  • Urban,
  • Soul
  • Down - one of the best Jay Sean songs, top songs list [#1987]

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