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Teardrops on My Guitar by Taylor Swift [2007] [album editions]

Teardrops on My Guitar (Taylor Swift)

Track listing

1Teardrops On My Guitar (Pop Radio Mix)
2Teadrops On My Guitar (Radio Single Version)
3Teardrops On My Guitar (Album Version)

Taylor Swift albums

11989[ 2014 ]
2Beautiful Eyes[ 2008 ]
3Fearless[ 2009 ]
4Live from Soho[ 2008 ]
5Love Story (Remixes)[ 2009 ]
6Red[ 2012 ]
7Sounds of the Season: The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection[ 2007 ]
8Speak Now[ 2010 ]
9Taylor Swift[ 2007 ]
10Teardrops on My Guitar[ 2007 ]
11989 (Taylor Swift)
2Beautiful Eyes (Taylor Swift)
3Fearless (Taylor Swift)
4Live from Soho (Taylor Swift)
5Love Story (Remixes) (Taylor Swift)
6Red (Taylor Swift)
7Sounds of the Season: The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection (Taylor Swift)
8Speak Now (Taylor Swift)
9Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift)
10Teardrops on My Guitar (Taylor Swift)

Taylor Swift songs

61Our Song [from the "Taylor Swift"]03:23
62Out of the Woods [from the "1989"]03:55
63Picture To Burn [from the "Live from Soho"]03:33
64Picture To Burn [from the "Taylor Swift"]02:55
65Picture to Burn (Radio Edit) [from the "Beautiful Eyes"]02:54
66Red [from the "Red"]03:43
67Red (Original Demo Recording) [from the "Red"]03:47
68Sad Beautiful Tragic [from the "Red"]04:44
69Santa Baby [from the "Sounds of the Season: The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection"]02:38
70Shake It Off [from the "1989"]03:39
71Should've Said No [from the "Fearless"]04:04
72Should've Said No [from the "Live from Soho"]04:27
73Should've Said No [from the "Taylor Swift"]04:04
74Should've Said No (Alternate Version) [from the "Beautiful Eyes"]03:46
75Silent Night [from the "Sounds of the Season: The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection"]03:29
76Sparks Fly [from the "Speak Now"]04:23
77Speak Now [from the "Speak Now"]04:03
78Starlight [from the "Red"]03:40
79State Of Grace [from the "Red"]04:55
80State of Grace (Acoustic Version) [from the "Red"]05:23
81Stay Beautiful [from the "Taylor Swift"]03:58
82Stay Stay Stay [from the "Red"]03:25
83Style [from the "1989"]03:51
84Taylor's 1st Phone Call With Tim McGraw [from the "Taylor Swift"]04:44
85Teadrops On My Guitar (Radio Single Version) [from the "Teardrops on My Guitar"]03:26
86Teardrops On My Guitar [from the "Fearless"]03:35
87Teardrops On My Guitar [from the "Live from Soho"]03:24
88Teardrops On My Guitar [from the "Taylor Swift"]03:24
89Teardrops on my Guitar (Acoustic Version) [from the "Beautiful Eyes"]02:58
90Teardrops On My Guitar (Album Version) [from the "Teardrops on My Guitar"]03:35
91Teardrops On My Guitar (Pop Radio Mix) [from the "Teardrops on My Guitar"]03:00
92Tell Me Why [from the "Fearless"]03:21
93The Best Day [from the "Fearless"]04:06
94The Last Time (ft. Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol) [from the "Red"]04:59
95The Lucky One [from the "Red"]04:00
96The Moment I Knew [from the "Red"]04:47
97The Outside [from the "Taylor Swift"]03:29
98The Story of Us [from the "Speak Now"]04:27
99The Way I Loved You [from the "Fearless"]04:05
100This Love [from the "1989"]04:10
101Tied Together With A Smile [from the "Taylor Swift"]04:11
102Tim McGraw [from the "Live from Soho"]04:00
103Tim McGraw [from the "Taylor Swift"]03:55
104Treacherous [from the "Red"]04:02
105Treacherous (Original Demo Recording) [from the "Red"]04:00
106Umbrella [from the "Live from Soho"]01:29
107We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together [from the "Red"]03:13
108Welcome To New York [from the "1989"]03:32
109White Christmas [from the "Sounds of the Season: The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection"]02:33
110White Horse [from the "Fearless"]03:55
111Wildest Dreams [from the "1989"]03:40
112Wonderland [from the "1989"]04:05
113You Are In Love [from the "1989"]04:27
114You Belong With Me [from the "Fearless"]03:52
115You're Not Sorry [from the "Fearless"]04:23

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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is an American country-pop singer-songwriter. []


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