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The Resistance by Muse [2009] [album editions]

The Resistance (Muse)

Track listing

3Undisclosed Desires
4United States of Eurasia (+ Collateral Damage)
5Guiding Light
6Unnatural Selection
7MK Ultra
8I Belong to You (+ Mon Coeur s'Ouvre a Ta Voix)
9Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1 (Overture)
10Exogenesis: Symphony Part 2 (Cross-Pollination)
11Exogenesis: Symphony Part 3 (Redemption)

Muse albums

1Absolution[ 2003 ]
2Black Holes and Revelations[ 2006 ]
3Deadstar / In Your World Ep[ 2003 ]
4Drones[ 2015 ]
5HAARP[ 2008 ]
6Hullabaloo (Soundtrack)[ 2005 ]
7Origin of Symmetry[ 2001 ]
8Random 1-8[ 2000 ]
9Showbiz[ 1999 ]
10The 2nd Law[ 2012 ]
11The Resistance[ 2009 ]
1Absolution (Muse)
2Black Holes and Revelations (Muse)
3Deadstar / In Your World Ep (Muse)
4Drones (Muse)
5HAARP (Muse)
6Hullabaloo (Soundtrack) (Muse)
7Origin of Symmetry (Muse)
8Random 1-8 (Muse)
9Showbiz (Muse)
10The 2nd Law (Muse)
11The Resistance (Muse)

Muse songs

121Supremacy [from the "The 2nd Law"]04:55
122Survival [from the "The 2nd Law"]04:17
123Take a Bow [from the "Black Holes and Revelations"]04:35
124Take a Bow [from the "HAARP"]03:00
125The 2nd Law - Isolated System [from the "The 2nd Law"]05:00
126The 2nd Law - Unsustainable [from the "The 2nd Law"]03:48
127The Gallery [from the "Hullabaloo (Soundtrack)"]03:30
128The Globalist [from the "Drones"]10:07
129The Handler [from the "Drones"]04:33
130The Small Print [from the "Absolution"]03:28
131Thoughts of a Dying Atheist [from the "Absolution"]03:11
132Time Is Running Out [from the "Absolution"]03:56
133Time Is Running Out [from the "HAARP"]04:32
134Undisclosed Desires [from the "The Resistance"]03:56
135Unintended [from the "Showbiz"]03:59
136Unintended [from the "HAARP"]04:44
137United States of Eurasia (+ Collateral Damage) [from the "The Resistance"]05:47
138Unnatural Selection [from the "The Resistance"]06:55
139Uno [from the "Showbiz"]02:59
140Uprising [from the "The Resistance"]05:03
141Yes, Please [from the "Showbiz"]03:07
142Yes, Please [from the "Hullabaloo (Soundtrack)"]03:05
143Yes, Please [from the "Random 1-8"]03:31

Muse - top artists list [#295]


Muse are a British alternative rock band from Devon, England, formed in 1994.


  • Alternative rock,
  • Progressive rock,
  • Hard rock
  • Undisclosed Desires - one of the best Muse songs, top songs list [#1482]

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