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Dorrough Music by Dorrough [2009] [album editions]

Dorrough Music (Dorrough)

Track listing

1Boy I Grind
2Ice Cream Paint Job
3She Ain't Got It All (ft. Lil Flip)
4Hood Song (ft. Tomeka Pearl)
5Flashout (ft. Mista Mac)
6Never Changed
7Feel This
8Piece & Chain Swangin (ft. Lil Flip)
9This Time You Was Wrong
10Walk That Walk
11Wired To The T
12Trunk Bang (ft. Tum Tum)
13What's My Ringtone
14A Whole Lotta
15Caramel Sundae (ft. Fat B)

Dorrough albums

1Dorrough Music[ 2009 ]
2Get Big[ 2010 ]
1Dorrough Music (Dorrough)
2Get Big (Dorrough)

Dorrough songs

1A Whole Lotta [from the "Dorrough Music"]04:00
2Ahh Yeah [from the "Get Big"]03:56
3Boy I Grind [from the "Dorrough Music"]04:13
4Breakfest In Bed (ft. Ray J) [from the "Get Big"]03:32
5Caramel Sundae (ft. Fat B) [from the "Dorrough Music"]04:27
6Feel This [from the "Dorrough Music"]03:36
7Flashout (ft. Mista Mac) [from the "Dorrough Music"]03:45
8Freaky (ft. Tomeka Pearl) [from the "Get Big"]03:49
9Get Big [from the "Get Big"]03:45
10Get Em Live (ft. Jim Jones) [from the "Get Big"]03:57
11Handcuffs (ft. Slim Thug) [from the "Get Big"]04:04
12Hell Of A Night [from the "Get Big"]03:56
13Hood Chick Fetish (ft. Yo Gotti) [from the "Get Big"]04:25
14Hood Song (ft. Tomeka Pearl) [from the "Dorrough Music"]04:11
15Ice Cream Paint Job [from the "Dorrough Music"]03:57
16In The Morning [from the "Get Big"]04:14
17M.I.A. [from the "Get Big"]04:02
18My Name [from the "Get Big"]03:48
19Never Changed [from the "Dorrough Music"]04:29
20Piece & Chain Swangin (ft. Lil Flip) [from the "Dorrough Music"]04:22
21She Ain't Got It All (ft. Lil Flip) [from the "Dorrough Music"]04:09
22Si Si Like [from the "Get Big"]03:28
23Skit (Lil Duval) [from the "Get Big"]01:07
24Sold Out [from the "Get Big"]03:33
25This Time You Was Wrong [from the "Dorrough Music"]04:20
26Trouble [from the "Get Big"]04:42
27Trunk Bang (ft. Tum Tum) [from the "Dorrough Music"]04:40
28Walk That Walk [from the "Dorrough Music"]03:49
29Way Better (ft. Juvenile) [from the "Get Big"]04:20
30What's My Ringtone [from the "Dorrough Music"]04:07
31Wired To The T [from the "Dorrough Music"]03:22

Dorrough - top artists list [#409]


Dorwin Demarcus Dorrough, better known by his stage name Dorrough, is an American rapper.

Dorrough started his musical career giving out mixtapes at basketball games at his high school.

His first single, "Walk That Walk," reached #28 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and #12 on the Hot Rap Tracks chart.


  • Southern hip hop
  • Ice Cream Paint Job - one of the best Dorrough songs, top songs list [#1102]

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