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S & M by Metallica [1999] [album editions]

S & M (Metallica)

Track listing

1The Ecstasy of Gold
2The Call of Ktulu
3Master of Puppets
4Of Wolf And Man
5The Thing That Should Not Be
7The Memory Remains
8No Leaf Clover
9Hero of The Day
10Devil's Dance
11Bleeding Me
12Nothing Else Matters
13Until It Sleeps
14For Whom the Bell Tolls
16Wherever I May Roam
17Outlaw Torn
18Sad But True
20Enter Sandman

Metallica albums

1And Justice For All[ 1998 ]
2Death Magnetic (Making Magnetic)[ 2008 ]
3Garage Days Re-Revisited[ 1987 ]
4Garage, Inc.[ 1998 ]
5Kill 'Em All[ 1983 ]
6Load[ 1996 ]
7Master of Puppets[ 1990 ]
8Metal up Your Ass[ 2011 ]
9Metallica[ 1991 ]
10Reload[ 1997 ]
11Ride the Lightning[ 1990 ]
12S & M[ 1999 ]
13Spawn (Soundtrack)[ 1997 ]
14St. Anger[ 2003 ]
15Through the Never (Music from the Motion Picture)[ 2013 ]
1And Justice For All (Metallica)
2Death Magnetic (Making Magnetic) (Metallica)
3Garage Days Re-Revisited (Metallica)
4Garage, Inc. (Metallica)
5Kill 'Em All (Metallica)
6Load (Metallica)
7Master of Puppets (Metallica)
8Metal up Your Ass (Metallica)
9Metallica (Metallica)
10Reload (Metallica)
11Ride the Lightning (Metallica)
12S & M (Metallica)
13Spawn (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
14St. Anger (Metallica)
15Through the Never (Music from the Motion Picture) (Metallica)

Metallica songs

61Helpless (originally recorded by Diamond Head) [from the "Garage, Inc."] 
62Hero of The Day [from the "Load"]04:20
63Hero of The Day [from the "S & M"]04:43
64Hit The Lights [from the "Kill 'Em All"]04:16
65Hit the Lights [from the "Through the Never (Music from the Motion Picture)"]04:39
66Holier Than Thou [from the "Metallica"]03:47
67Holier Than Thou [from the "Metal up Your Ass"]03:47
68Human [from the "S & M"]04:19
69Invisible Kid [from the "St. Anger"]08:30
70It`s Electric [from the "Garage, Inc."]03:33
71Jump In The Fire [from the "Kill 'Em All"]04:40
72Killing Time [from the "Garage, Inc."]03:03
73King Nothing [from the "Load"]05:28
74Last Caress / Green Hell [from the "Garage Days Re-Revisited"]03:29
75Last Caress / Green Helll (originally recorded by The Misfits) [from the "Garage, Inc."] 
76Leper Messiah [from the "Master of Puppets"]05:39
77Loverman [from the "Garage, Inc."]07:52
78Low Man's Lyric [from the "Reload"]06:55
79Mama Said [from the "Load"]05:19
80Master of Puppets [from the "Master of Puppets"]08:34
81Master of Puppets [from the "S & M"]08:53
82Master of Puppets [from the "Through the Never (Music from the Motion Picture)"]08:25
83Mercyful Fate [from the "Garage, Inc."]11:11
84Metal Militia [from the "Kill 'Em All"]05:10
85Motorbreath [from the "Kill 'Em All"]03:07
86My Apocalypse [from the "Death Magnetic (Making Magnetic)"]11:50
87My Friend of Misery [from the "Metallica"]06:48
88My Friend of Misery [from the "Metal up Your Ass"]06:49
89My World [from the "St. Anger"]05:45
90No Leaf Clover [from the "S & M"]05:42
91No Remorse [from the "Kill 'Em All"]06:25
92Nothing Else Matters [from the "Metallica"]06:26
93Nothing Else Matters [from the "S & M"]06:46
94Nothing Else Matters [from the "Through the Never (Music from the Motion Picture)"]07:22
95Of Wolf And Man [from the "Metallica"]04:16
96Of Wolf And Man [from the "S & M"]04:18
97One [from the "And Justice For All"]07:24
98One [from the "S & M"]07:51
99One [from the "Metal up Your Ass"]07:27
100One [from the "Through the Never (Music from the Motion Picture)"]08:24
101Orion [from the "Through the Never (Music from the Motion Picture)"]08:26
102Orion (Instrumental) [from the "Master of Puppets"]08:26
103Orion (Instrumental) [from the "Metal up Your Ass"]08:28
104Outlaw Torn [from the "S & M"]09:57
105Overkill [from the "Garage, Inc."]04:05
106Phantom Lord [from the "Kill 'Em All"]05:01
107Poor Twisted Me [from the "Load"]04:00
108Prince [from the "And Justice For All"] 
109Prince Charming [from the "Reload"]06:02
110Purity [from the "St. Anger"]05:14
111Ride the Lightning [from the "Ride the Lightning"]06:36
112Ride the Lightning [from the "Through the Never (Music from the Motion Picture)"]06:54
113Ronnie [from the "Load"]05:16
114Sabbra Cadabra - (originally recorded by Black Sabbath) [from the "Garage, Inc."]06:20
115Sad But True [from the "Metallica"]05:23
116Sad But True [from the "S & M"]05:46
117Seek And Destroy [from the "Kill 'Em All"]06:54
118Seek And Destroy [from the "Metal up Your Ass"]06:52
119Shoot Me Again [from the "St. Anger"]07:10
120Slither [from the "Reload"]05:13

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Metallica is an American heavy metal band formed in Los Angeles, California, formed in 1981. []


  • Heavy metal,
  • Thrash metal,
  • Hard rock
  • Sad But True - one of the best Metallica songs, top songs list [#1239]

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