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The Notorious K.I.M. by Lil' Kim [2000] [album editions]

The Notorious K.I.M. (Lil' Kim)

Track listing

1Lil' Drummer Boy (ft. Cee-Lo & Redman)
2Custom Made (Give It To You)
3Who's Number One
4Suck My Dick
5Single Black Female (ft. Mario Winans)
6Revolution (ft. Grace Jones)
7How Many Licks (ft. Sisqo)
8Notorious K.I.M.
9No Matter What They Say
10She Don't Love You
11Queen Bitch- Pt. 2 (ft. P. Diddy)
12Don't Mess With Me
13Do What You Like (ft. Junior M.A.F.I.A. & Lil Cease)
14Off The Wall (ft. Lil Cease)
15Right Now (ft. Carl Thomas)
16Aunt Dot (ft. Lil Shanice)
17Hold On
18I'm Human

Lil' Kim albums

1Black Friday[ 2011 ]
2Greatest Of All Time[ 2008 ]
3Hard Core[ 1996 ]
4La Bella Mafia[ 2003 ]
5The Naked Truth[ 2005 ]
6The Notorious K.I.M.[ 2000 ]
7Urban Renewal: the Songs of Phil Collins[ 2001 ]
1Black Friday (Lil' Kim)
2Greatest Of All Time (Lil' Kim)
3Hard Core (Lil' Kim)
4La Bella Mafia (Lil' Kim)
5The Naked Truth (Lil' Kim)
6The Notorious K.I.M. (Lil' Kim)
7Urban Renewal: the Songs of Phil Collins (Various artists)

Lil' Kim songs

61Lights Camera Action [from the "Black Friday"]02:08
62Lil' Drummer Boy (ft. Cee-Lo & Redman) [from the "The Notorious K.I.M."]04:31
63Lil Kim Free [from the "Greatest Of All Time"]01:14
64M.A.F.I.A. Land [from the "Hard Core"]04:37
65Magic Stick (ft. 50 Cent) [from the "La Bella Mafia"]05:59
66Mis Education Of Lil Kim [from the "Greatest Of All Time"]03:08
67MS. G.O.A.T. [from the "Greatest Of All Time"]01:57
68Need A Bitch feat Nate Dogg [from the "Greatest Of All Time"]03:36
69No Matter What They Say [from the "The Notorious K.I.M."]04:43
70No One (Remix) feat Alicia Keys [from the "Greatest Of All Time"]03:23
71No Time [from the "Hard Core"]05:00
72Not Tonight [from the "Hard Core"]04:31
73Notorious K.I.M. [from the "The Notorious K.I.M."]03:40
74Off The Wall (ft. Lil Cease) [from the "The Notorious K.I.M."]04:04
75Outro feat Whoo Kid [from the "Greatest Of All Time"]00:43
76Pissin On Em [from the "Black Friday"]03:06
77Player Haters [from the "Hard Core"]00:53
78Pussy Callin’ (ft. Lil Boosie) [from the "Black Friday"]03:12
79Queen Bitch [from the "Hard Core"]03:17
80Queen Bitch 101 [from the "Greatest Of All Time"]04:06
81Queen Bitch- Pt. 2 (ft. P. Diddy) [from the "The Notorious K.I.M."]03:57
82Quiet (ft. Game) [from the "The Naked Truth"]04:02
83Racks [from the "Black Friday"]02:53
84Revolution (ft. Grace Jones) [from the "The Notorious K.I.M."]04:54
85Right Now (ft. Carl Thomas) [from the "The Notorious K.I.M."]02:32
86Rock On Wit Yo Bad Self [from the "Greatest Of All Time"]02:18
87Salute The Women Of Hip-Hop (Skit) [from the "Greatest Of All Time"]01:10
88Scheamin' [from the "Hard Core"]00:49
89Shake Ya Bum Bum (ft. Lil' Shanice) [from the "La Bella Mafia"]03:18
90She Don't Love You [from the "The Notorious K.I.M."]03:31
91Shut Up Bitch [from the "The Naked Truth"]04:19
92Shut Up Bitch Intro [from the "The Naked Truth"]00:55
93Single Black Female (ft. Mario Winans) [from the "The Notorious K.I.M."]04:14
94Slippin' [from the "The Naked Truth"]04:15
95Speaks [from the "Greatest Of All Time"]00:16
96Spell Check [from the "The Naked Truth"]03:37
97Spend A Little Doe [from the "Hard Core"]05:35
98Suck My Dick [from the "The Notorious K.I.M."]04:04
99Take It! [from the "Hard Core"]00:46
100Tha Beehive (ft. Reeks, Bunky S.A., Vee & Saint from The Advakids) [from the "La Bella Mafia"]08:07
101Thang On Me feat Maino & Sha [from the "Greatest Of All Time"]04:03
102The Jump Off (ft. Mr. Cheeks) [from the "La Bella Mafia"]03:54
103This Is a Warning [from the "La Bella Mafia"]03:42
104This Is Who I Am (ft. Swizz Beatz & Mashonda) [from the "La Bella Mafia"]03:16
105Thug Luv (ft. Twista) [from the "La Bella Mafia"]04:12
106W.P.I.M.P. [from the "The Naked Truth"]00:30
107Wanna Lick Magic Stick Part.2 feat 50 Cent [from the "Greatest Of All Time"]03:20
108We Don't Give a F*** (ft. Bun B & Twista) [from the "The Naked Truth"]04:22
109We Don't Need It (ft. Junior Mafia) [from the "Hard Core"]04:10
110Whoa [from the "The Naked Truth"]04:07
111Who's Number One [from the "The Notorious K.I.M."]04:13
112Winners and Losers [from the "The Naked Truth"]00:56
113Wrath Of Kims Madness [from the "Greatest Of All Time"]01:46

Lil' Kim - top artists list [#412]

Lil' Kim

Kimberly Denise Jones (born July 11, 1975), better known by her stage name Lil' Kim, is an American rapper and singer. []


  • Hip hop,
  • Dirty rap
  • No Matter What They Say - one of the best Lil' Kim songs, top songs list [#1212]

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