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Danity Kane by Danity Kane [2006] [album editions]

Danity Kane (Danity Kane)

Track listing

1One Shot
3Want It
4Right Now
5Show Stopper
6Hold Me Down
7Come Over Interlude
8Ooh Ahh
9Press Pause
10Ain't True Interlude
11Ride for You
12Touching My Body
13Back Up
14Stay with Me
15Untitled Track

Danity Kane albums

1Danity Kane[ 2006 ]
2Welcome To The Dollhouse[ 2008 ]
1Danity Kane (Danity Kane)
2Welcome To The Dollhouse (Danity Kane)

Danity Kane songs

12 Of You [from the "Welcome To The Dollhouse"]03:53
2Ain't Going [from the "Welcome To The Dollhouse"]03:12
3Ain't True Interlude [from the "Danity Kane"]01:34
4Back Up [from the "Danity Kane"]03:25
5Bad Girl (ft. Missy Elliot) [from the "Welcome To The Dollhouse"]04:01
6Come Over Interlude [from the "Danity Kane"]01:44
7Damaged [from the "Welcome To The Dollhouse"]04:04
8Ecstasy (ft. Rick Ross) [from the "Welcome To The Dollhouse"]04:36
9Flashback (Interlude) [from the "Welcome To The Dollhouse"]01:13
10Heartbreaker [from the "Danity Kane"]03:03
11Hold Me Down [from the "Danity Kane"]03:57
12Is Anybody Listening [from the "Welcome To The Dollhouse"]03:27
13Key To My Heart [from the "Welcome To The Dollhouse"]02:29
14Lights Out [from the "Welcome To The Dollhouse"]03:25
15One Shot [from the "Danity Kane"]03:41
16Ooh Ahh [from the "Danity Kane"]02:51
17Picture This (Interlude) [from the "Welcome To The Dollhouse"]01:14
18Poetry [from the "Welcome To The Dollhouse"]04:42
19Press Pause [from the "Danity Kane"]03:12
20Pretty Boy [from the "Welcome To The Dollhouse"]04:00
21Ride for You [from the "Danity Kane"]04:11
22Right Now [from the "Danity Kane"]03:32
23Secret Place (Interlude) [from the "Welcome To The Dollhouse"]01:16
24Show Stopper [from the "Danity Kane"]03:49
25Stay with Me [from the "Danity Kane"]03:54
26Strip Tease [from the "Welcome To The Dollhouse"]03:15
27Sucka For Love [from the "Welcome To The Dollhouse"]02:56
28Touching My Body [from the "Danity Kane"]03:42
29Untitled Track [from the "Danity Kane"]03:23
30Want It [from the "Danity Kane"]03:22
31Welcome To The Dollhouse (ft. P. Diddy) [from the "Welcome To The Dollhouse"]00:46

Danity Kane

Danity Kane

Danity Kane was an American R&B, hip hop, pop girl group signed to Bad Boy Records, first established in 2005. Formed on the third installment of MTV's Making the Band reality television series, the quintet comprised members Aubrey O'Day, Wanita "D. Woods" Woodgette, Shannon Bex, Dawn Richard, and Aundrea Fimbres. []


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