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Royalty by Chris Brown [2015] [album editions]

Royalty (Chris Brown)

Track listing

1Back to Sleep
2Fine by Me
3Wrist (ft. Solo Lucci)
4Make Love
7Anyway (ft. Tayla Parx)
8Picture Me Rollin’
9Who's Gonna (Nobody)
11Little Bit
13No Filter
14Little More (Royalty)
15Day One
16Blow It in the Wind
18U Did It (ft. Future)

Chris Brown albums

1Chris Brown[ 2005 ]
2Exclusive - The Forever Edition[ 2007 ]
3F.A.M.E.[ 2011 ]
4Fan of a Fan: The Album[ 2015 ]
5Fortune[ 2012 ]
6Graffiti[ 2009 ]
7In My Zone[ 2010 ]
8Royalty[ 2015 ]
9X[ 2014 ]
1Chris Brown (Chris Brown)
2Exclusive - The Forever Edition (Chris Brown)
3F.A.M.E. (Chris Brown)
4Fan of a Fan: The Album (Chris Brown)
5Fortune (Chris Brown)
6Graffiti (Chris Brown)
7In My Zone (Chris Brown)
8Royalty (Chris Brown)
9X (Chris Brown)

Chris Brown songs

1101 (Interlude) [from the "X"]01:16
22012 [from the "Fortune"]04:08
34 Years Old [from the "Fortune"]03:49
4Add Me In [from the "X"]03:13
5Ain't No Way (You Won't Love Me) [from the "Chris Brown"]03:23
6All Back [from the "F.A.M.E."]04:26
7Anyway (ft. Tayla Parx) [from the "Royalty"]03:31
8Autumn Leaves (ft. Kendrick Lamar) [from the "X"]04:28
9Ayo (ft. Tyga) [from the "Fan of a Fan: The Album"]03:45
10Back Out [from the "In My Zone"]03:42
11Back to Sleep [from the "Royalty"]03:21
12Bad [from the "In My Zone"]03:43
13Banjo [from the "Fan of a Fan: The Album"]03:40
14Bassline [from the "Fortune"]03:59
15Beautiful People (ft. Benny Benassi) [from the "F.A.M.E."]03:46
16Beg For It [from the "F.A.M.E."]03:44
17Better [from the "Fan of a Fan: The Album"]03:42
18Big Booty Judy [from the "In My Zone"]03:53
19Biggest Fan [from the "Fortune"]03:59
20Bitches N Marijuana (ft. ScHoolboy Q) [from the "Fan of a Fan: The Album"]04:14
21Blow It in the Wind [from the "Royalty"]04:08
22Body Shots [from the "X"]03:42
23Bomb (featuring Wiz Khalifa) [from the "F.A.M.E."]03:33
24Brown Skinned Girl (ft. Sean ..) [from the "Graffiti"]04:14
25Bunkin' (ft. Jay 305 & T.I.) [from the "Fan of a Fan: The Album"]05:02
26Came To Do (ft. Akon) [from the "X"]03:48
27Chase Our Love [from the "Graffiti"]03:21
28Convertible [from the "In My Zone"]02:48
29Crawl [from the "Graffiti"]03:56
30D.G.I.F.U. (ft. Pusha T) [from the "Fan of a Fan: The Album"]03:44
31Damage [from the "Exclusive - The Forever Edition"]04:16
32Day One [from the "Royalty"]04:08
33Deuces (ft. Tyga & Kevin McCall) [from the "F.A.M.E."]04:36
34Discover [from the "Royalty"]04:26
35Do Better [from the "X"]03:48
36Don't Be Gone Too Long [from the "X"]03:22
37Don't Judge Me [from the "Fortune"]04:00
38Dont Lie [from the "In My Zone"]02:46
39Don't Think They Know (ft. Aaliyah) [from the "X"]04:00
40Don't Wake Me Up [from the "Fortune"]03:42
41Down (ft. Kanye West) [from the "Exclusive - The Forever Edition"]04:17
42Drown In It (ft. R. Kelly) [from the "X"]03:42
43Drunk Texting (ft. Jhene Aiko) [from the "X"]03:47
44Fallin [from the "Graffiti"]04:11
45Famous Girl [from the "Graffiti"]03:39
46Fine by Me [from the "Royalty"]03:27
47Fine China [from the "X"]03:33
48For Ur Love [from the "Graffiti"]03:45
49Forever [from the "Exclusive - The Forever Edition"]04:38
50Free Run [from the "Fortune"]04:01
51Gimme That [from the "Chris Brown"]03:06
52Gimme Whatcha Got (ft. Lil Wayne) [from the "Exclusive - The Forever Edition"]03:48
53Girl You Loud [from the "Fan of a Fan: The Album"]03:33
54Girlfriend (ft. Lupe Fiasco) [from the "Graffiti"]04:08
55Glow In The Dark (Bonus) [from the "In My Zone"]03:36
56Gotta Be Ur Way [from the "Graffiti"]03:16
57Heart Ain't A Brain [from the "Exclusive - The Forever Edition"]03:40
58Help Me [from the "Exclusive - The Forever Edition"]03:17
59Hold Up (ft. Big Boi) [from the "Exclusive - The Forever Edition"]03:48
60How Low Can You Go [from the "In My Zone"]03:20

Chris Brown - top artists list [#36]

Chris Brown

Christopher Maurice Brown is an American artist, dancer and actor. []


  • R&B,
  • Pop,
  • Hip hop,
  • Dance
  • Back to Sleep - one of the best Chris Brown songs, top songs list [#190]

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