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Fearless by Taylor Swift [2009] [album editions]

Fearless (Taylor Swift)

Track listing

3Love Story
4Hey Stephen
5White Horse
6You Belong With Me
8Tell Me Why
9You're Not Sorry
10The Way I Loved You
11Forever And Always
12The Best Day
14Our Song
15Teardrops On My Guitar
16Should've Said No

Taylor Swift albums

11989[ 2014 ]
2Beautiful Eyes[ 2008 ]
3Fearless[ 2009 ]
4Live from Soho[ 2008 ]
5Love Story (Remixes)[ 2009 ]
6Red[ 2012 ]
7Sounds of the Season: The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection[ 2007 ]
8Speak Now[ 2010 ]
9Taylor Swift[ 2007 ]
10Teardrops on My Guitar[ 2007 ]
11989 (Taylor Swift)
2Beautiful Eyes (Taylor Swift)
3Fearless (Taylor Swift)
4Live from Soho (Taylor Swift)
5Love Story (Remixes) (Taylor Swift)
6Red (Taylor Swift)
7Sounds of the Season: The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection (Taylor Swift)
8Speak Now (Taylor Swift)
9Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift)
10Teardrops on My Guitar (Taylor Swift)

Taylor Swift songs

61Our Song [from the "Taylor Swift"]03:23
62Out of the Woods [from the "1989"]03:55
63Picture To Burn [from the "Live from Soho"]03:33
64Picture To Burn [from the "Taylor Swift"]02:55
65Picture to Burn (Radio Edit) [from the "Beautiful Eyes"]02:54
66Red [from the "Red"]03:43
67Red (Original Demo Recording) [from the "Red"]03:47
68Sad Beautiful Tragic [from the "Red"]04:44
69Santa Baby [from the "Sounds of the Season: The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection"]02:38
70Shake It Off [from the "1989"]03:39
71Should've Said No [from the "Fearless"]04:04
72Should've Said No [from the "Live from Soho"]04:27
73Should've Said No [from the "Taylor Swift"]04:04
74Should've Said No (Alternate Version) [from the "Beautiful Eyes"]03:46
75Silent Night [from the "Sounds of the Season: The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection"]03:29
76Sparks Fly [from the "Speak Now"]04:23
77Speak Now [from the "Speak Now"]04:03
78Starlight [from the "Red"]03:40
79State Of Grace [from the "Red"]04:55
80State of Grace (Acoustic Version) [from the "Red"]05:23
81Stay Beautiful [from the "Taylor Swift"]03:58
82Stay Stay Stay [from the "Red"]03:25
83Style [from the "1989"]03:51
84Taylor's 1st Phone Call With Tim McGraw [from the "Taylor Swift"]04:44
85Teadrops On My Guitar (Radio Single Version) [from the "Teardrops on My Guitar"]03:26
86Teardrops On My Guitar [from the "Fearless"]03:35
87Teardrops On My Guitar [from the "Live from Soho"]03:24
88Teardrops On My Guitar [from the "Taylor Swift"]03:24
89Teardrops on my Guitar (Acoustic Version) [from the "Beautiful Eyes"]02:58
90Teardrops On My Guitar (Album Version) [from the "Teardrops on My Guitar"]03:35
91Teardrops On My Guitar (Pop Radio Mix) [from the "Teardrops on My Guitar"]03:00
92Tell Me Why [from the "Fearless"]03:21
93The Best Day [from the "Fearless"]04:06
94The Last Time (ft. Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol) [from the "Red"]04:59
95The Lucky One [from the "Red"]04:00
96The Moment I Knew [from the "Red"]04:47
97The Outside [from the "Taylor Swift"]03:29
98The Story of Us [from the "Speak Now"]04:27
99The Way I Loved You [from the "Fearless"]04:05
100This Love [from the "1989"]04:10
101Tied Together With A Smile [from the "Taylor Swift"]04:11
102Tim McGraw [from the "Live from Soho"]04:00
103Tim McGraw [from the "Taylor Swift"]03:55
104Treacherous [from the "Red"]04:02
105Treacherous (Original Demo Recording) [from the "Red"]04:00
106Umbrella [from the "Live from Soho"]01:29
107We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together [from the "Red"]03:13
108Welcome To New York [from the "1989"]03:32
109White Christmas [from the "Sounds of the Season: The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection"]02:33
110White Horse [from the "Fearless"]03:55
111Wildest Dreams [from the "1989"]03:40
112Wonderland [from the "1989"]04:05
113You Are In Love [from the "1989"]04:27
114You Belong With Me [from the "Fearless"]03:52
115You're Not Sorry [from the "Fearless"]04:23

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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is an American country-pop singer-songwriter. []


  • Country,
  • Pop
  • You Belong With Me - one of the best Taylor Swift songs, top songs list [#626]

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