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Beautiful Eyes by Taylor Swift [2008] [album editions]

Beautiful Eyes (Taylor Swift)

Track listing

1Beautiful Eyes
2Should've Said No (Alternate Version)
3Teardrops on my Guitar (Acoustic Version)
4Picture to Burn (Radio Edit)
5I'm Only Me When I'm With You
6I Heart ?

Taylor Swift albums

11989[ 2014 ]
2Beautiful Eyes[ 2008 ]
3Fearless[ 2009 ]
4Live from Soho[ 2008 ]
5Love Story (Remixes)[ 2009 ]
6Red[ 2012 ]
7Sounds of the Season: The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection[ 2007 ]
8Speak Now[ 2010 ]
9Taylor Swift[ 2007 ]
10Teardrops on My Guitar[ 2007 ]
11989 (Taylor Swift)
2Beautiful Eyes (Taylor Swift)
3Fearless (Taylor Swift)
4Live from Soho (Taylor Swift)
5Love Story (Remixes) (Taylor Swift)
6Red (Taylor Swift)
7Sounds of the Season: The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection (Taylor Swift)
8Speak Now (Taylor Swift)
9Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift)
10Teardrops on My Guitar (Taylor Swift)

Taylor Swift songs

122 [from the "Red"]03:52
2A Perfectly Good Heart [from the "Taylor Swift"]03:43
3A Place In This World [from the "Live from Soho"]03:25
4A Place In This World [from the "Taylor Swift"]03:22
5All Too Well [from the "Red"]05:29
6All You Had To Do Was Stay [from the "1989"]03:13
7Back to December [from the "Speak Now"]04:55
8Bad Blood (ft. Kendrick Lamar) [from the "1989"]03:31
9Beautiful Eyes [from the "Beautiful Eyes"]02:59
10Begin Again [from the "Red"]03:57
11Better Than Revenge [from the "Speak Now"]03:40
12Blank Space [from the "1989"]03:51
13Blank Space (Voice Memo) [from the "1989"]02:11
14Breathe [from the "Fearless"]04:25
15Change [from the "Fearless"]04:40
16Christmas Must Be Something More [from the "Sounds of the Season: The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection"]03:51
17Christmas When You Were Mine [from the "Sounds of the Season: The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection"]03:04
18Clean [from the "1989"]04:31
19Cold As You [from the "Taylor Swift"]04:01
20Come Back...Be Here [from the "Red"]03:44
21Dear John [from the "Speak Now"]06:45
22Enchanted [from the "Speak Now"]05:53
23Everything Has Changed (ft. Ed Sheeran) [from the "Red"]04:05
24Fearless [from the "Fearless"]04:03
25Fifteen [from the "Fearless"]04:55
26Forever And Always [from the "Fearless"]03:46
27Girl at Home [from the "Red"]03:40
28Haunted [from the "Speak Now"]04:05
29Hey Stephen [from the "Fearless"]04:16
30Holy Ground [from the "Red"]03:22
31How You Get the Girl [from the "1989"]04:07
32I Almost Do [from the "Red"]04:04
33I Heart ? [from the "Beautiful Eyes"]03:15
34I Knew You Were Trouble [from the "Red"]03:39
35I Know Places [from the "1989"]03:15
36I Know Places (Voice Memo) [from the "1989"]03:36
37I Wish You Would [from the "1989"]03:27
38I Wish You Would (Voice Memo) [from the "1989"]01:47
39I'm Only Me When I'm With You [from the "Beautiful Eyes"]03:34
40I'm Only Me When I'm With You [from the "Taylor Swift"]03:35
41Innocent [from the "Speak Now"]05:03
42Invisible [from the "Taylor Swift"]03:26
43Last Christmas [from the "Sounds of the Season: The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection"]03:28
44Last Kiss [from the "Speak Now"]06:09
45Long Live [from the "Speak Now"]05:18
46Love Story [from the "Fearless"]03:56
47Love Story (Digital Dog Dub) [from the "Love Story (Remixes)"]05:40
48Love Story (Digital Dog Edit) [from the "Love Story (Remixes)"]03:13
49Love Story (Digital Dog Remix) [from the "Love Story (Remixes)"]06:00
50Love Story (J Stax Edit) [from the "Love Story (Remixes)"]03:43
51Love Story (J Stax Full Mix) [from the "Love Story (Remixes)"]05:30
52Love Story (Radio Edit) [from the "Love Story (Remixes)"]03:56
53Mary's Song [from the "Live from Soho"]03:47
54Mary's Song (Oh My My My) [from the "Taylor Swift"]03:35
55Mean [from the "Speak Now"]03:58
56Mine [from the "Speak Now"]03:51
57Never Grow Up [from the "Speak Now"]04:52
58New Romantics [from the "1989"]03:50
59Our Song [from the "Fearless"]03:22
60Our Song [from the "Live from Soho"]03:29

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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is an American country-pop singer-songwriter. []


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