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Nick Jonas X2 by Nick Jonas [2015] [album editions]

Nick Jonas X2 (Nick Jonas)

Track listing

6Numb (ft. Angel Haze)
7Take Over
9I Want You
10Avalanche (ft. Demi Lovato)
11Nothing Would Be Better
12Chains (Just a Gent Remix)
13Santa Barbara
14Closer (ft. Mike Posner)
16Area Code
17Chains (Remix) (ft. Jhene Aiko)
18Jealous (Remix) (ft. Tinashe)
19Good Thing (ft. Nick Jonas)
20Teacher (Young Bombs Remix Radio Edit)
21Levels (Alex Ghenea Radio Edit)

Nick Jonas albums

1Last Year Was Complicated[ 2016 ]
2Nick Jonas[ 2014 ]
3Nick Jonas X2[ 2015 ]
4Who I Am (Nick Jonas & The Administration)[ 2010 ]
1Last Year Was Complicated (Nick Jonas)
2Nick Jonas (Nick Jonas)
3Nick Jonas X2 (Nick Jonas)
4Who I Am (Nick Jonas & The Administration) (Nick Jonas)

Nick Jonas songs

1Area Code [from the "Nick Jonas X2"]02:42
2Avalanche (ft. Demi Lovato) [from the "Nick Jonas"]03:17
3Avalanche (ft. Demi Lovato) [from the "Nick Jonas X2"]03:17
4Bacon (ft. Ty Dolla $ign) [from the "Last Year Was Complicated"]03:03
5Chains [from the "Nick Jonas"]03:23
6Chains [from the "Nick Jonas X2"]03:23
7Chains [from the "Last Year Was Complicated"]03:23
8Chains (Just a Gent Remix) [from the "Nick Jonas"]03:52
9Chains (Just a Gent Remix) [from the "Nick Jonas X2"]03:52
10Chains (Remix) (ft. Jhene Aiko) [from the "Nick Jonas X2"]03:23
11Chainsaw [from the "Last Year Was Complicated"]03:19
12Champagne Problems [from the "Last Year Was Complicated"]03:12
13Close (ft. Tove Lo) [from the "Last Year Was Complicated"]03:54
14Closer (ft. Mike Posner) [from the "Nick Jonas"]03:48
15Closer (ft. Mike Posner) [from the "Nick Jonas X2"]03:48
16Comfortable [from the "Last Year Was Complicated"]04:36
17Conspiracy Theory [from the "Who I Am (Nick Jonas & The Administration)"]03:47
18Don't Make Me Choose [from the "Last Year Was Complicated"]03:36
19Good Girls (ft. Big Sean) [from the "Last Year Was Complicated"]03:56
20Good Thing (ft. Nick Jonas) [from the "Nick Jonas X2"]03:47
21I Want You [from the "Nick Jonas"]03:23
22I Want You [from the "Nick Jonas X2"]03:23
23In The End [from the "Who I Am (Nick Jonas & The Administration)"]04:52
24Jealous [from the "Nick Jonas"]03:43
25Jealous [from the "Nick Jonas X2"]03:43
26Jealous [from the "Last Year Was Complicated"]03:44
27Jealous (Remix) (ft. Tinashe) [from the "Nick Jonas X2"]03:42
28Last Time Around [from the "Who I Am (Nick Jonas & The Administration)"]04:07
29Levels [from the "Nick Jonas X2"]02:47
30Levels [from the "Last Year Was Complicated"]02:47
31Levels (Alex Ghenea Radio Edit) [from the "Nick Jonas X2"]03:14
32Nothing Would Be Better [from the "Nick Jonas"]04:34
33Nothing Would Be Better [from the "Nick Jonas X2"]04:34
34Numb (ft. Angel Haze) [from the "Nick Jonas"]03:57
35Numb (ft. Angel Haze) [from the "Nick Jonas X2"]03:57
36Olive and an Arrow [from the "Who I Am (Nick Jonas & The Administration)"]04:59
37Push [from the "Nick Jonas"]03:32
38Push [from the "Nick Jonas X2"]03:32
39Rose Garden [from the "Who I Am (Nick Jonas & The Administration)"]03:34
40Santa Barbara [from the "Nick Jonas"]03:40
41Santa Barbara [from the "Nick Jonas X2"]03:40
42State of Emergency [from the "Who I Am (Nick Jonas & The Administration)"]03:34
43Stronger(Back on the Ground) [from the "Who I Am (Nick Jonas & The Administration)"]04:54
44Take Over [from the "Nick Jonas"]02:39
45Take Over [from the "Nick Jonas X2"]02:39
46Teacher [from the "Nick Jonas"]03:19
47Teacher [from the "Nick Jonas X2"]03:19
48Teacher (Young Bombs Remix Radio Edit) [from the "Nick Jonas X2"]03:35
49Testify [from the "Last Year Was Complicated"]03:16
50That's What They All Say [from the "Last Year Was Complicated"]03:05
51The Difference [from the "Last Year Was Complicated"]03:41
52Tonight [from the "Who I Am (Nick Jonas & The Administration)"]04:19
53Touch [from the "Last Year Was Complicated"]03:02
54Under You [from the "Last Year Was Complicated"]03:17
55Unhinged [from the "Last Year Was Complicated"]03:52
56Vesper's Goodbye [from the "Who I Am (Nick Jonas & The Administration)"]03:11
57Voodoo [from the "Last Year Was Complicated"]03:10
58Warning [from the "Nick Jonas"]03:16
59Warning [from the "Nick Jonas X2"]03:16
60When We Get Home [from the "Last Year Was Complicated"]03:03

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Nick Jonas

Nicholas Jerry 'Nick' Jonas is an American singer, songwriter, musician and actor.


  • Pop rock,
  • Pop,
  • Teen pop,
  • Post-grunge,
  • Funk rock,
  • R&B
  • Levels by Nick Jonas

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