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A Head Full of Dreams by Coldplay [2015] [album editions]

A Head Full of Dreams (Coldplay)

Track listing

1A Head Full of Dreams
3Hymn for the Weekend
5Adventure of a Lifetime
6Fun (ft. Tove Lo)
8Army of One
9Amazing Day
10Colour Spectrum
12Miracles (Japan Bonus Track)

Coldplay albums

1A Head Full of Dreams[ 2015 ]
2A Rush of Blood to the Head[ 2002 ]
3Brothers & Sisters[ 1999 ]
4Fix You[ 2005 ]
5Ghost Stories[ 2014 ]
6Live 2003[ 2003 ]
7Mylo Xyloto[ 2011 ]
8Parachutes[ 2000 ]
9The Blue Room[ 1999 ]
10Trouble - Norwegian (Live)[ 2002 ]
11Viva La Vida[ 2008 ]
12X & Y[ 2005 ]
1A Head Full of Dreams (Coldplay)
2A Rush of Blood to the Head (Coldplay)
3Brothers & Sisters (Coldplay)
4Fix You (Coldplay)
5Ghost Stories (Coldplay)
6Live 2003 (Coldplay)
7Mylo Xyloto (Coldplay)
8Parachutes (Coldplay)
9The Blue Room (Coldplay)
10Trouble - Norwegian (Live) (Coldplay)
11Viva La Vida (Coldplay)
12X & Y (Coldplay)

Coldplay songs

142 [from the "Viva La Vida"]03:57
2A Head Full of Dreams [from the "A Head Full of Dreams"]03:43
3A Hopeful Transmission [from the "Mylo Xyloto"]00:33
4A Message [from the "X & Y"]04:45
5A Rush of Blood to the Head [from the "A Rush of Blood to the Head"]05:51
6A Rush of Blood To The Head [from the "Live 2003"]06:50
7A Sky Full of Stars [from the "Ghost Stories"]04:28
8A Whisper [from the "A Rush of Blood to the Head"]03:58
9Adventure of a Lifetime [from the "A Head Full of Dreams"]04:23
10All Your Friends [from the "Ghost Stories"]03:31
11Always In My Head [from the "Ghost Stories"]03:36
12Amazing Day [from the "A Head Full of Dreams"]04:31
13Amsterdam [from the "A Rush of Blood to the Head"]05:19
14Amsterdam [from the "Live 2003"]05:20
15Another's Arms [from the "Ghost Stories"]03:54
16Army of One [from the "A Head Full of Dreams"]06:16
17Bigger Stronger [from the "The Blue Room"]04:49
18Birds [from the "A Head Full of Dreams"]03:49
19Brothers & Sisters [from the "Brothers & Sisters"]04:09
20Cemeteries Of London [from the "Viva La Vida"]03:21
21Charlie Brown [from the "Mylo Xyloto"]04:45
22Clocks [from the "A Rush of Blood to the Head"]05:07
23Clocks [from the "Live 2003"]05:32
24Colour Spectrum [from the "A Head Full of Dreams"]01:00
25Daylight [from the "A Rush of Blood to the Head"]05:27
26Death And All His Friends [from the "Viva La Vida"]03:32
27Don't Let It Break Your Heart [from the "Mylo Xyloto"]03:54
28Don't Panic [from the "The Blue Room"]02:38
29Don't Panic [from the "Parachutes"]02:18
30Don't Panic (Acoustic) [from the "Parachutes"]03:15
31Easy To Please [from the "Brothers & Sisters"]03:03
32Everglow [from the "A Head Full of Dreams"]04:42
33Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall [from the "Mylo Xyloto"]04:00
34Every Thing's Not Lost [from the "Parachutes"]07:13
35Everything's Not Lost [from the "Live 2003"]08:47
36Everythings's Not Lost [from the "Trouble - Norwegian (Live)"]06:07
37Fix you [from the "X & Y"]04:55
38Fix You (Edit) [from the "Fix You"]04:09
39Fun (ft. Tove Lo) [from the "A Head Full of Dreams"]04:27
40Ghost Story [from the "Ghost Stories"]04:17
41God Put a Smile Upon Your Face [from the "A Rush of Blood to the Head"]04:57
42God Put A Smile Upon Your Face [from the "Live 2003"]04:56
43Green Eyes [from the "A Rush of Blood to the Head"]03:43
44High Speed [from the "The Blue Room"]04:16
45High Speed [from the "Parachutes"]04:13
46Hurts Like Heaven [from the "Mylo Xyloto"]04:02
47Hymn for the Weekend [from the "A Head Full of Dreams"]04:18
48In My Place [from the "A Rush of Blood to the Head"]03:48
49In My Place [from the "Live 2003"]04:13
50Ink [from the "Ghost Stories"]03:48
51Kaleidoscope [from the "A Head Full of Dreams"]01:51
52Life In Technicolor [from the "Viva La Vida"]02:29
53Lost [from the "Viva La Vida"]03:55
54Lovers In Japan-Reign Of Love [from the "Viva La Vida"]06:51
55Low [from the "X & Y"]05:32
56M.M.I.X. [from the "Mylo Xyloto"]00:48
57Magic [from the "Ghost Stories"]04:45
58Major Minus [from the "Mylo Xyloto"]03:30
59Midnight [from the "Ghost Stories"]04:54
60Miracles (Japan Bonus Track) [from the "A Head Full of Dreams"]03:55

Coldplay - top artists list [#79]


Coldplay are a post-Britpop/alternative rock band from London.

Coldplay's early material was influenced by the likes of Jeff Buckley and Radiohead. []


  • Alternative rock,
  • Post-Britpop,
  • Electro rock
  • Hymn for the Weekend - one of the best Coldplay songs, top songs list [#110]

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