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El Camino by The Black Keys [2011] [album editions]

El Camino (The Black Keys)

Track listing

1Lonely Boy
2Dead And Gone
3Gold on the Ceiling
4Little Black Submarines
5Money Maker
6Run Right Back
8Hell Of A Season
9Stop Stop
10Nova Baby
11Mind Eraser

The Black Keys albums

1Attack and Release[ 2008 ]
2Brothers[ 2010 ]
3Chulahoma: The Songs of Junior Kimbrough[ 2006 ]
4El Camino[ 2011 ]
5Magic Potion[ 2006 ]
6Rubber Factory[ 2004 ]
7The Big Come Up[ 2002 ]
8The Moan[ 2004 ]
9Thickfreakness[ 2003 ]
10Turn Blue[ 2014 ]
1Attack and Release (The Black Keys)
2Brothers (The Black Keys)
3Chulahoma: The Songs of Junior Kimbrough (The Black Keys)
4El Camino (The Black Keys)
5Magic Potion (The Black Keys)
6Rubber Factory (The Black Keys)
7The Big Come Up (The Black Keys)
8The Moan (The Black Keys)
9Thickfreakness (The Black Keys)
10Turn Blue (The Black Keys)

The Black Keys songs

110 A.M. Automatic [from the "Rubber Factory"]02:59
210 Lovers [from the "Turn Blue"]03:33
3240 Years Before Your Time [from the "The Big Come Up"]23:20
4Act Nice and Gentle (Ray Davies) [from the "Rubber Factory"]02:41
5Aeroplane Blues [from the "Rubber Factory"]02:50
6All Hands Against His Own [from the "Rubber Factory"]03:16
7All You Ever Wanted [from the "Attack and Release"]02:56
8Black Door [from the "Magic Potion"]03:30
9Black Mud [from the "Brothers"]02:09
10Breaks [from the "The Big Come Up"]03:01
11Brooklyn Bound [from the "The Big Come Up"]03:11
12Bullet In The Brain [from the "Turn Blue"]04:16
13Busted (originally titled 'Skinny Woman') (R.L. Burnside) [from the "The Big Come Up"]02:34
14Countdown [from the "The Big Come Up"]02:38
15Dead And Gone [from the "El Camino"]03:41
16Do the Rump (Junior Kimbrough) [from the "The Big Come Up"]02:37
17Elevator [from the "Magic Potion"]03:43
18Everlasting Light [from the "Brothers"]03:23
19Everywhere I Go (Junior Kimbrough) [from the "Thickfreakness"]05:41
20Fever [from the "Turn Blue"]04:06
21Girl Is On My Mind [from the "Rubber Factory"]03:28
22Give Your Heart Away [from the "Magic Potion"]03:27
23Gold on the Ceiling [from the "El Camino"]03:44
24Goodbye Babylon [from the "Magic Potion"]05:55
25Gotta Get Away [from the "Turn Blue"]03:02
26Grown So Ugly (Robert Pete Williams) [from the "Rubber Factory"]02:27
27Hard Row (lyrics by Dan and Chuck Auerbach) [from the "Thickfreakness"]03:16
28Have Love Will Travel (Radio edit) [from the "The Moan"]02:34
29Have Love Will Travel (Richard Berry) [from the "Thickfreakness"]03:05
30Have Mercy on Me [from the "Chulahoma: The Songs of Junior Kimbrough"]04:39
31Heavy Soul [from the "The Big Come Up"]02:08
32Heavy Soul (Alternative version) [from the "The Moan"]02:36
33Hell Of A Season [from the "El Camino"]03:45
34Hold Me in Your Arms [from the "Thickfreakness"]03:19
35Howlin' For You [from the "Brothers"]03:11
36Hurt Like Mine [from the "Thickfreakness"]03:28
37I Cry Alone [from the "Thickfreakness"]02:48
38I Got Mine [from the "Attack and Release"]03:59
39If You See Me [from the "Thickfreakness"]02:51
40I'll Be Your Man [from the "The Big Come Up"]02:21
41I'm Not the One [from the "Brothers"]03:49
42In Our Prime [from the "Turn Blue"]04:38
43In Time [from the "Turn Blue"]04:28
44It's Up To You Now [from the "Turn Blue"]03:10
45Junior's Widow [from the "Chulahoma: The Songs of Junior Kimbrough"]00:32
46Just a Little Heat [from the "Magic Potion"]03:42
47Just Couldn't Tie Me Down [from the "Rubber Factory"]02:57
48Just Got To Be [from the "Magic Potion"]03:01
49Keep Me [from the "Rubber Factory"]02:52
50Keep Your Hands Off Her [from the "Chulahoma: The Songs of Junior Kimbrough"]03:03
51Leavin' Trunk [from the "The Big Come Up"]03:00
52Lies [from the "Attack and Release"]03:58
53Little Black Submarines [from the "El Camino"]04:11
54Lonely Boy [from the "El Camino"]03:13
55Meet Me in the City [from the "Chulahoma: The Songs of Junior Kimbrough"]03:35
56Midnight in Her Eyes [from the "Thickfreakness"]04:03
57Mind Eraser [from the "El Camino"]03:14
58Modern Times [from the "Magic Potion"]04:21
59Money Maker [from the "El Camino"]02:57
60My Mind Is Ramblin' (reprise) [from the "Chulahoma: The Songs of Junior Kimbrough"]06:41

The Black Keys - top artists list [#173]

The Black Keys

The Black Keys are an American rock duo consisting of vocalist/guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer/producer Patrick Carney.

The band was formed in Akron, Ohio, in 2001. []


  • Blues rock,
  • Garage rock,
  • Alternative rock,
  • Indie rock
  • Gold on the Ceiling - one of the best The Black Keys songs, top songs list [#884]

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