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808s & Heartbreak by Kanye West [2008] [album editions]

808s & Heartbreak (Kanye West)

Track listing

1Say You Will
2Welcome To Heartbreak (ft. Kid Cudi)
4Amazing (ft. Young Jeezy)
5Love Lockdown
6Paranoid (ft. Mr Hudson)
8Street Lights
9Bad News
10See You in My Nightmares (ft. Lil Wayne)
11Coldest Winter
12Pinocchio Story (freestyle live from Singapore, bonus track)

Kanye West albums

1808s & Heartbreak[ 2008 ]
2College Dropout[ 2004 ]
3Graduation[ 2007 ]
4Late Registration[ 2005 ]
5Live At Coachella[ 2011 ]
6My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy[ 2010 ]
7The College Dropout[ 2004 ]
8The Life of Pablo[ 2016 ]
9Watch the Throne (with Jay-Z)[ 2011 ]
10Yeezus[ 2013 ]
1808s & Heartbreak (Kanye West)
2College Dropout (Kanye West)
3Graduation (Kanye West)
4Late Registration (Kanye West)
5Live At Coachella (Kanye West)
6My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Kanye West)
7The College Dropout (Kanye West)
8The Life of Pablo (Kanye West)
9Watch the Throne (with Jay-Z) (Kanye West)
10Yeezus (Kanye West)

Kanye West songs

61Guilt Trip [from the "Yeezus"]04:03
62H.A.M. Intro [from the "Live At Coachella"]02:42
63H•A•M [from the "Watch the Throne (with Jay-Z)"]04:35
64Heard 'Em Say (ft. Adam Levine of Maroon 5) [from the "Late Registration"]03:23
65Heartless [from the "808s & Heartbreak"]03:31
66Heartless [from the "Live At Coachella"]03:37
67Hell of a Life [from the "Live At Coachella"]04:07
68Hell Of A Life [from the "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"]05:27
69Hey Mama [from the "Late Registration"]05:05
70Hey, Mama [from the "Live At Coachella"]03:29
71Highlights [from the "The Life of Pablo"]03:14
72Hold My Liquor [from the "Yeezus"]05:27
73Homecoming [from the "Live At Coachella"]01:09
74Homecoming (ft. Chris Martin) [from the "Graduation"]03:23
75I Am a God (ft. God) [from the "Yeezus"]03:51
76I Love Kanye [from the "The Life of Pablo"]00:43
77I Wonder [from the "Graduation"]04:03
78I'll Fly Away [from the "The College Dropout"]01:09
79I'll Fly Away [from the "College Dropout"]01:09
80Illest Motherfucker Alive [from the "Watch the Throne (with Jay-Z)"]08:23
81I'm In It [from the "Yeezus"]03:54
82Interlude [from the "Live At Coachella"]03:40
83Interlude (2) [from the "Live At Coachella"]00:32
84Intro [from the "The College Dropout"]00:19
85Intro [from the "College Dropout"]00:19
86Jesus Walks [from the "The College Dropout"]03:13
87Jesus Walks [from the "Live At Coachella"]03:13
88Jesus Walks [from the "College Dropout"]03:13
89Last Call [from the "The College Dropout"]12:41
90Last Call [from the "College Dropout"]12:41
91Late (Bonus Track) [from the "Late Registration"]03:50
92Lift Off (ft. Beyonce) [from the "Watch the Throne (with Jay-Z)"]04:26
93Lil Jimmy Skit [from the "The College Dropout"]00:53
94Lil Jimmy Skit [from the "College Dropout"]00:53
95Lost in the World (ft. Bon Iver) [from the "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"]04:16
96Lost in the World (ft. Justin Vernon) [from the "Live At Coachella"]06:03
97Love Lockdown [from the "808s & Heartbreak"]04:30
98Love Lockdown [from the "Live At Coachella"]04:41
99Low Lights [from the "The Life of Pablo"]02:08
100Made in America (ft. Frank Ocean) [from the "Watch the Throne (with Jay-Z)"]04:52
101Monster (ft. Bon Iver) [from the "Live At Coachella"]04:14
102Monster (ft. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver) [from the "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"]06:18
103Murder to Excellence [from the "Watch the Throne (with Jay-Z)"]05:00
104My Way Home (ft. Common) [from the "Late Registration"]01:43
105Never Let Me Down [from the "The College Dropout"]05:24
106Never Let Me Down (ft. Jay-Z & J. Ivy) [from the "College Dropout"]05:24
107New Day [from the "Watch the Throne (with Jay-Z)"]04:32
108New Slaves [from the "Yeezus"]04:16
109Ni**as in Paris [from the "Watch the Throne (with Jay-Z)"]03:39
110No Church in the Wild (ft. Frank Ocean) [from the "Watch the Throne (with Jay-Z)"]04:32
111No More Parties In LA [from the "The Life of Pablo"]06:03
112On Sight [from the "Yeezus"]02:37
113Otis (ft. Otis Redding) [from the "Watch the Throne (with Jay-Z)"]02:58
114P.Y.T. [from the "Live At Coachella"]00:36
115Paranoid (ft. Mr Hudson) [from the "808s & Heartbreak"]04:37
116Pinocchio Story (freestyle live from Singapore, bonus track) [from the "808s & Heartbreak"]06:01
117Power [from the "Live At Coachella"]05:14
118Power [from the "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"]04:52
119Power (tease) [from the "Live At Coachella"]01:38
120Primetime [from the "Watch the Throne (with Jay-Z)"]03:19

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Kanye West

Kanye Omari West (born June 8, 1977) is an American rapper, singer, and record producer. []


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  • Heartless by Kanye West

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