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Exclusive - The Forever Edition by Chris Brown [2007] [album editions]

Exclusive - The Forever Edition (Chris Brown)

Track listing

2Kiss Kiss (ft. T-Pain)
3Take You Down
4With You
5Picture Perfect (ft.
6Hold Up (ft. Big Boi)
9Wall To Wall
10Help Me
11I Wanna Be
12Gimme Whatcha Got (ft. Lil Wayne)
13I'll Call Ya
15Nice (ft. The Game)
16Down (ft. Kanye West)
18Superhuman (ft. Keri Hilson)
19Heart Ain't A Brain
20Picture Perfect (ft. Bow Wow & Hurricane Chris) (Remix)

Chris Brown albums

1Chris Brown[ 2005 ]
2Exclusive - The Forever Edition[ 2007 ]
3F.A.M.E.[ 2011 ]
4Fan of a Fan: The Album[ 2015 ]
5Fortune[ 2012 ]
6Graffiti[ 2009 ]
7In My Zone[ 2010 ]
8Royalty[ 2015 ]
9X[ 2014 ]
1Chris Brown (Chris Brown)
2Exclusive - The Forever Edition (Chris Brown)
3F.A.M.E. (Chris Brown)
4Fan of a Fan: The Album (Chris Brown)
5Fortune (Chris Brown)
6Graffiti (Chris Brown)
7In My Zone (Chris Brown)
8Royalty (Chris Brown)
9X (Chris Brown)

Chris Brown songs

121Sex [from the "In My Zone"]04:05
122She Ain't You [from the "F.A.M.E."]04:08
123She Goin' Up [from the "Fan of a Fan: The Album"]03:47
124Shoes [from the "In My Zone"]03:38
125Should've Kissed You [from the "F.A.M.E."]04:24
126Sing Like Me [from the "Graffiti"]04:15
127So Cold [from the "Graffiti"]03:38
128So Glad [from the "Chris Brown"]02:57
129Songs On 12 Play (ft. Trey Songz) [from the "X"]03:48
130Stereotype [from the "X"]03:51
131Strip (ft. Kevin McCall) [from the "Fortune"]02:47
132Stuck on Stupid [from the "Fortune"]03:59
133Superhuman (ft. Keri Hilson) [from the "Exclusive - The Forever Edition"]03:38
134Sweet Love [from the "Fortune"]03:20
135T.Y.A. [from the "In My Zone"]04:00
136Take My Time (ft. Tank) [from the "Graffiti"]04:38
137Take You Down [from the "Exclusive - The Forever Edition"]04:05
138Tell Somebody" [from the "Fortune"]04:04
139Thank You [from the "Chris Brown"]04:28
140Throwed [from the "Exclusive - The Forever Edition"]03:01
141Till I Die (ft. Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa) [from the "Fortune"]03:56
142Time For Love [from the "X"]03:45
143Too Freaky [from the "In My Zone"]03:29
144Touch Me (ft. Sevyn) [from the "Fortune"]03:37
145Trumpet Lights (ft. Sabrina Antoinette) [from the "Fortune"]03:47
146Turn Up the Music [from the "Fortune"]03:48
147Turnt Up [from the "In My Zone"]03:03
148Twitter [from the "In My Zone"]04:18
149U Did It (ft. Future) [from the "Royalty"]03:33
150Up 2 You [from the "F.A.M.E."]04:08
151Wait (ft. Trey Songz and Game) [from the "Graffiti"]04:30
152Wait for You [from the "Fortune"]03:38
153Wall To Wall [from the "Exclusive - The Forever Edition"]03:43
154Westside [from the "Fan of a Fan: The Album"]03:34
155Wet The Bed (ft. Ludacris) [from the "F.A.M.E."]04:26
156What I Do (t. Plies) [from the "Graffiti"]04:00
157What's My Name [from the "Chris Brown"]03:52
158Who's Gonna (Nobody) [from the "Royalty"]04:33
159Winner [from the "Chris Brown"]04:04
160With You [from the "Exclusive - The Forever Edition"]04:12
161Work Wit It [from the "In My Zone"]02:46
162Wrist (ft. Solo Lucci) [from the "Royalty"]03:14
163Wrong In the Right Way [from the "Fan of a Fan: The Album"]04:30
164X [from the "X"]04:20
165Ya Man Ain't Me [from the "Chris Brown"]03:34
166Yeah 3x [from the "F.A.M.E."]04:01
167Yo (Excuse Me Miss) [from the "Chris Brown"]03:49
168You [from the "Exclusive - The Forever Edition"]03:22
169Young Love [from the "Chris Brown"]03:38
170Zero [from the "Royalty"]03:34

Chris Brown - top artists list [#36]

Chris Brown

Christopher Maurice Brown is an American artist, dancer and actor. []


  • R&B,
  • Pop,
  • Hip hop,
  • Dance
  • With You - one of the best Chris Brown songs, top songs list [#1221]

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