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The Incredible Hulk Score (OST) by Craig Armstrong [2008]

The Incredible Hulk Score (OST) (Craig Armstrong)

Track listing

1The Arctic
2Main Title
3Rocinha Favela
4A Drop of Blood
5The Flower
6Ross' Team
7Mr. Blue
8Favela Escape
9It Was Banner
10That Is The Target
11Bruce Goes Home (with ''The Lonely Man'' performed by Craig Armstrong, written by Joseph Harnell (ASCAP))
12Ross And Blonsky
13Return To Culver University
14The Lab
16The Data/The Vial
17They're Here
18Give Him Everything You've Got
19Bruce Can't Stay
20First Injection
21Is it safe?
22Hulk Theme
23Saved From The Flames
25Arrival At The Motel
26I Can't
27Abomination Alley
28Bruce Found
29Bruce Looks For The Data
30NYC Cab Ride
31The Mirror
32Sterns' Lab
33Bruce Darted
34I Want It, I Need It
35Blonsky Transforms
36Bruce Must Do It
37Harlem Brawl
38Are They Dead?
39Hulk Smash
40Hulk And Betty
41A Tear
42Who's We?
43The Necklace
44Bruce And Betty
45Hulk Theme (End Credits)

Craig Armstrong albums

1As If To Nothing[ 2002 ]
2Cruel Intentions (Soundtrack)[ 1999 ]
3Elizabeth: The Golden Age (with A.R. Rahman)[ 2007 ]
4Kiss of the Dragon -Symphony For Isabelle[ 2001 ]
5Piano Works[ 2004 ]
6Plunkett & Macleane (OST)[ 2005 ]
7The Incredible Hulk Score (OST)[ 2008 ]
8The Quiet American (OST)[ 2003 ]
9The Space Between Us[ 1998 ]
10World Trade Center (OST)[ 2006 ]
1As If To Nothing (Craig Armstrong)
2Cruel Intentions (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
3Elizabeth: The Golden Age (with A.R. Rahman) (Craig Armstrong)
4Kiss of the Dragon -Symphony For Isabelle (Craig Armstrong)
5Piano Works (Craig Armstrong)
6Plunkett & Macleane (OST) (Craig Armstrong)
7The Incredible Hulk Score (OST) (Craig Armstrong)
8The Quiet American (OST) (Craig Armstrong)
9The Space Between Us (Craig Armstrong)
10World Trade Center (OST) (Craig Armstrong)

Craig Armstrong songs

61Grotto [from the "The Incredible Hulk Score (OST)"]02:53
62Hanging [from the "Plunkett & Macleane (OST)"]04:17
63Harlem Brawl [from the "The Incredible Hulk Score (OST)"]03:50
64Heatmiser 2 [from the "Piano Works"]04:01
65Hidden [from the "Piano Works"]01:50
66Horseback Address [from the "Elizabeth: The Golden Age (with A.R. Rahman)"]02:26
67Horseriding [from the "Elizabeth: The Golden Age (with A.R. Rahman)"]01:38
68Houses In Motion [from the "Plunkett & Macleane (OST)"]04:14
69Hulk And Betty [from the "The Incredible Hulk Score (OST)"]01:49
70Hulk Smash [from the "The Incredible Hulk Score (OST)"]02:24
71Hulk Theme [from the "The Incredible Hulk Score (OST)"]03:59
72Hulk Theme (End Credits) [from the "The Incredible Hulk Score (OST)"]03:58
73Hymn [from the "Plunkett & Macleane (OST)"]02:09
74Hymn [from the "The Space Between Us"]01:19
75Hymn 2 (ft. Photek) [from the "As If To Nothing"]04:49
76Hymn 3 [from the "Piano Works"]04:55
77I Can't [from the "The Incredible Hulk Score (OST)"]02:15
78I Want It, I Need It [from the "The Incredible Hulk Score (OST)"]01:35
79Immensities [from the "Elizabeth: The Golden Age (with A.R. Rahman)"]02:41
80In My Own Words [from the "Piano Works"]02:44
81Inhaler [from the "As If To Nothing"]04:59
82Is it safe? [from the "The Incredible Hulk Score (OST)"]01:07
83It Was Banner [from the "The Incredible Hulk Score (OST)"]01:32
84Jimeno Sees Jesus [from the "World Trade Center (OST)"]01:43
85John & Donna Talk About Their Family [from the "World Trade Center (OST)"]01:25
86John And Will Found/Will Ascends [from the "World Trade Center (OST)"]05:05
87John Rescued/Resolution [from the "World Trade Center (OST)"]07:46
88John's Apparition [from the "World Trade Center (OST)"]02:30
89John's Woodshed [from the "World Trade Center (OST)"]01:38
90Laura's Theme [from the "Piano Works"]02:37
91Laura's Theme [from the "The Space Between Us"]05:28
92Leaving Paris [from the "Piano Works"]02:40
93Let It Be [from the "As If To Nothing"]03:49
94Let's Go Out Tonight [from the "The Space Between Us"]06:01
95Love Declared [from the "Plunkett & Macleane (OST)"]01:11
96Love Theme [from the "Elizabeth: The Golden Age (with A.R. Rahman)"]02:51
97Main Title [from the "The Incredible Hulk Score (OST)"]02:38
98Marine Arrives At Ground Zero [from the "World Trade Center (OST)"]02:57
99Mary's Beheading [from the "Elizabeth: The Golden Age (with A.R. Rahman)"]03:22
100Miracle (ft. Mogwai) [from the "As If To Nothing"]03:21
101Morning Breaks [from the "Piano Works"]01:38
102Mr. Blue [from the "The Incredible Hulk Score (OST)"]01:03
103My Father [from the "The Space Between Us"]02:03
104New York Awakes [from the "World Trade Center (OST)"]02:29
105Niente [from the "As If To Nothing"]04:49
106Now You Grow Dull [from the "Elizabeth: The Golden Age (with A.R. Rahman)"]00:57
107NYC Cab Ride [from the "The Incredible Hulk Score (OST)"]01:17
108Opening [from the "Elizabeth: The Golden Age (with A.R. Rahman)"]01:31
109Philip [from the "Elizabeth: The Golden Age (with A.R. Rahman)"]01:51
110Pyle's Best Friend / Asking For a Divorce [from the "The Quiet American (OST)"]03:22
111Rebecca [from the "Plunkett & Macleane (OST)"]02:39
112Resolutions [from the "Plunkett & Macleane (OST)"]02:37
113Return To Culver University [from the "The Incredible Hulk Score (OST)"]02:38
114Reunion [from the "The Incredible Hulk Score (OST)"]03:37
115Revelations [from the "Plunkett & Macleane (OST)"]02:53
116Rise [from the "The Space Between Us"]04:24
117Rise Above The Towers [from the "World Trade Center (OST)"]02:26
118Robbery [from the "Plunkett & Macleane (OST)"]03:37
119Rochester [from the "Plunkett & Macleane (OST)"]01:41
120Rocinha Favela [from the "The Incredible Hulk Score (OST)"]03:11

Craig Armstrong

Craig Armstrong

Craig Armstrong OBE (born 1959) is a Scottish composer of modern orchestral music, electronica and film scores.


  • Orchestral music,
  • Electronica,
  • Film scores
  • Reunion by Craig Armstrong

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