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Purpose by Justin Bieber [2015] [album editions]

Purpose (Justin Bieber)

Track listing

1Mark My Words
2I'll Show You
3What Do You Mean?
5Love Yourself
7No Pressure (ft. Big Sean)
8No Sense (ft. Travis Scott)
9The Feeling (ft. Halsey)
10Life Is Worth Living
11Where Are U Now (ft. Skrillex & Diplo)
12Children (ft. Skrillex)
14Been You
15Get Used To Me
16We Are (ft. Nas)
18All In It
19Hit the Ground
20The Most

Justin Bieber albums

1Believe[ 2012 ]
2Journals[ 2013 ]
3My World[ 2009 ]
4My World 2.0[ 2010 ]
5My Worlds Acoustic[ 2010 ]
6Never Say Never – The Remixes[ 2011 ]
7Purpose[ 2015 ]
8Under the Mistletoe[ 2011 ]
1Believe (Justin Bieber)
2Journals (Justin Bieber)
3My World (Justin Bieber)
4My World 2.0 (Justin Bieber)
5My Worlds Acoustic (Justin Bieber)
6Never Say Never – The Remixes (Justin Bieber)
7Purpose (Justin Bieber)
8Under the Mistletoe (Justin Bieber)

Justin Bieber songs

1All Around the World (ft. Ludacris) [from the "Believe"]04:04
2All Bad [from the "Journals"]03:01
3All I Want for Christmas Is You (SuperFestive!) (duet with Mariah Carey) [from the "Under the Mistletoe"]04:00
4All I Want Is You [from the "Under the Mistletoe"]03:36
5All In It [from the "Purpose"]03:51
6All That Matters [from the "Journals"]03:08
7As Long as You Love Me (ft. Big Sean) [from the "Believe"]03:49
8Baby [from the "My Worlds Acoustic"]03:35
9Baby (ft. Ludacris) [from the "My World 2.0"]03:34
10Backpack (ft. Lil Wayne) [from the "Journals"]04:11
11Bad Day [from the "Journals"]02:26
12Be Alright [from the "Believe"]03:09
13Beauty and a Beat (ft. Nicki Minaj) [from the "Believe"]03:47
14Been You [from the "Purpose"]03:19
15Believe [from the "Believe"]03:42
16Bigger [from the "My World"]03:17
17Born to Be Somebody [from the "Never Say Never – The Remixes"]03:01
18Boyfriend [from the "Believe"]02:51
19Catching Feelings [from the "Believe"]03:54
20Change Me [from the "Journals"]02:44
21Children (ft. Skrillex) [from the "Purpose"]03:43
22Christmas Eve [from the "Under the Mistletoe"]03:43
23Christmas Love [from the "Under the Mistletoe"]03:26
24Common Denominator [from the "My World"]04:08
25Company [from the "Purpose"]03:28
26Confident (ft. Chance The Rapper) [from the "Journals"]04:07
27Die in Your Arms [from the "Believe"]03:57
28Down to Earth [from the "My World"]04:05
29Down to Earth [from the "My Worlds Acoustic"]04:03
30Drummer Boy (ft. Busta Rhymes) [from the "Under the Mistletoe"]03:45
31Eenie Meenie (ft. Sean Kingston) [from the "My World 2.0"]03:22
32Fa La La (A Capella) (ft. Boyz II Men) [from the "Under the Mistletoe"]02:55
33Fa La La (ft.g Boyz II Men) [from the "Under the Mistletoe"]03:05
34Fall [from the "Believe"]04:08
35Favorite Girl [from the "My World"]04:16
36Favorite Girl (Live) [from the "My Worlds Acoustic"]05:10
37First Dance (ft. Usher) [from the "My World"]03:42
38Get Used To Me [from the "Purpose"]03:58
39Heartbreaker [from the "Journals"]04:21
40Hit the Ground [from the "Purpose"]03:48
41Hold Tight [from the "Journals"]04:15
42Home This Christmas (ft. The Band Perry) [from the "Under the Mistletoe"]03:24
43I'll Show You [from the "Purpose"]03:20
44Life Is Worth Living [from the "Purpose"]03:54
45Love me [from the "My World"]03:13
46Love Yourself [from the "Purpose"]03:53
47Maria [from the "Believe"]04:08
48Mark My Words [from the "Purpose"]02:14
49Memphis (ft. Big Sean) [from the "Journals"]03:44
50Mistletoe [from the "Under the Mistletoe"]03:02
51Never Let Go [from the "My World 2.0"]04:24
52Never Say Never (ft. Jaden Smith) [from the "My Worlds Acoustic"]03:47
53Never Say Never (ft. Jaden Smith) [from the "Never Say Never – The Remixes"]03:47
54No Pressure (ft. Big Sean) [from the "Purpose"]04:46
55No Sense (ft. Travis Scott) [from the "Purpose"]04:35
56One Less Lonely Girl [from the "My World"]03:49
57One Less Lonely Girl [from the "My Worlds Acoustic"]03:57
58One Life [from the "Journals"]04:02
59One Love [from the "Believe"]03:54
60One Time [from the "My World"]03:35

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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer. []


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  • Love Yourself - one of the best Justin Bieber songs, top songs list [#123]

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