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I'm Comin' Over by Chris Young [2015] [album editions]

I'm Comin' Over (Chris Young)

Track listing

2I'm Comin' Over
3Think of You (duet with Cassadee Pope)
4You Do The Talkin'
5I Know A Guy
6Alone Tonight
7Sunshine Overtime
8Sober Saturday Night (ft. Vince Gill)
10Callin' My Name
11What If I Stay

Chris Young albums

1A.M.[ 2013 ]
2Chris Young[ 2006 ]
3I'm Comin' Over[ 2015 ]
4Neon[ 2011 ]
5The Man I Want To Be[ 2009 ]
1A.M. (Chris Young)
2Chris Young (Chris Young)
3I'm Comin' Over (Chris Young)
4Neon (Chris Young)
5The Man I Want To Be (Chris Young)

Chris Young songs

1A.M. [from the "A.M."]02:55
2Alone Tonight [from the "I'm Comin' Over"]03:04
3Aw Naw [from the "A.M."]03:09
4Beer Or Gasoline [from the "Chris Young"]03:29
5Burn [from the "Chris Young"]03:04
6Callin' My Name [from the "I'm Comin' Over"]03:12
7Center Of My World [from the "Chris Young"]03:34
8Drinkin' Me Lonely [from the "Chris Young"]03:20
9Flashlight [from the "Neon"]03:24
10Flowers [from the "Chris Young"]03:00
11Forgiveness [from the "A.M."]03:31
12Gettin' You Home (The Black Dress Song) [from the "The Man I Want To Be"]03:32
13Goodbye [from the "A.M."]03:46
14Heartbeat [from the "I'm Comin' Over"]02:56
15Hold You To It [from the "A.M."]03:18
16I Can Take It from There [from the "Neon"]02:38
17I Know A Guy [from the "I'm Comin' Over"]04:04
18I'm Comin' Over [from the "I'm Comin' Over"]03:17
19I'm Headed Your Way, Jose [from the "Chris Young"]03:29
20It Takes A Man [from the "The Man I Want To Be"]03:32
21Lay It On Me [from the "Chris Young"]03:31
22Lighters In The Air [from the "A.M."]04:09
23Lonely Eyes [from the "A.M."]03:39
24Lost [from the "Neon"]03:12
25Neon [from the "Neon"]03:45
26Nothin' But The Cooler Left [from the "A.M."]03:01
27Old Love Feels New [from the "Neon"]04:01
28Rainy Night In Georgia [from the "The Man I Want To Be"]04:13
29Rose in Paradise (duet with Willie Nelson) [from the "The Man I Want To Be"]03:47
30Save Water, Drink Beer [from the "Neon"]02:47
31She's Got This Thing About Her [from the "Neon"]03:02
32Small Town Big Time [from the "Chris Young"]02:54
33Sober Saturday Night (ft. Vince Gill) [from the "I'm Comin' Over"]03:15
34Sunshine Overtime [from the "I'm Comin' Over"]03:02
35Text Me Texas [from the "A.M."]03:28
36That Makes Me [from the "The Man I Want To Be"]03:06
37The Dashboard [from the "The Man I Want To Be"]03:31
38The Man I Want To Be [from the "The Man I Want To Be"]03:27
39The Shoebox [from the "The Man I Want To Be"]03:45
40Think of You (duet with Cassadee Pope) [from the "I'm Comin' Over"]03:40
41Tomorrow [from the "Neon"]03:40
42Twenty-One Candles [from the "The Man I Want To Be"]02:31
43Underdogs [from the "I'm Comin' Over"]03:07
44Voices [from the "The Man I Want To Be"]03:06
45We're Gonna Find It Tonight [from the "A.M."]02:52
46What If I Stay [from the "I'm Comin' Over"]03:25
47When She's On [from the "Neon"]03:10
48White Lightning Hit the Family Tree [from the "Chris Young"]03:52
49Who I Am With You [from the "A.M."]03:13
50Who's Gonna Take Me Home [from the "Chris Young"]03:02
51You [from the "Neon"]02:46
52You Do The Talkin' [from the "I'm Comin' Over"]03:00
53You're Gonna Love Me [from the "Chris Young"]02:57

Chris Young - top artists list [#57]

Chris Young

Christopher Alan "Chris" is an American country music singer and songwriter. []


  • Country
  • Sober Saturday Night (ft. Vince Gill) - one of the best Chris Young songs, top songs list [#70]

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