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Divine Providence by Deer Tick [2011] [album editions]

Divine Providence (Deer Tick)

Track listing

1The Bump
2Funny Word
3Let's All Go To The Bar
4Clownin Around
5Main Street
6Chevy Express
7Something To Brag About
8Walkin Out The Door
9Make Believe
10Now It's Your Turn
12Miss K.

Deer Tick albums

1Divine Providence[ 2011 ]
2War Elephant[ 2007 ]
1Divine Providence (Deer Tick)
2War Elephant (Deer Tick)

Deer Tick songs

1Art Isn't Real (City of Sin) [from the "War Elephant"]02:50
2Ashamed [from the "War Elephant"]02:15
3Baltimore Blues No. 1 [from the "War Elephant"]03:02
4Chevy Express [from the "Divine Providence"]03:45
5Christ Jesus [from the "War Elephant"]05:19
6Clownin Around [from the "Divine Providence"]04:25
7Diamond Rings 2007 [from the "War Elephant"]04:41
8Dirty Dishes [from the "War Elephant"]03:18
9Electric [from the "Divine Providence"]04:15
10Funny Word [from the "Divine Providence"]04:50
11Let's All Go To The Bar [from the "Divine Providence"]03:18
12Long Time [from the "War Elephant"]03:47
13Main Street [from the "Divine Providence"]03:48
14Make Believe [from the "Divine Providence"]03:26
15Miss K. [from the "Divine Providence"]36:12
16Nevada [from the "War Elephant"]02:46
17Not So Dense [from the "War Elephant"]04:22
18Now It's Your Turn [from the "Divine Providence"]04:31
19Sink or Swim [from the "War Elephant"]04:55
20Something To Brag About [from the "Divine Providence"]02:18
21Spend The Night [from the "War Elephant"]02:29
22Standing at the Threshold [from the "War Elephant"]02:27
23The Bump [from the "Divine Providence"]03:28
24These Old Shoes [from the "War Elephant"]02:21
25Walkin Out The Door [from the "Divine Providence"]03:38
26What Kind of Fool Am I? [from the "War Elephant"]03:33

Deer Tick - top artists list [#567]

Deer Tick

Deer Tick is an American indie folk band from Providence, Rhode Island led by guitarist and singer-songwriter John McCauley.

Deer Tick's music has been described as a combination of folk, blues, and country.

Deer Tick originated as a John McCauley solo project in December 2004. []


  • Alternative country,
  • Indie rock,
  • Indie folk
  • Main Street - one of the best Deer Tick songs, top songs list [#1311]

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