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Buy Me a Boat by Chris Janson [2015] [album editions]

Buy Me a Boat (Chris Janson)

Track listing

1Buy Me a Boat
2Power of Positive Drinkin'
3Under the Sun
4Holdin' Her
5Messin' with Jesus (ft. Tim McGraw)
6Right in the Middle
7Save a Little Sugar
8Back In My Drinkin' Days
9Where You Come In
10Yeah It Is
11White Trash

Chris Janson albums

1Buy Me a Boat[ 2015 ]
1Buy Me a Boat (Chris Janson)

Chris Janson songs

1Back In My Drinkin' Days [from the "Buy Me a Boat"]02:43
2Buy Me a Boat [from the "Buy Me a Boat"]02:59
3Holdin' Her [from the "Buy Me a Boat"]04:04
4Messin' with Jesus (ft. Tim McGraw) [from the "Buy Me a Boat"]03:06
5Power of Positive Drinkin' [from the "Buy Me a Boat"]03:30
6Right in the Middle [from the "Buy Me a Boat"]02:22
7Save a Little Sugar [from the "Buy Me a Boat"]03:01
8Under the Sun [from the "Buy Me a Boat"]03:26
9Where You Come In [from the "Buy Me a Boat"]03:17
10White Trash [from the "Buy Me a Boat"]03:46
11Yeah It Is [from the "Buy Me a Boat"]03:17

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Chris Janson

Chris Janson is an American country music singer and songwriter. []


  • Country
  • Buy Me a Boat - one of the best Chris Janson songs, top songs list [#338]

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