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Love The Woman by Chante Moore [2008] [album editions]

Love The Woman (Chante Moore)

Track listing

1Always Gonna Be Something
2Can't Do It
4It Ain't Supposed To Be This Way
5My Eyes
6Give Me Time
7Do For You
8Love The Woman
9Love Action
10First Kiss
11Guess Who I Saw Today

Chante Moore albums

1Love The Woman[ 2008 ]
2Romeo Must Die (Soundtrack)[ 2000 ]
3This Moment Is Mine[ 1999 ]
1Love The Woman (Chante Moore)
2Romeo Must Die (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
3This Moment Is Mine (Chante Moore)

Chante Moore songs

1Always Gonna Be Something [from the "Love The Woman"]03:32
2Blooming Flower [from the "This Moment Is Mine"]05:01
3Can't Do It [from the "Love The Woman"]03:13
4Chante's Got A Man [from the "This Moment Is Mine"]04:24
5Do For You [from the "Love The Woman"]04:10
6Easy [from the "This Moment Is Mine"]05:39
7First Kiss [from the "Love The Woman"]02:47
8Girls Will Talk(Interlude) [from the "This Moment Is Mine"]00:35
9Give Me Time [from the "Love The Woman"]05:03
10Guess Who I Saw Today [from the "Love The Woman"]05:47
11Heartbeat [from the "This Moment Is Mine"]03:28
12I Cry to Myself [from the "This Moment Is Mine"]05:23
13I Got A Secret To Tell Ya [from the "This Moment Is Mine"]01:03
14I See You in a Different Light (ft. JoJo Hailey) [from the "This Moment Is Mine"]04:22
15I Started Crying [from the "This Moment Is Mine"]04:10
16If I Gave Love [from the "This Moment Is Mine"]05:46
17In My Life [from the "This Moment Is Mine"]04:14
18It Ain't Supposed To Be This Way [from the "Love The Woman"]03:43
19I've Got It [from the "This Moment Is Mine"]05:22
20Love Action [from the "Love The Woman"]04:15
21Love and the Woman [from the "This Moment Is Mine"]04:55
22Love The Woman [from the "Love The Woman"]04:48
23My Eyes [from the "Love The Woman"]03:56
24Special [from the "Love The Woman"]04:22
25This Is A Test - Chante Moore [from the "Romeo Must Die (Soundtrack)"] 
26This Moment Is Mine [from the "This Moment Is Mine"]05:12

Chante Moore

Chante Moore

Chante Moore (born Chanté Torrane Moore, February 17, 1967, San Francisco, California) is an American R&B and jazz singer. []


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