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We the Generation by Rudimental [2015] [album editions]

We the Generation (Rudimental)

Track listing

1I Will For Love (ft. Will Heard)
2Never Let You Go (ft. Foy Vance)
3We The Generation (ft. Mahalia)
4Love Ain't Just A Word
5Rumour Mill (ft. Anne-Marie & Will Heard)
6Common Emotion (ft. MNEK)
7Go Far (ft. Will Heard)
8Foreign World (ft. Anne-Marie)
9Too Cool (ft. Ella Eyre)
10Bloodstream (with Ed Sheeran)
11All That Love (ft. Anne-Marie)
12Needn't Speak (ft. Lianne La Havas)
13Lay It All on Me (ft. Ed Sheeran)
14New Day (ft. Bobby Womack)
15Treading on Water (ft. Sinead Harnett & Will Heard)
16Run (ft. Will Heard)
17Breathe (ft. Lianne La Havas)
18System (ft. Max Romeo, Earl 16 & Spee)

Rudimental albums

1Home[ 2013 ]
2We the Generation[ 2015 ]
1Home (Rudimental)
2We the Generation (Rudimental)

Rudimental songs

1Alien Bashment [from the "Home"]03:50
2All That Love (ft. Anne-Marie) [from the "We the Generation"]03:55
3Baby (ft. MNEK and Sinead Harnett) [from the "Home"]04:00
4Bloodstream (with Ed Sheeran) [from the "We the Generation"]05:08
5Breathe (ft. Lianne La Havas) [from the "We the Generation"]04:58
6Common Emotion (ft. MNEK) [from the "We the Generation"]05:07
7Feel the Love (ft. John Newman) [from the "Home"]04:05
8Feel the Love (Rudimental VIP) (ft. John Newman) [from the "Home"]06:42
9Foreign World (ft. Anne-Marie) [from the "We the Generation"]04:17
10Free (ft. Emeli Sande) [from the "Home"]05:06
11Give You Up (ft. Alex Clare) [from the "Home"]04:09
12Go Far (ft. Will Heard) [from the "We the Generation"]04:30
13Hell Could Freeze (ft. Angel Haze) [from the "Home"]04:40
14Hide (ft. Sinead Harnett) [from the "Home"]06:01
15Home (ft. Sinead Harnett) [from the "Home"]03:52
16I Will For Love (ft. Will Heard) [from the "We the Generation"]04:07
17Lay It All on Me (ft. Ed Sheeran) [from the "We the Generation"]04:02
18Love Ain't Just A Word [from the "We the Generation"]04:03
19More Than Anything (ft. Emeli Sande) [from the "Home"]04:55
20Needn't Speak (ft. Lianne La Havas) [from the "We the Generation"]04:58
21Never Let You Go (ft. Foy Vance) [from the "We the Generation"]03:54
22New Day (ft. Bobby Womack) [from the "We the Generation"]04:19
23Not Giving In (ft. John Newman and Alex Clare) [from the "Home"]03:59
24Powerless (ft. Becky Hill) [from the "Home"]03:55
25Right Here (ft. Foxes) [from the "Home"]05:36
26Rumour Mill (ft. Anne-Marie & Will Heard) [from the "We the Generation"]04:03
27Run (ft. Will Heard) [from the "We the Generation"]04:47
28Solo (ft. Ella Eyre and Mark Crown) [from the "Home"]09:27
29Spoons (ft. MNEK and Syron) [from the "Home"]05:22
30System (ft. Max Romeo, Earl 16 & Spee) [from the "We the Generation"]04:30
31Too Cool (ft. Ella Eyre) [from the "We the Generation"]03:59
32Treading on Water (ft. Sinead Harnett & Will Heard) [from the "We the Generation"]05:15
33Waiting All Night (ft. Ella Eyre) [from the "Home"]04:52
34We The Generation (ft. Mahalia) [from the "We the Generation"]03:41

Rudimental - top artists list [#165]


Rudimental are an English drum and bass band. []


  • Drum and bass,
  • Liquid funk,
  • Jungle,
  • Breakbeat,
  • Soul
  • Lay It All on Me (ft. Ed Sheeran) - one of the best Rudimental songs, top songs list [#185]

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