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Damn Country Music by Tim McGraw [2015] [album editions]

Damn Country Music (Tim McGraw)

Track listing

1Here Tonight (feat. Gracie McGraw)
2Losin' You
3How I'll Always Be
4Damn Country Music
5Love Runs
6What You're Looking For
7Top of the World
8Don't Make Me Feel At Home
9Want You Back
10California (with Big Rich)
11Humble and Kind
12Everybody's Lookin'
13Kiss a Girl
14Country and Western

Tim McGraw albums

1A Place in the Sun[ 1999 ]
2All I Want[ 1995 ]
3Damn Country Music[ 2015 ]
4Emotional Traffic[ 2012 ]
5Everywhere[ 1997 ]
6Let It Go[ 2007 ]
7Live Like You Were Dying[ 2004 ]
8Not a Moment Too Soon[ 1994 ]
9Set This Circus Down[ 2001 ]
10Southern Voice[ 2009 ]
11Sundown Heaven Town[ 2014 ]
12Tim McGraw[ 1993 ]
13Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors[ 2002 ]
14Two Lanes of Freedom[ 2013 ]
1A Place in the Sun (Tim McGraw)
2All I Want (Tim McGraw)
3Damn Country Music (Tim McGraw)
4Emotional Traffic (Tim McGraw)
5Everywhere (Tim McGraw)
6Let It Go (Tim McGraw)
7Live Like You Were Dying (Tim McGraw)
8Not a Moment Too Soon (Tim McGraw)
9Set This Circus Down (Tim McGraw)
10Southern Voice (Tim McGraw)
11Sundown Heaven Town (Tim McGraw)
12Tim McGraw (Tim McGraw)
13Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors (Tim McGraw)
14Two Lanes of Freedom (Tim McGraw)

Tim McGraw songs

140 Days And 40 Nights [from the "Not a Moment Too Soon"]02:59
2Ain't No Anges [from the "Tim McGraw"]03:06
3Ain't That Just Like A Dream [from the "Not a Moment Too Soon"]03:24
4Ain't That the Way It Always Ends [from the "Everywhere"]02:47
5All I Want Is A Life [from the "All I Want"]03:33
6All We Ever Find [from the "Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors"]03:20
7Angel Boy [from the "Set This Circus Down"]05:10
8Angry All The Time [from the "Set This Circus Down"]04:30
9Annie I Owe You A Dance [from the "Two Lanes of Freedom"]03:44
10Back When [from the "Live Like You Were Dying"]04:59
11Better Than I Used to Be [from the "Emotional Traffic"]03:22
12Between The River And Me [from the "Let It Go"]03:53
13Black Jacket [from the "Sundown Heaven Town"]04:12
14Blank Sheet Of Paper [from the "Live Like You Were Dying"]04:07
15Book Of John [from the "Two Lanes of Freedom"]03:28
16California (with Big Rich) [from the "Damn Country Music"]03:24
17Can't Be Really Gone [from the "All I Want"]03:21
18Can't Tell Me Nothin' [from the "Live Like You Were Dying"]03:08
19Carry On [from the "A Place in the Sun"]03:22
20City Lights [from the "Sundown Heaven Town"]04:19
21Comfort Me [from the "Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors"]05:23
22Comin Home [from the "Let It Go"]04:06
23Country and Western [from the "Damn Country Music"]03:43
24Damn Country Music [from the "Damn Country Music"]03:01
25Diamond Rings and Old Barstools (with Catherine Dunn) [from the "Sundown Heaven Town"]03:18
26Die By My Own Hand [from the "Emotional Traffic"]05:07
27Do You Want Fries With That [from the "Live Like You Were Dying"]03:59
28Don't Make Me Feel At Home [from the "Damn Country Music"]03:37
29Don't Mention Memphis [from the "All I Want"]03:00
30Don't Take The Girl [from the "Not a Moment Too Soon"]04:09
31Down On The Farm [from the "Not a Moment Too Soon"]02:57
32Drugs Or Jesus [from the "Live Like You Were Dying"]04:40
33Dust [from the "Sundown Heaven Town"]03:46
34Everybody Hates Me [from the "Live Like You Were Dying"]03:28
35Everybody's Lookin' [from the "Damn Country Music"]04:06
36Everywhere [from the "Everywhere"]04:50
37Eyes of a Woman [from the "A Place in the Sun"]03:47
38Felt Good on My Lips [from the "Emotional Traffic"]04:39
39For a Little While [from the "Everywhere"]03:33
40Forever Seventeen [from the "Southern Voice"]04:34
41Forget About Us [from the "Set This Circus Down"]04:09
42Friend Of A Friend [from the "Two Lanes of Freedom"]05:13
43Ghost Town Train (She's Gone) [from the "Southern Voice"]03:50
44Give It To Me Strait [from the "Not a Moment Too Soon"]02:46
45Good Girls [from the "Southern Voice"]04:09
46Grown Men Don't Cry [from the "Set This Circus Down"]03:55
47Halo [from the "Emotional Traffic"]04:58
48Hard on the Ticker [from the "Everywhere"]03:40
49Here Tonight (feat. Gracie McGraw) [from the "Damn Country Music"]03:49
50Hey Now [from the "Emotional Traffic"]04:17
51Highway Don't Care [from the "Two Lanes of Freedom"]04:39
52Home [from the "Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors"]04:58
53How Bad Do You Want It [from the "Live Like You Were Dying"]03:44
54How I'll Always Be [from the "Damn Country Music"]03:30
55Humble and Kind [from the "Damn Country Music"]04:15
56I Didn't Ask And She Didn't Say [from the "All I Want"]04:04
57I Didn't Know It At The Time [from the "Southern Voice"]03:22
58I Do But I Don't [from the "Everywhere"]03:27
59I Keep It Under My Hat [from the "Tim McGraw"]03:12
60I Know How To Love You Well [from the "Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors"]05:10

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Tim McGraw

Samuel Timothy "Tim" McGraw is an American singer and actor. []


  • Country
  • How I'll Always Be - one of the best Tim McGraw songs, top songs list [#89]

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